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Hodgson: nice man, wrong planet

By Tony Attwood

Poor Roy. Everyone says how nice he is. At all the clubs he has conducted himself correctly and reasonable. So WTF is he doing managing the utterly unmanageable England? Or come to that working for the appalling Fifa-ingratiating racist by association, FA.

He talks about how Premier League players for whom […]

How people make money by betting on Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

Virtually everyone seems to agree there is match fixing in football, and everyone (apart from those who do it) agrees by and large that it should be stopped.

Unfortunately in examining these matters, no one in the media seems to want to take up the point of view that Untold has […]

So what is wrong with the PL Refs: Case study Atkinson

By Walter Broeckx

After having finished the articles in which we tried to find out under whom the teams did better than usual (or to see under which ref they have a bad to terrible win record) we now are going to have another look at those numbers but looking at it from the point […]