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Is the decline in away support caused by increased prices, television coverage or transport costs?

By Tony Attwood

Premier League grounds were, on average, somewhere around 95% full last season on average. But it turns out, the number of away supporters fell by 9%. (Most clubs, I imagine, do what Arsenal do, and ask for unsold tickets back by a date a few weeks before the game, so that they […]

How the secrecy behind the referees’ organisation is leading to more and more rumours

By Our Man in Black

If the rumours can be believed it seems that not all games are assessed from a refereeing point of view, and, going one step further we might start to say that the assessments (or at least some of them) are more or less a joke.

And yet we have […]

Lies, damn lies and the Guardian’s analysis of ticket prices

By Tony Attwood

I have never quite figured out what it is that the Guardian newspaper has against Arsenal. The Guardian is a liberal left wing paper which produces quality journalism. Sometimes it is insightful, sometimes amusing, generally highly informative and mostly accurate in its news reporting.

And yet when they come to the Arsenal, […]