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Premier League tells England where to stick it – thank goodness

By Tony Attwood

It is bad enough that Sky keep moving fixtures around making it impossible to plan family occasions, weekends away and the like. I suggest a trip to the seaside, and then suddenly a match that was on one day is now on another, plans fall apart, and I am by and […]

Gonzalo Higuaín: The transfer gets closer. And closer.

By Tony Attwood

In my weekend comments concerning transfers this summer, I made the point that for any transfer to get completed around 10 different issues have to be solved at once.

Once of those issues was the rather obvious fact that the club with the player has to be willing to sell […]

Mr Usmanov’s dramatic change of direction, and the implications for Arsenal

By Walter Broeckx

This site has never made it a secret that we are part of the AKB-brigade. For those just arriving from Mars: the Arsène Knows Best-brigade. In fact it is the reason why Tony started this blog all those years ago. To counter the stream of negativity that was not only around Arsenal […]