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Silly, sillier, silliest – today’s rumours, and even Untold comes in for criticism!!!

By Walter Broeckx

Oh the transfer rumours. You hate them or you love them but surely some of them are really big fun that makes you laugh. Let us have a look at a few funny ones.

Let us start with Andy Carroll who has been purchased by West Ham United. Probably after first having […]

107 goals in 187 games, and he’s coming to Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

It is, it seems, time to work out which keys to press on the keyboard in order to get a letter i with an acute accent over the top, because it now appears that Gonzalo HiguaĆ­n is on his way to Arsenal.

While I confidently predicted that, “He’s obviously not going to […]

Referee Rumours – inside stories from the murky world of PL refereeing

By Our Man In Black

In our last Referee Rumours we reported the rumour that not all games are assessed by the PGMO despite this being one of their main tasks. As we said then, we can assess the rumour fully because the PGMO won’t pass on their assessments. Indeed this is why Untold started […]

Referee Rumours: Is the promotion and demotion of referees fixed?

By Our Man In Black

If the rumours can be believed it now seems that whereas PGMO should assess the referee in all games, not all games are actually assessed. Which is rather bizarre since it means that the only place where all games are assessed from a referee point of view is Referee Decisions.


Who referees the referees? It’s a bigger problem than we imagined

By Our Man In Black


According to the way the PGMO should be working each game in the PL should be assessed by the PGMO.

To put it bluntly, all PL matches are meant to be assessed by a panel of assessors every Monday. But rumour has it that this is not […]