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$h!t That Arsenal Fans Say: Chronicles of the Fickle

By Bootoomee

And so it begins, the 2014/15 Premier league season. Thank goodness, the long wait is finally over. We now have some football to take our attention away from the mind-numbingly ridiculous pastime known as “transfer speculation”. Kudos to Mr Tony Attwood for his valiant effort to help us make a good sense of […]

The missing camerawork

By Walter Broeckx

As I couldn’t see the match live as I was appointed to do a match as a referee myself at the same kick off time as the Arsenal match I had to see the match already knowing the final score. So the tension then is missing a bit compared to seeing it […]

How the press treats other clubs: Manchester United

By Blacksheep

Untold Premiership (part one in a series of 19): Manchester United

Sitting here this morning in the rain waiting for an airshow (at Sywell) and listening to Radio Five reminds me that I told Tony I wanted to write an occasional series of articles about the way the press treats other clubs. We […]