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September 2014

Arsenal in Europe, how expectations change

Today there is expectation. Expectation that the minimum requirement is the Arsenal will qualify for the Champions League; expectation that we will get through the group stage. But it hasn’t always been thus. Even under Wenger we haven’t always had this level of activity.

Arsenal never qualified for the European Cup in its earliest form […]

Arsenal v Galatasaray S.K; where to eat before the game

By Tony Attwood

Since we launched the idea of reviewing places to eat before an Arsenal match my mate Drew has really got into this eating out lark, and so has actually started his own blog on the subject of eating out. Although not just around Arsenal.

With his permission (at least I think I […]

Something rather strange on the far side of football

How a billionaire involved in third party ownership, is working with ex Man U players to build up another Manchester team

By Tony Attwood

Even though I do have a feeling for several teams in the lower leagues (Torquay United, Guernsey and Poole Town to be precise) quite what happens in league football below Conference […]

The real problem with goal line technology

By Walter Broeckx

On Untold we have been strong pleaders for more help to referees.

We find it unacceptable that in such an important sport decisions are made that are wrong. In an ideal world no decision on a football field should be wrong. But we realise that this will be a kind of utopia. […]

Why does Untold support Mr Wenger?

This comment was published on Untold this morning. I reprint it here in full…

I feel compelled to post on untold. Why is that it’s never Wenger’s fault. You blame the referee, goal line technology, the pitch, windy conditions etc but you never ascribe any blame to Wenger.

Starting the season with 6 defenders. Not […]

Technical failures cast shadow over payment to Kronke’s company

By Tony Attwood

According to media reports Arsenal’s latest accounts show that KSE LLC has been paid £3m by Arsenal. The media are worked up about this because the company is owned by Arsenal’s majority shareholder, Stan Kroenke.

The money has been paid for strategic and advisory services which relate to Arsenal’s media department which […]

Arsene Wenger supports the campaign against time wasting.

By Tony Attwood

There is a great tendency in the modern game to look only at individual players, rather than the combination of players. It happens when there is frantic talk about who might be bought – the notion of how that player will fit into the team that is already there is rarely considered.


Arsenal – Tottenham: one costly mistake but what a fighting spirit

By Walter Broeckx

The start of the match was very one sided. The totts installed a kind of bus and their only thought was about defending. Just Adebayor up front and every now and then on a few rare occasions he got a bit of support from Chadli and Eriksen.

But it was Arsenal that […]

Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur 27 September 2014 – The Match Officials

Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur 27 September 2014 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

Firstly, Here is the updated wrong decisions table, I have included Walter’s review of the Aston Villa game (1 not awarded red card for the challenge by Clark on Podolski in Minute 83 but no change to the points awarded to […]

Arsenal v Tottenham: find the mystery speaker

By Bulldog Drummond.

“I was days away from becoming an Arsenal player in the summer of 1996. When Bruce Rioch called me at home on an August night, I expected him to tell me what time to get to London Colney for my medical. Instead he told me he’d been sacked and the deal was […]

Arsenal vs Southampton: a view from the balcony


This week I eschewed my usual seating (standing ) position in the north bank and took advantage of the £20 prices for seats in the East & West stands. I know Tony has pointed this out before but it really is a very good deal to be able to watch the Arsenal for just […]

Arsenal vs The Tiny Totts. The preliminaries.

By Bulldog Drummond.

Thus we have two derbies. One in north London and one in the north west. Three of the four teams would love to have a new stadium. One of the four has one.

Brendan Rodgers has said that Liverpool is “broken” because he has lost the core of players who had become […]

Arsenal v Spurs. A Step Back In Time.

Arsenal v Spurs. A Step Back In Time.

By Ian Jenkinson


The last Article I wrote for Untold, Four Signings and a Wedding was a few days before I was due to get married. With the madness of it all and then the honeymoon I didn’t get a chance to thank you all for […]

Live: Arsenal vs Tottenham

Welcome to the first north London derby of the 2014/15 season, brought to you by Arsenal’s official car and van hire partner Europcar.

Both sides have endured a fitful start to the season, though the Gunners arguably come into the tie at the Emirates as the in-form side, having put Aston Villa to the sword […]

It’s FFP time again and Liverpool are being investigated

By Tony Attwood

The name “Untold” was chosen deliberately for this blog in 2008, because I felt that huge amounts of news and information on football was simply not reaching the light of day through the existing newspaper, broadcast and blog outlets. I think I had a bit of a thought at the time […]

Ref Review Aston Villa – Arsenal

Referee : Mike Jones

Match: Aston Villa – Arsenal


In a way this was a walk in the park for the ref.

The two teams started with fair intentions and so we only got the first foul after some 10 minutes! Amazing and even then he could have let it go. Then things […]




Being a faithful follower of long standing and occasional contributor to UA and a loyal supporter of the Arsenal, there are things about Football in general, and the EPL in particular that consistently alienate me and occasionally enrage me as well.

UA is the eye of the storm when it […]

A blessing in disguise? Beyond doubt…

By Walter Broeckx

First let me start with saying that I don’t like it when Arsenal lose a match. I always want us to win each and every match. From the first meaningless pre season match against FC Nobody to the last match of the season the CL final. And when we lose a match […]

BBC commentator launches huge attack on ref’s performance in Arsenal match

By Tony Attwood

We’ve got a Champions League tie with Galatasaray on the way and a little matter of matches against the very Tiny Totts and the Gazprom (west London) Works XI in the next two weekends.

So giving an outing to the fringe players and youngsters was in my view a very good idea. […]

Arsenal v The Miracle Workers. Tonight at the Ems

By Bulldog Drummond

And so here we are again. Shut away the memories of saturday and see what we can make of the league cup. Out of the trenches, over the top, up and at ’em, go for the jugular….

Well, not quite. But still, it’s a match, and Southampton, what with not having any […]

Is Van the man worse than Moyes with the boys. And wither Arsenal?

By Tony Attwood

You have to feel sorry for Manchester United.

No, sorry, I’ll start again. It is remarkably easy to laugh at Manchester United. Since the 1950s they were the richest team in England, but could never quite match Arsenal’s longevity in the first division what with their little sojourn into division 2 in […]

Helping or destroying players, the choice is yours

By Walter Broeckx

In the past 5 years that I have been a regular writer for Untold I think I have written a lot of articles in which I called for support for our players.

I could and still can get extremely angry when I read the attacks on our own players from our own […]

For Fox sake…Untold Leicester City

A couple of weekend ago Tony and I traveled a little north to see Arsenal play Leicester City who have recently been promoted back into the PL after a long absence. Its fair to say that the home fans had the best of the day; taunting us for large parts of the second half when […]

Negativity rules, except at Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

Just for a moment those people who love do the same thing over and over and over again have had to stop – at least in terms of Arsenal.

Even without current results it looks rather dumb to roll out the “what you don’t realise is that this is the year Arsenal […]

Essen in Dortmund, and the catering review

By Walter Broeckx

I think for those people who understand German and who know a bit of German geography the title is somewhat double in their meaning. People who know the German geography will say: now wait a minute Essen is a city in Germany just as Dortmund. And despite Essen and Dortmund both being […]