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Liverpool’s story telling: a different way to approach football

“I can categorically tell you Mario Balotelli will not be at Liverpool,” Brendan Rodgers said earlier this month.

There’s quite a difference between that sort of statement and the sort that Mr Wenger says, which is mostly of the “I can’t tell you, because nothing is agreed, but yes, we are looking,” variety.

But what […]

Everton, the assistant, carrying the flag and an experiment

By Walter Broeckx

After a few articles about our match against Everton a few interesting discussions could be read in the comment section. I thought it would be interesting to go in to this matter a bit deeper.

As an assistant with over 100 matches done including teams of the Jupiler League in Belgium I […]

One weight, two measures: double standards on the field.

by Don McMahon

The above expression is a direct translation from a local French expression (I bet Walter knows it and maybe has a similar one in Flemish as well) and it basically means that a double-standard is being applied to some decision or judgement or use of tools that need to be encouraged.

In […]