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Alexis on the score sheet, Arsenal go in the group stage

By Walter Broeckx

Well that was an interesting match I think. Just as in Turkey we didn’t get it handed over on a platter. It was hard work from the start to the finish.

Not helped by a ref who just as the one in Turkey managed to go from brillant to blind within seconds. […]

Arsenal v gobble gobble gobble. A preview.

By Bulldog Drummond

So, having brought you Arsenal against some toffees it is now time to face the turkeys.

I don’t have to bring you the news about Giroud since it is all over the papers, displaced only by the heroics of the players from one […]

Decline and fall

By Tony Attwood

Oh how the media love to ignore the big question. It doesn’t matter whether it is something unbelievably important such as the mass abuse of vulnerable children in Rotherham or something trivial (and yes I mean that by comparison) such as football, there is either an ineptitude or a conspiracy which leads […]