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Diaby returns along with Arteta, Wilshere and Debuchy

By Tony Attwood

The cynics have written him off time and time again. Indeed the ever gloomy Daily Telegraph wrote on 22 January 2015: Abou Diaby looks to have played last game.

And it needed some faith to think he could return after so many injuries. The Daily Mail had told us on 5 December […]

Beware men bearing gifts (and men who refuse to give you info)

By Tony Attwood

And so back to Rangers, with my normal caveat that I am writing from a long way south of the border, and simply observing from far away.

But as with all the articles before, I think the observations are worthwhile, not least as a warning to us all as to what […]

Keep your filthy hands of our players!

By Walter Broeckx

This has to stop. Somewhere, someone, anyone but this has to come to an end. What? Those stupid, meaningless, irrelevant, international fixtures in the middle of the money time of the regular football season.

What good is it that players now have to leave their natural environment and go to play far […]

23 Arsenal players on international “duty”. Was this a record?

By Tony Attwood (and a calculator)

It must have been pretty quiet at Arsenal these last few days as no less than 23 players were away on international “duty”. I’m not sure if this is an all time record but it must be close to the highest number ever. Here’s the details.

1: Chuba Akpom […]

Sterling to Arsenal slowed by the enmity between Liverpool and down south

By Tony Attwood

The management of Liverpool don’t like the management of Arsenal. There are many origins of the dislike, probably going all the way back to 1989, but the current round of dislike centres on the remark made in 2013 when John W. Henry put a message on social media saying “What do […]

All these players are coming to Arsenal! Strange statistics, false analogies

By Tony Attwood

Ah… remember the old days?

Arsenal transfer rumours: £15.8million Mario Balotelli fee and personal terms agreed ready for move

That was the Daily Mirror last July. It was dumb, childish and silly but at least it didn’t have any RANDOM words in capitals. Which is more than can be said for

It’s time to make Welbeck and Ramsey take the consequences

By Tony Attwood

The issue of players getting injured

On 10 October 2006 Arsene Wenger picked up on a comment by his old pal Lyon coach Gerard Houllier then at Lyon, who compared international managers to car thieves saying, “what the national coaches are doing is like taking the car from the garage without even […]

Football for the fans: now the Guardian strikes back

By Tony Attwood

Earlier this week we published a two part series called “Football for the fans”. (The second article follows on directly from the link above).

Just days later the Guardian has rushed out (on its website this Sunday)

Reclaiming football for all: presenting the manifesto for a better game by David […]

Should Untold start charging the Telegraph for its articles?

By Tony Attwood . Walter recently wrote a piece here about the progress Untold is making in having the views we express accepted into the mainstream. He focussed on the remarkable case of his article on stopping players harrassing refs and how it was rapidly picked up by the so-called Sports Writer of the […]

All the things the media don’t tell you about the players they say we are going to sign

By Billy “The Dog” McGraw.


Petr Cech (Chelsea)

Luiz Felipe Scolari accused Čech and others of getting him sacking because a group at Chelsea “did not accept my training methods or my demands”. Scolari said this was because Čech insisted on being given a personal coach. Čech said he merely wanted a better […]

Football for the fans. Our second set of demands

This continues our list of requirements to make football better for the fans, rather than better for everyone else. Part one is here.

6. Reducing the number of internationals.

This is obvious – but in fact the reverse is happening – the old friendlies are about to be replaced by yet another mindlessly conceived competition.


Football for the fans: the visions of three Arsenal supporters.

By Tony Attwood

Recently, Walter, Blacksheep and I started to talk about the changes we would like to see in football. Changes not for the benefit of Arsenal, but for the benefit of us – the fans.

Changes that would make our watching of football more enjoyable, and which might encourage more and more people […]

Untold Arsenal is setting the tone and the media follows in our slipstream

By Walter Broeckx

One of the things you have in mind when you write an article is the question : will someone read it. And that is something that we know will be the case because we do have a lot of (loyal) readers.

But another question is : will people like the idea? Will […]

Where will Arsenal end in the league and who should we buy in the summer?

By Tony Attwood

In a very real sense these questions are linked, and in a very real sense they are not.

Because if we’ve learned anything over the years it is that the performance of a player this season is often not related to the player’s performance next season. Or indeed next month. Who really […]

“I don’t fart above my bum”: Giroud, Henry and other tales

By Tony Attwood

We’ve said it a few times. We’ve compared Giroud to Henry (much to the annoyance of some) and compared his goalscoring achievements with those of Messi and Ronaldi on a minute by minute basis. We’ve looked at the number of goals scored this season, and noted the funny little commentaries by people […]

Wenger is working for what comes after him

By Walter Broeckx

When we look at what happened to Manchester United we have a good view what can happen when a long serving manager wants to go out on a high at all costs. The former Manchester United legend got his 20th title and that was all he really cared about.

In fact even […]

Millwall Lionesses v Arsenal Ladies FA Cup 6th round 22nd March 2015

Millwall Lionesses v Arsenal Ladies FA Cup 6th round 22nd March 2015 (now with all the pictures added)

by Andrew and Pauline Crawshaw

This game was at the Den in South East London, Millwall’s main ground. The two teams had met in a pre-season friendly a few weeks earlier where Millwall did enough to keep […]

Can we really trust Riley to bring about reform?

By Walter Broeckx

The other day I read an article about Mike Riley where he talked about the mix up that has happened once again when ref Neil Swarbrick send off the wrong guy in the match Manchester City – West Bromwich Albion.

One could say sending off the wrong player is something that only […]

The FA’s latest muddle-plan. Mucking around with the “home grown” rule.

By Tony Attwood

First the (perhaps) good news. Greg Dyke of the FA has said the FA was “100 per cent behind” the introduction of video technology to help referees.

Trouble is, the reputation of the FA is now so low that having them on your side could be more of a hinderance than a […]

Ref Review : QPR – Arsenal

Ref for this match was Kevin Friend

The match started with a few decisions going against Arsenal early on. Coquelin was called back for offside when he was clearly onside. Arsenal should have got a corner but instead QPR got a free kick. Zamora then put an arm in the face of Gibbs and […]

The trouble with a run like this is my nervous system isn’t built for it.

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal, as you will jolly well know, have just won six league games in a row. From the first match this season against Newcastle, up to and including this second game against them, Arsenal have played 21 games, won 17, drawn 1, and lost 3, in all competitions. That is a win […]

Arsenal reap the benefit of Wenger’s transfer vision and a stadium completed

By Tony Attwood

Ben Bloom, writing in the Telegraph, announced that it was “Martin Keown who this week asked why Arsenal supporters do not really love Olivier Giroud.” I expect he did, but he was just going along the line Untold had been developing for some time. . But Bloom’s assertion that “Giroud is accepted […]

Arsenal supporters on the verge of a nervous breakdown

By Dr Billy “the dog” McGuire, senior psychologist, University Hospital of the North Circular Road

I have been asked to write to you today as a matter of considerable urgency, for it seems that the psychological well-being of many of our friends of the “aaa” persuasion is now an issue of a certain amount of […]

GIROUD is better than Diego Costa. Here are the figures.

By Walter Broeckx

I have seen a snide remark on Untold this weekend before the Newcastle match from a person who said that we should stop embarrassing ourselves by comparing Giroud with Thierry Henry. And maybe he was right. Maybe we should stop doing that. Because it might put a too big pressure on Giroud […]

Newcastle – Arsenal 1-2, blood sweat and joy…

By Walter Broeckx

Again a few changes compared to the side that started the midweek match. Arsène Wenger makes three changes to the side that beat Monaco 2-0 on Tuesday.

Calum Chambers comes in for Bellerin who had some cramps at the end of the Monaco match and Gabriel comes in the place of Per […]