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How do we measure club success? 10 ways measure Arsenal.

By Tony Attwood

A recent article in the Telegraph sought to evaluate the best run clubs in England.

I found that quite a challenging concept – and what made it all the more difficult to deal with was that the Telegraph produced tiny summaries of the clubs that were nominated for being among the “best […]

A FRIGHTFUL REALITY: the world of Premier League refs is not all it should be



There has been much written and posted about the PGMOL and its members. Lets be clear and rational about some aspects of these referees:

1) Where they come from probably doesn’t have much to do with how they officiate but who they support does.

2)What they are told to do […]

Done deal: it’s the prize winner and the biggest shock of the whole transfer window

By Sir Hardly Anyone

The hunt is on for the winning piece of transfer news of the first month of the window, known as the Prize for the Winning Piece of Transfer News of the First Month of the Window. And there is no doubt about the lead story.

It comes under the headline: