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Benzema Completes Medicals, Welcome To The Emirates

By Sir Hardly Anyone

According to Goonersden, and currently the top story on the news accumulator site

Done- Benzema Completes Medicals, Welcome To The Emirates

It was posted on August 10, 2015. The story is only accessible behind a gambling ad, with one of those tricky misleading “close now […]

if it bleeds it leads…: a whimsical look at historical newspapers and football

By Blacksheep (who should know better)

Tony spends considerable time on all of our behalf scouring the interweb for scurrilous stories about The Arsenal. Many of these seem to emanate from that organ of respectability the good ol’ Daily Telegraph. Whilst I do wonder (out loud it has to be said) if it is terribly […]

Arsenal off the bottom of the league!

By Tony Attwood


Blueberries are good for you screams the headline, so people rush to supermarkets and buy blueberries. Some idiot eats blueberries all the time, and in due course is rushed to hospital. “Blueberry poison.” scream the headlines.

“No, blueberries are safe,” say “experts”.

“No,” say other experts, “they are in the list […]