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The Gillingham racial discrimination resurfaces, with a fine for the club and the (rather annoyed) owner

By Tony Attwood

On 9 August 2012, I published the article If Gillingham FC are guilty of racist behaviour, what will the FA do about the club?

It was an article which raised a number of comments from Gillingham supporters and regular readers of Untold at the time, all of which are of course […]

Arsenal Ladies – a busy but very successful fortnight

Arsenal Ladies – a busy fortnight

by Andrew Crawshaw


Whilst we have all been interested in the Arsenal First Team pre-season games, the Ladies have been in full on competition. The Ladies season re-started following the World Cup with a visit from Liverpool Ladies and an unaccustomed loss. Arsenal Ladies v Liverpool Ladies – […]

DONE DEAL. Yes we really have built a team while the media weren’t looking.

By Walter Broeckx

On the facebook group of my supporters club in Belgium, we have had, over the last few weeks, time to run a poll over each position on the field and consider who we think should be played in that position.

The result of this poll gave us the following team

Goal: Cech. […]

The DONE DEALS are not always DONE DEALS; but there is one is really really real. Really. Honest.

By Tony Attwood (and absolutely not by Sir Hardly Anyone, not at all, not one jot, certainly not in anyway, ok?)

Matters are getting serious as the Metro accuses Arsene Wenger of lying. Yes I will run that again – they accuse our manager of lying. Not the journalists of making up stuff just […]

Why it is time to stop using the Premier League’s success to cover up for the FA’s multiple failures

By Tony Attwood

On 27 March 2014 Sport England announced that it was cutting its funding of the FA’s grassroots football programme for failing the deliver results and value for the public money it receives. It was also told to improve its performance if it did not want further cuts. The money that Sport England […]

Avoid cold porridge. Watch the young guns instead of reading the transfer rumours

By Walter Broeckx

In between the first (rather meaningless) cups we won this season and the first real trophy being at stake in the next weekend we are also still in the middle of the transfer madness season.

Let’s start with that. One of my board members of the Arsenal Belgium supporters club posted on […]

How Barcelona have kindly helped finance Arsenal over the years

By Tony Attwood

My last piece showed that what the manager of Chelsea says isn’t always accurate, which really didn’t come as much surprise.

But there is another element to the story which really ought to be mentioned – that Arsenal in recent years would have found it a little harder to make ends meet […]

DONE DEAL: A totally new way to report these amazing unexpected Arsenal transfers

by Tony Attwood

In an ideal democracy there would be some way of getting information untarnished and unmolested from the source to the populace.

It’s a dream of course, because the mere selecting of some information rather than other information corrupts the model. But it doesn’t stop people trying, and there is an amazing new […]

It is time Arsenal stood up to fight state aid to football clubs in England

By Tony Attwood

You may recall that State Aid to football clubs is something that riles me. Arsenal have never had any support from the British taxpayer, the owners of lots of oil fields, nor even the Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE. Indeed the last time we were given any money which (had it […]

Arsenal fans worried over Gunnersaurus as club abandons coffee but discovers Jeff.

By Tony “all I want is a semi-decent coffee” Attwood

Arsenal supporters arrived at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday desperate to welcome a man who has already done it all in English football, but left talking about a summer signing whose career has only just started.

So said the Telegraph once it had woken […]

The wonderful Adelaide, superb Gabriel, Cech confirms, advice for Akpom

By Walter Broeckx

Following up on our article about the good things we have seen in the Emirates cup we continue with some looking back at the second match.

The match against Wolfsburg was another story. A more difficult one. Wolfsburg played like a typical German team. Players who can run for 90 minutes and […]

Looking back at the Emirates cup: doing that old Özil-Ramsey thing.

By Walter Broeckx

Looking back at the Emirates Cup we have a lot to feel happy about.

Of course the amazing 6-0 win against Lyon was the most eye catching but the win against Wolfsburg was also very promising.

Let us first analyse the win against Lyon a bit deeper. One could argue that we […]

The Emirates Cup 2015: an upstairs downstairs report

By Blacksheep

After what seems to have been a very short summer break football was back at the Emirates and I set off to get my early pre-season fix this weekend. This year I rang the changes a little, decided to go BOTH days and to experience it from different vantage points.

As you may […]

Revealed: How referees are able to manipulate the results of Premier League games.


We have suggested for some time that the constant decision by PGMO (the organisation that employs and selects referees for Premier League matches) to employ a very small number of referees is one that should be changed, for the simple reason that if there is a rotten apple among the refs there is something […]

Emirates cup: Arsenal – Wolfsburg 1-0 to The Arsenal

By Walter Broeckx

As exepcted Petr Cech made his first start for Arsenal at the Emirates against Wolfsburg. For the rest another 9 changes with only Özil keeping his place.

Starting team : Cech, Bellerin, Chambers, Gabriel, Monreal, Arteta, Cazorla, Reine-Adelaide, Ozil, Wilshere, Walcott.

Subs: Martinez, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Giroud, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Akpom, Coquelin, Hayden, […]

No sooner have we beaten one team 6-0 than we’re off again.

by Tony Attwood

Indeed it seems like only last May that I had the honour to watch my second successive cup final at Wembley. Ever since then it has struck me just how different that occasion was from the 2014 edition.

And it wasn’t that Villa were worse than Hull it was that we were […]

The Emirates cup : Sundays opponent VFL Wolfsburg

By Walter Broeckx

After a lovely afternoon watching our first opponent Olympic Lyon we now turn our attention to the team we will play on this, the second day: VFL Wolfsburg.

A team that was only founded in 1945 after the end of the second world war. Wolfsburg itself is a town that has a […]

Arsenal – Lyon, the match report

By Walter Broeckx

A bit late this match report but better late than never is what we say in our country. The big surprise (not for those who listened to Wenger in the last days) was the first start given in a home match to Iwobi. He started on the left flank in attack. Martinez […]

Arsenal v Lyon: Here we go with the 8th Emirates Cup

By Bulldog Drummond

Arsène Wenger has revealed just about the most boring set of team news that there has ever been. Everyone who went away came back safe.

Flamini has a little bit of a knock on his ankle but “I will decide if I involve him or not over the weekend,” said Mr […]

This is the most complete and flexible squad in the history of Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

Just before we get down to the ins and outs of the team for today, I thought it might be interesting just to look at the two teams that started in Singapore.

Here’s the first team


Debuchy Gabriel Mertersacker Monreal

Coquelin Flamini


The Emirates cup: The curious history of Saturday’s opponent – Lyon

By Walter Broeckx

Pre-season looks extremely short this season. All that because of the fact that at the end of next season we face another tournament from some corrupt organization in order to injure as many players as possible or get them injured in the months after. And in fact our next opponent has a […]

Bid accepted: powerful DM set to join Arsenal and other spoofs

By Sir Hardly Anyone, (who is now getting just a teensy weensy bit annoyed).

You might think that having got all the transfers so incredibly wrong thus far this summer the spoof sites might show a little humility and back off. But no – they haven’t.

I mean when Untold introduced the concept of vapour […]

The Untold Banner at the Emirates: all the latest

By Tony Attwood

You’ll probably know by now the basic story of how Blacksheep came up with the idea that Untold could have its own banner up at the Emirates. If not, the history thus far is on the Untold Banner page along with our Roll of Honour of everyone who contributed.

That page […]

FFP no longer under threat from legal cases – if it ever was!

By Tony Attwood

It is interesting that on this day – 23 July – we should be back to news about Uefa and FFP, for today is the anniversary of the birth of Lt Col Sir Henry Norris, the man who financially rescued Woolwich Arsenal in 1910, offered the club debt free […]

The done deal was did but they didn’t do the deal dey said dey would did.


By Tony Attwood

Of course it was ludicrous – why would Arsenal sell the goalkeeper who had done so much during the latter half of the season to keep the club on track, and yet retain the player who had been dropped to make way for the success?

There were one or two minor […]