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Back from never been there: the video ref

By Walter Broeckx

People who have followed Untold over the years will know that I and most of the rest of the writers here are strongly in favour of what we call ‘the video referee’.

The video referee that has been back on the main pages (well at least on this time. Aaron Ramsey […]

The mindless gibberish of a man with an idea but without logic or reason.

Why Aren’t All Clubs Run for Trophies?

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

Well, bless my soul. The Bleacher Report has sent me an item on Facebook which appears at its heart to turn the whole world of economics upside.

Now I know as well as the next knight of the realm that economic predictions only […]

Yesterday hasn’t happened yet, but when it does we’ll bend reality. Or ignore it.

By Tony Attwood

A couple of years back I took up an opportunity to add a bit of variety to my working life by joining with a friend in setting up a small house restoration business. Since my previous employment has involved the theatre, lecturing, and running an advertising agency, a training organisation, a publishing […]