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Who can stop us winning the title this season?

By Tony Attwood

Pre-season time is traditionally “lists” time, although the papers of late have taken us into the all-the-year-round-list of “five things we learned from the way the referee walked out of the tunnel” variety of late.

But we are almost there – we’ve got the ref preview from Andrew coming up and the […]

WINNERS & LOSERS: what is the real meaning of a “winning mentality”


Tony’s excellent 10 point review of the Arsenal and my personal experience in winning and losing, inspired this opus about the “winning mentality”, the journos and aaa go on about. And as a psychologist, I can explain a little about the so-called “winning mentality.”

First off, a few definitions to clarify […]

10 things we learned about the world of Arsenal this summer

By Tony Attwood

1. Wenger is working

In a press conference recently Mr Wenger told the press that over the summer, “I had a few days off, but I spent most of my summer at the training ground. Not the whole holiday, but most of it.”

2. And he’s got the measure of the media […]