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Gary Neville’s experience should teach everyone lessons but of course it won’t.

By Tony Attwood

According to Wikipedia G Neville is one of the most decorated English and European footballers of all time, having won a total of 20 trophies, including eight Premier League titles and two Champions League titles.

After retiring as a player he went into the world of the pundit with Sky Sports and […]

What is illicit chanting? Uefa in its eternal muddle.

By Tony Attwood

Some chanting in football grounds is appalling, but with concerted effort it can be stopped. And indeed over the years Arsenal have made that concerted effort to get rid of certain chants at home games. My perception from afar is that Liverpool and Man U have made less effort, Man U […]

The Ten Biggest Arsenal Transfer Stories of the Day complete with exclamation marks.

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

Here they are, and just to be helpful I’ve numbered them 1 to 10!

1: Granit Xhaka!

This is in Soccerlens and quite a few other places.

Granit Xhaka set to join Arsenal from Borussia Monchengladbach. You have heard it before, but you can’t blame me for that. […]

Word spreads about our Danny, a personal appearance, and Raheem Sterling forced to lower asking price for his house


By Tony Attwood

As you will know if you are with us regularly, ex-Arsenal player and Arsenal scout Danny Karbassiyoon has written a series of articles for Untold (there is an index back to them in Danny’s last piece for us in which Danny answered questions posed by Untold readers.)

And you’ll also know […]

More revelations about Liverpool! lies over contractual matters as secret contract is leaked

By Tony Attwood

A little while back I wrote a piece about the contractual details involving the transfer of Bale to Real Mad from Tottenham.

The information provided suggested that there were some very very dodgy dealings involved in this transfer, which, if the European Commission does its job, could come back to […]

How Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City became lazy. Or did they?

By Tony Attwood

You might recall that I have pointed out one or two errors in the way football has been reported by the media over time: such as the long-term story that Arsenal had more injuries than anyone else, and it was all Mr Wenger’s fault. Or the earlier “fact” that Arsenal got […]

Ref Review: Tottenham – Arsenal : not the consistency we are asking for

By Usama & Walter


COMPETITION: English Premier League MATCH NO. 29 DATE: 5th March 2016 VENUE: White Hart Lane (London, England)


REFEREE: Michael Oliver 1st LINESMAN: Michael Mullarkey 2nd LINESMAN: Stephen Child 4th OFFICIAL: Roger East

First Half

Fouls, Advantages, Cards, and Penalties

Time Foul by Foul For Description & […]

PGMO will fall: all it needs is for one decent journalist to stand up to them

By Tony Attwood

Go back a few years and no newspaper would have published an article on referees other than to say what fine fellows they were and how foolish football fans are to barrack them.

Over the years Untold has tried to change that, particularly by focussing on the highly secretive organisation that runs […]

What is it like to get a call from Arsenal to ask you to come for a trial?

by Danny Karbassiyoon

As a kid, I’d always dreamed of being a pro. Growing up in the States during the 80’s and 90’s meant there was never going to be that much footy on television, but the few games (mostly Manchester United and Real Madrid) and Premiership highlight shows they did broadcast, were always guaranteed […]

The biggest problem in football is the failure of the media to recognise how complex the problem is.

By Tony Attwood

The point that I have been trying to make in my articles on Untold of late is that we are all being fed a conception of football which is simplified to such a degree that it becomes removed from reality.

Football as a game is complex with so many combinations of […]

The press are suggesting Thierry Henry cheated his way to his coaching badges. But there is more to this than it seems.

By Tony Attwood

As you may have read Thierry Henry has been working his way towards completing his Uefa A licence, and having that means he can manage professional clubs below the top league level, and can manage a top flight team at academy level. There is one more licence to be had before he […]

Next season’s line up as commentary remains in the days of witches and Enlightenment is as far away as ever.

By Tony Attwood

In the old days – the very very old days – there were myths – stories of giants, gods, magicians, demons and the like.

Then in the not quite so old days these stories were codified into more coherent stories which became known as religions. They contained stories of simple changes to […]

Alex Iwobi chooses, David Ospina is blessed and injured (or injured and blessed) and other international events

By Tony Attwood

Alex Iwobi appears to have shaken off the illness which (according to the Metro) had him “rushed to hospital” and has chosen to represent Nigeria rather than England in his future international career by coming on as a substitute in the game with Egypt.

Most players these days have a choice […]

How to be a top journalist without leaving the pub

By Tony Attwood

Imagine the scene. The football journalist has an article to write. The editor has set the deadline. The deadline has almost approached, appeared, past by and gone. No article.

In time honoured fashion the journo goes to the pub, has a few with other journos facing the same problem, and looks aghast […]

Can Leicester hang on, or is the great tiredness about to set in?

Can Leicester hang on?

by Tim Charlesworth

One of the (many) things that winds me up when I am listening to people talk about football is the accusation that the team is not ‘motivated’ or ‘trying hard enough’. The observation that players should be trying harder is generally up there with the idea that people […]

A football legends dies, and it is worth to take note of his wise words

By Walter Broeckx

With the passing of Johan Cruyff a football legend has gone away.

I do admit that when I was a boy and growing up Cruyff was in his glory days in the seventies. And I didn’t really like him at that moment. But that had all to do with the fact that […]

Referees’ three-quarter Season Review: referee performance compared to results.

By Andrew Crawshaw

We currently have published the Referee Reviews for the first 28 games of the season and our record is Won 15, Drawn 6 and Lost 7 so we have dropped points in 13 games. Here are three tables highlighting our games to date with some pertinent facts extracted from our referee reviews.


Infantino still implicated in Greek football corruption, and Fifa Super-State status claims

by Tony Attwood

On June 30 2015, Uefa’s then General secretary Gianni Infantino now head of Fifa announced that Olympiakos would be allowed to stay in the Champions League. As we know they went on to play Arsenal.

Immediately questions were raised. Uefa was asked whether Infantino had removed his deputy, Theodore Theodoridis, from any […]

Arsenal Ladies Season Opener – v Reading – Match Preview Boreham Wood FC – Meadow Park. KO 19:45

by Andrew Crawshaw

I know its an Interlul for the Men’s Teams but there is Arsenal Football this evening at Meadow Park when our Ladies take on Reading in their first game of the Women’s Super League (WSL). I’m heading to the game and will welcome a chat with any Untolder’s who will be there. […]

Mourinho to Arsenal and he’s bringing Cesc, Gibbs on way out, Ozil going nowhere, Iwobi hospitalised.

By Tony Attwood

We blow the starting whistle on transfer stories yesterday with “Arsenal looking to hijack Man Utd move for Mourinho” The new rumour season is off with a plop, and wouldn’t you know it, the next day the newspapers are there joining in.

I didn’t mean it seriously guys!

And I don’t just […]

The limit beyond which I cannot go in offering Arsenal my support.

By Tony Attwood

It’s been a little while since I looked at the table we drew up near the season’s start, showing how much money clubs had spent (less the money received) both over five years and over last summer.

It became clear very early on that the suggestions made in Untold that buying players […]

When will the glue master be back? Arsenal look forward to Santi’s return.

By Walter Broeckx

The match against Everton was a match in which a few players proved themselves to be in better form after having been a bit below par over the last weeks.

Let us start with Coquelin. Of course he isn’t the most flashy player in the team but his mostly unnoticed work rate […]

“Arsenal looking to hijack Man Utd move for Mourinho” The new rumour season is off with a plop.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Every now and then someone pops along and accuses Untold of “click bait” as if this is some sort of crime on the level of exterminating budgerigars, draining the River Thames to build social housing or making Northamptonshire a no go area for sheep.

But according to Wiki Clickbait is a […]

The five ways in which the media are treating us like idiots when they debate football.

By Tony Attwood

There is an article in the Daily Telegraph that says, “This is no blip – the Premier League has changed forever” by Jason Burt, the Chief Football Correspondent.

It is in fact primarily a report of a natter with Slaven Bilic, and the claim to the portentous title comes down to the […]

Birmingham City Ladies v Arsenal Ladies FA Cup Fifth Round – Match Report

by Andrew Crawshaw

Ladies News

On Friday Arsenal Ladies announced the signing of 21 year old Nigerian International Asisat Oshoala from Liverpool Ladies FC. This was a deal that had been done much earlier, but (as often seems the case with Arsenal) the paperwork and International clearance took its time. Oshoala won the BBC Women’s […]