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The figures that show that a 30+ goalscorer is not always the answer.

by Tony Attwood

Olivier Giroud has scored 20 goals in 42 games this season, and that is clearly not enough. I know this because everyone tells me so.

But this week an article turned up on the Goonernews blog that suggested that maybe this wasn’t so bad at all. It showed me that in 1998 […]

State Aid Utd become the first club ever to get their landlords to insure them against failure

By Tony Attwood

My company rents an office block and behind it, a warehouse block. In each case we pay the landlords a fixed rent, and every three years the landlords have the right to put the rent up. They do this in accordance with the rents that are being charged elsewhere in the area. […]

The question of evidence, Arsenal’s injury crisis and why Leicester City’s finances are a suitable case for investigation

By Tony Attwood

Well, I have tried, I have really tried, to explain what I mean by evidence. And I have failed.

Yet I still think my point is simple: there are opinions and there are facts. Opinions are interesting, although if one hears the same opinion over and […]