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Arsenal v Norwich Saturday 30 April 2016 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

As I write this on Wednesday there are no new published Referee reviews so both the Table of Shame and the Wall of Shame are unchanged from last week

Table of Shame

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents 2nd Yellow Cards 1 44 Red Cards 2 16 Penalties 3 29 Goals […]

Change? Time to change the protest

By Walter Broeckx

So after the protest during the WBA match there will be another protest during the Norwich match. If this continues like this Arsenal fans will not be known as Arsenal supporters but Arsenal protesters.

Now I am all for free speech and all for having the right to express ones opinion. But […]

Memories of a true tragedy


By Tim Charlesworth

The world of football is full of talk of, ‘the good of the game’ and other meaningless epithets. Football is mostly, however, what economists describe as a ‘zero sum game’. Every winner creates a loser. If you get together a group of Arsenal devotees and a group of Tottenham devotees and […]