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Association Football in Canada, by Untold’s Canadian Correspondent (which makes a certain sense)


by Don McMahon


This is not meant as an exhaustive or serious overview of what is happening in my country’s Association Football (known as soccer over here) but rather an overview of how we treat, support, officiate and play the game in the Great White North.

It is called the […]

The curious case of the Theo Walcott.




Internet has got us all hooked. Having no access to the internet is unthinkable now. Forget phones, we have internet on our watch now, whoever wears those.!!. Our routines have changed and is now all wired up. I start my day with a peep into the phone.

And then when I […]

Strikers: the second Arsenal gamble of Summer 2015 (and will we buy this summer?)

By Tim Charlesworth

My last article talked about the two big gambles that Wenger took in constructing the squad in the summer of 2015. The first gamble was in midfield and the second was in the striker/no 9 position. So now we take a look at last season’s strikers. We went into […]

Using a refereeing system based on Calciopoli – implications and press reaction.

By Tony Attwood

This is the third article in the series about the way in which PGMO is organised. The first two articles published earlier today are…

Referee Match Distribution: Is the Premier League the same as other top European leagues? Premier League Refereeing is based on a corrupt Italian model.

Continuing from the above…


Premier League Refereeing is based on a corrupt Italian model.

by Tony Attwood

As the statistical analysis in our piece, Referee Match Distribution: Is the Premier League the same as other top European leagues? shows, Premier League refereeing far from being based on the methods used in other major leagues. Instead it is based on the model of the corrupt Italian league – the Calciopoli […]

Referee Match Distribution: Is the Premier League the same as other top European leagues?



Untold has argued for a number of years that the way refereeing is organised within the Premier League is different from that of other major leagues in Europe, but has similarities to the way in which Italian football was organised in the Calciopoli era in Italy in 2005/6. Our argument is that this […]

Tottenham to get added advantage in FA Cup in 2017/18

By Tony Attwood

As you have probably heard Tottenham have reached an agreement with the FA to play their Champions League home games at Wembley next season, exactly as Arsenal did in 1998 and 1999.

Having won the double in 1998, Arsenal were hopeful of doing well in the Champions League, but […]

“Arsenal don’t shoot enough and urgently need a new centre forward of merit.”


By Tony Attwood

Arsenal, as we all know, are rubbish at attacking. We know it because it is in the press, and have heard it in the ground. And as for social media, well…

Here are our goal scorers for the season just gone.

Name Premier League FA Cup Champions League Total Apps Goals […]

Uefa are setting their own drugs rules and moving outside the Word Anti-Doping Agency regime

By Tony Attwood

The World Anti-Doping Agency is normally considered (at least in my house) to be one of the good parts of sport, particularly in taking on the old-chums act that is the IAAF, the world athletics body. Wada are the guys who have taken on Putin and Russia for its wholesale misuse of […]

The Junior Teams Season End Review – Part 2 Goalkeepers and Defenders

by Andrew Crawshaw

This is the second part of my impressions of the 2015-16 season as regards the U21, U19 and U18 competitions. Part 1 Overview and Summary can be found here

With so many players having featured for the Youth Teams this season, it is almost impossible to list everyone, but I will try […]

Seattle Reign vs. Arsenal Ladies – Untold goes international and gets a media pass

By Florian



Seattle has long been a football friendly city in America, to the point where both men and women have a team in the top leagues. That and maybe the fact that Seattle Reign has a bit of a special connection with Arsenal must have contributed to the Ladies coming to […]



The word AKBISM , is derived from two distinct sources – the abbreviation AKB or Arsene Knows Best, is meant to represent that hardcore grouping of football fans that pledge their allegiance to that greatest manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, while the ISM is a noun that is […]

Delving into our criminal past (and its got nothing – well not much – to do with Arsenal…)

Who are the Untolders?

by Blacksheep

Tony suggested to me that while we try and cope with the paucity of real football over the next few months it might be interesting (to one or two readers at least – I hope!) to find out a little more about what the Untold ‘crew’ do when we’re […]

The evidence that games in the Premier League might have been fixed in 2015/16

By Tony Attwood

Once upon a time Italian football was the focus of world attention. Live matches were shown on mainstream British TV and attracted huge amounts of attention. The match preview show from Italy on Channel 4 itself became an issue of major interest in Britain.

And then it all went wrong.

Italian football […]

Xhaka speaks; he’s a leader, he’s humble, and he came here because of Wenger.

By Walter Broeckx

With the signing of Xhaka we have a new face in our team. Certainly he is a bit of a special person the more I look at it. And he also is rather funny at times.

He seems like a young confident lad who knows what he is doing. And who […]

Ref Review: Sunderland – Arsenal


COMPETITION: English Premier League MATCH NO. 35 DATE: 24th April 2016 VENUE: Stadium of Light (Sunderland, England)


REFEREE: Mike Dean 1st LINESMAN: Simon Long 2nd LINESMAN: Michael Salisbury 4th OFFICIAL: Mike Jones

First Half

Fouls, Advantages, Cards, and Penalties

Time Foul by Foul For Description & Decision Points 01:18 Nacho […]

Confirmed offer for striker is a hoax, as is Wilshere story, but another deal is imminent

. By Sir Hardly Anyone. . First I bring you serious and grave news. . For those wretched fake links are back on the bloggettas, the one that persuades you to click a link onto an advert (thus earning the site money) when you think you’ve clicked to get the site’s stories, are back. […]

In the past it was the clubs lower down the league that fouled most. Now it is the clubs near the top.

By Tony Attwood

The web site Footstats has recently produced some very interesting league tables of its own, and through their kind permission, I am able to bring you one or two of these, starting with the Premier League Table of fouls.

You may remember (if you were paying attention) that in the early days […]

Okay, okay, you’ve waited long enough… we can confirm Granit Xhaka is an Arsenal player!

By Walter Broeckx

I think the people who do the website and certainly those who run the facebook page have a good sense of humour. I couldn’t help but grin when I read the words on the Arsenal facebook page that accompanied the news that Swiss international Granit Xhaka has signed for Arsenal.

As […]

Newspaper claims Arsenal “should have been applauded as CHAMPIONS if officials had done their jobs properly.”

By Tony Attwood


“The Gunners should have been applauded as CHAMPIONS if officials had done their jobs properly.”

To confirm from the off, that is not a quote from Untold, but from a national UK newspaper – the Sun. OK not my favourite paper, but actually one that I would have said a year […]

Whoever does the analysing of referee decisions the result is: Arsenal is screwed

By Walter Broeckx

I know in some circles it is a bit the flavour of the day to talk about our ref reviews in a patronizing way. In a tone like: “those deluded fools at Untold with their ref conspiracy theories, oh what they will not do to not blame Wenger.” You can read it […]

The Junior Teams Season End review – Part 1 Overview and Summary

by Andrew Crawshaw

The Arsenal Junior Teams cover ages 8 to U21. For the purpose of this review I am ignoring all age group matches below U18 level. I am therefore looking at four separate competitions :-

U18 League FA Youth Cup (open to players U18 at 01 Jan 2015) UEFA Youth League (open to […]

Are journalists concrete thinkers? We look at the sport editor of the Metro for our first trial

. By Dr Billy “the dog” McGraw Senior mental process analyst at the University of the North Circular Road. . On 3 March 2016 Jamie Sanderson the “sport editor” of the Metro “newspaper” published the article Another year, another failed Arsenal title bid in which the writer spoke of “serious question marks over Arsene […]

How the Premier League is spoiling family life and the education of young supporters)

By Menace

The League in England & Wales was always a Saturday 3.00 pm match. There was the occasional deviation to a weekday for cup matches but most schedules allowed for the young to accompany their parents to a game without disruption to their education.

The TV impact on Football has been the worst for […]

Ripping the heart out of the Arsenal midfield


By Tim Charlesworth

A season of gambles

All managers have to take risks with the way that they put their squad together. It is not possible to have two or three world class players for every position. As well as being prohibitively expensive, world class players will not tolerate long periods on the bench. […]