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Are Arsenal fans the only fans who are endlessly miserable? It seems not.

By Tony Attwood

Whatever the scenario there is always someone worse off than you. (Ok, not always, like, not when you are having your head eaten by a wolf, but most of the time).

Not that I think we are that badly off. I know there are a lot of people around who are tearing […]

PGMO admits Untold Arsenal was right

By Walter Broeckx

With taking away the match between Stoke and Tottenham from referee Friend next Monday the PGMO has opened a can of worms it seems.

Because for the first time the PGMO has openly admitted that not all refs are completely and always impartial. And well… it is rubbish to believe they are. […]

Forget the training and the preparation. Get these two things right and you will win the league.

By Tony Attwood

“The trouble with this club is that it has no plan B.”

We must have heard that so many times over the years about Arsenal. They always play the same way, no matter what the opposition are up to, no matter what the referee and assistants are doing.

“Arsenal have no plan […]