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Transfers, sackings, injuries… most of it is untrue, and we can’t go on like this. But what happens next?

By Tony Attwood

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When you think about it, it is utterly bonkers. 92 players have been put forward as either having been transferred, or are about to be transferred to Arsenal, and the club has actually […]

U19s qualify for the Knockout Phase of the Durban Cup, and a plea to Arsenal for more information.


By Andrew Crawshaw

The Durban Cup is turning out to be a tournament that it is really difficult to keep in touch with. The main mention of it so far on has been of a social visit the players made to a local school. There is the shortest of reports on the game […]

The Transfer Index: 92 players rumoured to be joining Arsenal, new West Ham competition, Wenger’s replacement

By Ima Counter, Professor of Numerological Sciences, University of UnCertain Things, Penzance.

Hi and welcome to the totally reformed Arsenal Transfer Index. Two big changes you will see now I’ve taken over:

Last time around we had a competition in which the idea was to use the letter S P U R S in […]