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Arsenal vs the Goats. The on-the-spot Untold Match Preview


By Florian, with special thanks to Francisco Chimal, Chivas fan.

After the victory registered against the MLS finest, it was natural that Arsenal would take their chances against one of Mexico’s most popular clubs. C.D. Guadalajara is our opponent, today or tomorrow, depending on which side of the world you live on. At the […]

The new signing has signed, several other options, one star leaving, and the replacement for Wenger

By Sir Hardly Anyone

In the new world of Superstition (see the previous article and do try to keep up) once the idea is set then it gets bound into the mind, and no end of logic can ever dislodge it.

So the superstition that buying expensive players before the new season brings success […]

Football debate declines into the new superstitions and myths, which is why we are here.

By Tony Attwood

As you may have noticed we’ve been running a little series on whether, and then why, the media is so critical of Arsenal. That link takes you to the last in the series, and it has a list of all the other articles in it, at the start.

The discussion encompassed not […]

What Does Arsenal Have To Change In 2017?

What Does Arsenal Have To Change In 2017?

By Bobby Davidson

Last year was good, although inevitably not at as good as some Arsenal fans wanted. Not just because we were top of the league for a while, only to be overtaken by Leicester, but also because the opportunity of a third cup win – […]

Arsenal four times as likely to get negative media reports as Liverpool or Chelsea

By Tony Attwood

In the past week or so we’ve been investigating the way in which the media treat Arsenal.

Why the media is so critical of Arsenal: it all goes back to the two Arsenal men who were banned from football for life Do other clubs get the same level of constant sniping and […]

Let us just enjoy things a bit more instead of moaning and wishing the worst on others

By Walter Broeckx

When we look outside then we see a dark world. War everywhere. Killing of people going on everywhere. Terrorists using and misusing every word in any book to justify their evil acts. Pointing at they began to make sure that it will never stop.

I know that as we grow up we […]

Why are the media so critical of Arsenal? How the habit developed over time.

By Tony Attwood

We have been running a series of articles asking first if, and then if so why, Arsenal are treated differently in the media from other teams. Here are the pieces so far.

Why the media is so critical of Arsenal: it all goes back to the two Arsenal men who were banned […]

Arsenal Youngsters in South Africa for the under 19 International Tournament

by Andrew Crawshaw

It’s not just the senior team that are on a pre-season tour. A group of our U19 players are in Durban, South Africa trying to retain the Durban International Tournament Cup that the club won last year. The main web site for the tournament seems to be

The Arsenal group comprises […]

Betting on Arsenal in 2017

By Tom Davies


With the new Premier League season nearly started, we can barely suppress our anticipation and excitement for the year up ahead.

After a solid year, the Gunners are heading for the next season with a reinforced midfield and possibly even a new striker, giving us much more to hope for than […]

Are Arsenal treated differently from other clubs by the national media and the bloggettas? An analysis of reports.

By Richard Morgan

With plenty of reasons to suggest that maybe, somehow, Arsenal are treated differently or singled out for special negative treatment by bloggettas and by the national media I volunteered to check whether this is the case.

So, I undertook a two day search of news now and media online stories. I also […]

MLS – Arsenal 1-2: Campbell and Akpom on the score sheet

By Walter Broeckx


The Arsenal team that started this match was Cech, Debuchy, Holding, Bielik, Gibbs, Elneny, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilshere, Campbell, Walcott.

A first start for our new signing Holding and pairing him with Bielik was a bit surprising to me to be honest. Wilshere starting for the first time this season. Campbell and […]

Arsenal play the whole America – The Untold Facebook Match Preview


By our north American correspondent: Florian

Those who expected America to be the country of all the possibilities will be sadly disappointed. That’s because when you have a job you must go to work. If you don’t do that, the employer says you stop going there for good, and that’s a real bad thing […]

Arsenal Ladies – Update and preview of Liverpool

by Andrew Crawshaw

Since my last Arsenal Ladies piece we have played two games against Chelsea and Sunderland (both away) and have gained the maximum of six points. The league Table now looks like this :-

Pos Team P W D L +/- Points 1 Man City 9 7 2 0 19 23 2 Chelsea […]

Why the media is so critical of Arsenal: it all goes back to the two Arsenal men who were banned from football for life

By Tony Attwood

We’re running a series on why people are so critical of Arsenal – a series that seems particularly apposite at the moment where the launch of the season previews in the press have led to remarkable attacks on the club in both the Telegraph and Independent in the last couple of days.


Planning For The Future: Who Could Succeed Wenger


By Jon Vine

It’s looking increasingly likely that this season will be Arsene Wenger’s last as Arsenal manager. It’s been an incredibly successful 21 years at the Gunners helm, in which time he has transformed himself from unknown Mr. Bean lookalike, to one of the most renowned and respected managers in the history of […]

THE MORE THINGS CHANGE… Thoughts of an Arsenal supporter from across the pond.


We faithful Arsenal supporters over the Pond are currently being subjected to the most abject and distressing barrage of BS, narcissism, xenophobic and misogynistic offal ever conceived by the mind of man, as the ¨Donald¨, resplendent in his blond wig and chauvinism, holds court before the American public.

The court […]

One of these transfers will be the DONE DEAL shortly, and Chelsea go bonkers on loans


Research and interrogation, plus the buying of a multiplicity of alcoholic beverages for various journalists, undertaken selflessly and without any thought of the damage to his mind or body by Sir Hardly Anyone OBE, but with an expenses bill being handed in any minute…

Actually before we start I have a new ploy by […]

Crisis already: all central defenders out, nobody to play anmore… or do we?

By Walter Broeckx

In order to check the pulse of the Arsenal supporters I have been on twitter and facebook the last days. Now I must say that it sure seems that some people feel unhappy. But that is part of their general condition I think. As I have known them as sad whenever I […]

Why are people so negative about Arsenal? The first answers.

By Tony Attwood

One of the many fascinating things about publishing Untold is that even after 6,400 articles (honest, that’s how many we have published) I can still be surprised at which ones get lots of comments and which don’t. Do other clubs get the same level of constant sniping and negative reporting or is […]

The Absolute Arsenal Transfer Index: 86 players we are signing, 21 players we are losing.

. . By Ima Counter, Professor of Mathematical Forecasting, University of Certain Things, Walsall.

Hi and welcome to the totally reformed Arsenal Transfer Index. Two big changes you will see now I’ve taken over:

First I’ve made a special effort this week to try and make the numbers in part one get nicely and […]

Government threatens to remove FA funding. Again. Will they at last keep their word?

By Tony Attwood

When you ain’t got nothing to say, but everyone is saying lots of stuff, then just say what your predecessor or your boss said last time and hope no one notices.

Thus goes the thinking of Sports Minister Tracey Crouch. In May 2016 the FA was warned that […]

Do other clubs get the same level of constant sniping and negative reporting or is it just Arsenal?

By Tony Attwood

I have often wondered whether other clubs in the Premier League have the same level of dedicated “failure” stories aimed at them as Arsenal does.

The problem is that seeking out newspaper stories and trying to follow them through, is time consuming, and although there are six people who regularly […]

Arsenal’s anniversary today, Henry Norris and the strange case of ‘Dr’ Crippen

By Blacksheep

As Tony’s Arsenal History article today reminds us, July 24th 1910 was the day Sir Henry Norris took over the club. You can read about Norris and his importance in the Arsenal story here but I’m going to look at what else happened that day.

I wrote some time ago that I […]

The food and match report from within the invisible away end. Lens v Arsenal

By Walter Broeckx

When looking up on the internet we decided to go first to Lille and then to Lens as Lens looked a city with not much to offer. A nice friendly little town but with no real history apart from having a football stadium that can hold more people than they have habitants […]

The ten Arsenal transfer deals that you will be told are DONE this coming week

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Enough! I hear you cry. It was all a hoax it was all a sham, and these bloggettists and their journo colleagues go on remorselessly. Higuain has been removed from the lists of all but the most hardy and despatches have been sent out. “We need a new Arsenal hoax!”