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The Sound of Silence: Arsenal in the transfer market

By Walter Broeckx

Continuing from my previous commentary Arsenal never spend anything much on transfers. Or do they?…

Yes Arsenal has to be silent about their transfer dealings. If Arsenal were to go public on who they are talking with the other big money spenders might step in and outbid us. For those who have […]

So who exactly was the king of the show against Liverpool?

By Tony Attwood

I’ve introduced the topic of DraftKings before, and it is interesting to see how things are working out.

Many DraftKings players had expected Alexis Sanchez to be one of the stars of the show – he was the highest owned Arsenal player in the day’s biggest contest for the opening fixture and […]

Arsenal never spend anything much on transfers. Or do they?

By Walter Broeckx

In a world where people expect everything to be done now and get everything immediately the transfer window is a long frustrating period. Or at least for many people it is. Not really for me as I don’t refresh every 5 minutes to see who Arsenal has bought. But for many […]

Why the evidence of your own eyes does not reveal what is happening with Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

During the summer of 2016 Untold set out a number of findings from research into such matters as the success of transfers, the impact of having a top scorer in the team, the efficacy of changing managers, and so on. The aim was to examine some of the potent myths propagated by […]