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When is a trophy a trophy, and when is it not? (Clue: when Arsenal win it).

By Walter Broeckx

There are trophies and there are non-trophies. And the difference is rather easy to see.

When Arsenal win something it is a non-trophy. When other teams win something it is a trophy.

Just look at how the media reports different trophies.

BBC Sport on 10/08/2014 at 16:52: FT Arsenal 3 – 0 […]

Past, present and future: how Wenger’s approach to transfers is bearing fruit

By Don McMahon

While surfing, I was struck by a statement that Wenger said when asked about paying high fees for a striker or other transfers. He said, ┬ĘThe money is never a problem if you have to pay what is requested. The price of a player is down to four ingredients. One is […]

Arsenal 25 Man Squad – The updated list now the pre-season is done.

by Andrew Crawshaw

Since I posted my first thoughts on who might be in our 25 man squad for the coming season there have been a number of changes in terms of players arriving or leaving and I have a few errors to correct. It is also under a week to go till our first […]