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The Arsene Wenger operating system made easy for dummies.


With nearly everyone going digital and talking and communicating in computer lingo and binary bullshit , the average young fan is not able to understand the beauty and the richness of the written word, and is now limited only to reading SMSes or Texting; Wassupp? messagings; moronic Twatting, chirppings and […]

Has the Arsenal squad been improved this transfer window?

By Walter Broeckx

Ah that lovely sound of the window that slams shut. I love it. Because then finally we can be sure that we will get rid of all those silly rumours that are being spouted 25 hours a day. Well… for a week or so because as I will go on a holiday […]

Arsenal transfer shock; one more player on the way

By Sir Hardly Anyone

The problem is not so much your actual news but removing the exclamation marks and question marks from internet reports and finding the large woman who will apparently open her mouth and warble in order to bring it all to an end later today.

So here is your deadline day shock […]