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October 2016

Arsenal – Middlesbrough : 0-0 too slow and not precise enough in the passing

By Walter Broeckx

A few changed compared to the team from our last match. No Santi Cazorla so he will not have been completely fit and maybe a bit of rest for the Spanish midfielder. Elneny taking his place. Cech back in goal for Ospina. Monreal came back at left back. And Iwobi came in […]

Arsène’s birthday message: “It’s not as easy as it looks”. Arsenal v Middlesbrough – the teams and stuff.

By Bulldog Drummond.

“If God exists and one day I go up there and He will ask: ‘Do you want to come in? What have you done in your life?’ And the only answer I will have is, ‘I tried to win football games.’ He will say, ‘Is that all you have done?’ And the […]

The “Striking Department”. How Arsenal have avoided the trap of the one man strike force.

The “Striking Department”

By Tim Charlesworth

After recent forays into writing about the Labour Party and the US national anthem, I was jerked back to reality by the pure joy of Mesut’s hat-trick, and decided to write about football again.

There are lots of things that annoy me about football – my darling wife has […]

Arsenal v Middlesbrough, 22 October 2016 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

Our match officials are :-

Referee – Mike Dean – 48 years old from Mersyside First Assistant – Simon Long – from Suffolk Second Assistant – Ian Hussin – from Mersyside Fourth Official – Tim Robinson – from West Sussex

Well Mr Dean needs no introductions – disliked by the entirety of […]

Özil responsible for a new word in the English dictionary

By Walter Broeckx

Are you still buzzing from Wednesday evening? I am. That surely was one hell of a match. One of the most interesting matches even I thought. Not just because we won with 6-0 but because it was a team performance that needed all players to be at their best.

Oooooooospina was magnificent […]

Ref review: Arsenal – Swansea, lots of decisions to make


COMPETITION: English Premier League


DATE: 15th September 2016

VENUE: Emirates Stadium (London, England)


REFEREE: Jon Moss 1st LINESMAN: Harry Lennard 2nd LINESMAN: Marc Perry 4th OFFICIAL: Neil Swarbrick

First Half

Fouls, Advantages, Cards, and Penalties

Time Foul by Foul For Description & Decision Points 06:16 Jordi […]

How football has its meaning stripped away, leaving us supporters to sort it out for ourselves

By Tony Attwood

There is something strange about the way the media treats the Arsenal. Like the Telegraph giving a rating of Arsenal player performances in the game and giving everyone seven out of ten except Ozil with nine, Alexis with eight, and the two central defenders with six.

And why? Well, we […]

Why the predictions of Arsenal’s season have thus far been soooo wrong

By Tony Attwood

Last night as I drove back to the Midlands after the Arsenal match there was a piece on the radio about a guy who, before each game, bets on Exeter winning 4-1. For each match he gets different odds, but he never changes his approach, and keeps betting. Apparently he […]

CL Arsenal – Ludogorets: 6-0 with an Özil hattrick

By Walter Broeckx

A few changes for this match against Ludogorets.

Xhaka paying the price for his red card maybe and Coquelin takes his place. We have Ospina in goal as expected with Cech sitting on the beach.

Furthermore one change in the defence as Gibbs comes in the place of Monreal. […]

Arsenal against Ludo. The teams and the score.

By Bulldog Drummond

OK, enough of those Ludo jokes. Let’s move on to the question… does Mr Wenger play the regular first team including Granit who isn’t yet debarred, or does he think this is fairly straightforward and give players a rest? Given that we haven’t been unbeaten in the opening three Champs League […]

Time to get the old board game out as Arsenal play Ludo

By Bulldog Drummond

Oh where are the old days? The days when you could safely click onto a football web site and read about Arsene Wenger’s dithering and predictions that this will be the season when Arsenal get relegated, thus putting a stop to the celebrations in 2019 of 100 years in the […]

Players used vs league position, and the range of top scorers so far in the league.

By Tony Attwood

I’ve noted before that Arsenal have this season nominated the full list of 25 players that they are able to make available for games – something that most clubs have not been able to do. And we have five under 21s who are also very much part of the first team squad […]

How the media twisted Arsenal v Swansea and Liverpool v Man U

By Tony Attwood

Most people who watch Premier League matches do so on TV – and the TV companies make much of this. Back in the early part of the 21st century Man U v Arsenal games were hyped as the “most watched on the planet” and Sky spoke of global audience of 1 billion.


The sprint and the marathon. How much Arsenal’s start tells us about where they will finish.

By Tony Attwood

When Arsenal lost to Liverpool on the opening day the knives were out. Losing on the opening day was a disaster said the doubters. That’s it. All over.

But just as people have said that only teams that spend loads of money do well, (the stats show that there is little […]

How Arsène Wenger’s faith in Theo Walcott is paying off this season

By Walter Broeckx

On August 6th Arsène Wenger said this about Theo:

“Theo is intelligent, he analyses well what’s happening to him and he’s mentally very strong, and the way he practises, the way he works since the start of the season, I think I’m very positive that we can get a great […]

Granit gets 3, and what would it have been like if we had signed Icardi?

By Tony Attwood

The news from the press on Granit X is that Arsene Wenger thought the tackle that led to him being sent off was a “deep yellow” which I suppose those who look at rainbows would call orange, and so the club will not appeal. So Granit gets a three match ban, effectively […]

Parliament is going to propose that corruption in football is investigated by…. The FA!!!

By Tony Attwood

One of my eternal rants, with which I have bored you stiff in recent years, is that the FA is guilty of a multiplicity of misdemeanours, ranging from ineptitude to the failure properly to investigate corruption, from the refusal to accept the proven fact that England do badly because of lack […]

Referee Appointments and Results Matchweek #07 complete with video evidence

by the Referee Team

1: Details of the Match Referees and Assistants

Everton vs. Crystal Palace [1-1]

Referee – Jon Moss

1st Assistant Referee – Simon Bennett

2nd Assistant Referee – Richard West

Fourth Official – Kevin Friend Swansea City vs. Liverpool [1-2]

Referee – Michael Oliver

1st Assistant Referee – Gary Beswick

2nd Assistant […]

Arsenal – Swansea 3-2, good play, nasty tackle and character shown

By Walter Broeckx

No changes to the starting line up compared to the team that won at Burnley. Mesut Özil celebrating his birthday today so let’s hope he can make a very happy day of it. Also Cech celebrating his 50th appearance for Arsenal.

On the bench a few changes. Coquelin back on the […]

Arsenal v Swansea: the Untold match preview, and teams and a do-it-yourself team selector

By Bulldog Drummond

And so off we go again after another unwelcome interruption. And once again the press are struggling to find something negative to say about us. Here’s the Guardian’s latest attempt

Four consecutive clean sheets leading up to the international break suggests that defensively Arsenal have found an encouraging solid platform, based upon […]

Arsenal v Swansea – the statistics

By Bulldog Drummond

The general chit chat is that Arsenal should win this at a stroll, but Arsenal will always let you down just when you expect them to win.

But we must note that Swansea change managers as regularly as Tottenham, and the Untold view that this doesn’t normally work does include the word […]

It’s not just the team for Saturday we need to consider. How Arsenal will start to rotate.

By Tony Attwood

So off we go on our run of four consecutive home games starting this week with Swansea and then with a game against Ludogorets Razgrad on Wednesday. And the associated need to finish top of the Champs League group to avoid the child molesters in the next round.

And the good news […]

Arsenal v Swansea Sat 15 October 2016 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

Well Mr Pawson nearly managed to completely cock up the game at Burnley scoring a (to date) season low of 38.2% on our weighted performance chart. I have now had to add a ‘Wall of Shame’ table to my season spreadsheet which I had hoped to avoid this year. Here is the […]

How Arsene Wenger’s spending on players has given us a team to marvel over

By Tony Attwood

On the afternoon of 13 October 2016 two things happened. First the other Untold site, Untold Dylan, started to get hits like it has never done before. Untold Dylan is doing ok with an audience of over 300,000 page views a year, but its subject matter is a bit esoteric. It […]

The Yanks are coming!

The Yanks are coming!

By Tim Charlesworth

The American influence has been growing in the Premier League for many years now. Two of Arsenal’s directors are American citizens, and our own Silent Stan is the wealthiest of the Americans to buy a Premiership club. This Americanisation is more than just skin deep – the statistics […]