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November 2016
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Serge Aurier has been refused permission to enter the UK. But would we let in the Trump?

By Tony Attwood

I know this story has suddenly started to appear everywhere, and since this is Untold I wouldn’t normally run such a piece, but it really does raise an interesting question: how far are the newly emboldened British border agencies and their chums in the Home Office going to go to keep our […]

Leicester, State Aid Utd., Man U; tales of decline

By Tony Attwood

In 1936/7 Man City won the first division. They were one of only three teams other than Arsenal to win the League in the 1930s (the other two were Everton and Sunderland).

Man City had been jogging along as a mid-table team for several years, and had finished ninth the year […]

Referee Appointments and Results Matchweek #11 complete with video evidence

by the Referee Review Team

1: Referee Appointments and Results Matchweek #11


Bournemouth vs. Sunderland [1-2]

Referee – Mike Dean

1st Assistant Referee – Simon Long

2nd Assistant Referee – Ian Hussin

Fourth Official – Lee Mason Manchester City vs. Middlesbrough [1-1]

Referee – Kevin Friend

1st Assistant Referee – Richard West

2nd Assistant […]

Hector, I love you more than words can say

By Walter Broeckx

Okay I hope my wife doesn’t read this and gets in to wrong ideas. No I still am the same my dear, still love you in the husband and wife life we live. But most football supporters have a player that they love as if it was their own son or brother. […]

More options up front than we had over the last seasons

By Walter Broeckx

Over the last 10-15 years we have seen many different players play for Arsenal. Some were great, others ended up somewhere else because they didn’t want to be with us anymore and earn more money somewhere else. Others were not so great in the long run and found that Arsenal had other […]

Arsenal prepare for PSG; Santi Cazorla off to Barcelona

By Tony Attwood

I never really expected to have much in common with Santi Cazorla. He’s one of the very few players around who is actually shorter than me by an inch or two, and he can play football rather well, which I can’t.

But it turns out that Santi has just toddled off to […]

How the use of downright lies and misinformation has spread from football into the world beyond

By Tony Attwood

Recent studies in psychology and sociology have put forward the idea that when people feel they’ve lost something, then they are willing to take any sort of risk in order to get it back. Even if it never existed in the first place.

This is the simple explanation as to why the […]

Arsenal in November. Exactly how bad are we year after year? You might be surprised.

By Tony Attwood

Just how bad are we in November? Not just this November but each and every November. Year after Wengerian year after Wengerian year…

Curiously, given that this year this has been the topic there hasn’t been any real analysis of this. Indeed I have seen commentators writing that this is the worst […]

Man United – Arsenal : 1-1 Our beach saves the day

By Walter Broeckx

Sorry for the delay but as I had to be in the TV studios with our supporters club I couldn’t get to a computer earlier.

Lots of doubts before the match about the fitness of Alexis. But he started. So was he fit? Probably yes in the way that Alexis always is […]

Man U v Arsenal – the teams, the pizza, the telepathy, the result

By Bulldog Drummond

All runs end… except of course the run that means that Olympiakos win the Greek League. That goes on for ever – although even that might be affected by the cancellation of games by the government this season.

So the run against of results against “M” and the run of results against […]

José Mourinho vs Arsène Wenger. As far as the media is concerned the teams are irrelevant

by Tony Attwood

According to José Mourinho, Arsène Wenger is afforded “more respect” than he (“M”) gets. He doesn’t explain why this is so, nor does he give any evidence, but he says it.

Personally I don’t think it is true, but I do think it should be true, if nothing else because of the […]

Wenger v “M”. Tactical naivety, blaming the medics,

By Tony Attwood

Even if you don’t know the exact numbers, you’ll probably recall from endless articles plus radio and TV broadcasts, that over a five year period from 2009 to 2014, Arsenal did rather poorly against other teams that ended up in the top four.

Of course losing against a fellow-top-four team means zero […]

Manchester United v Arsenal 19/11/2016 – The Match Officials

By Andrew Crawshaw

Our Match Officials this Saturday are :-

Referee – Andre Marriner age 45 from the West Midlands and FIFA Accredited Assistant 1 – Simon Beck – from Bedfordshire and FIFA Accredited Assistant 2 – Andy Garratt – from the West Midlands Fourth Official – Michael Oliver – 31 years old from Northumberland […]

Previews: A (Possibly) Thrilling End to a Great Year

By James Bailey

We are still a few weeks away from the end of the year, but there is no doubt that it has been a great year for the team. Arsenal has been performing well in matches and the team is looking at what could be a thrilling Christmas league position. There are several […]

It’s November so it must be injury crisis time (and ticket price analysis time)

By Tony Attwood

Yes, it’s that time again. The time when pontificaters in all the media will tell us that one team (usually Arsenal, but occasionally others) are having a crisis of injuries and that it is Arsene Wenger’s fault.

Of course what they generally don’t do it compare Arsenal’s figures with those of other […]

Video referee trials have begun in the PL, and England’s disgraceful links with Qatar revealed for what they are

By Tony Attwood

Blimey! I say again, “blimey!” I take the day off to go and see “Kinky Boots” – the wonderfully funny feel-good musical in the West End, and return to open the computer the next morning and find not just one, but two football stories that made me feel good.

One of the […]

Ref Review: Arsenal – Tottenham: 25 fouls and one yellow card


COMPETITION: English Premier League


DATE: 6th November 2016

VENUE: Emirates Stadium (London, England)


REFEREE: Mark Clattenburg 1st LINESMAN: Jake Collin 2nd LINESMAN: Simon Bennett 4th OFFICIAL: Andre Marriner

First Half

Fouls, Advantages, Cards, and Penalties

Time Foul by Foul For Description & Decision Points 00:48 Assistant Referee […]

Alexis played for 84 minutes for Chile last night while Man U face their own problems

By Dr Billy “the dog” McGraw, senior adviser to the clinically ill, University Hospital of the North Circular Road.

As expected, Alexis Sánchez played for Chile last night. And indeed was rather successful as Chile beat Uruguay 3-1 in a World Cup qualifying match.

Following his hamstring injury which he picked up training for […]

Alexis will start, injured or not; when will the madness stop?

by Tony Attwood

The reports in the press suggest that Alexis is going to start the game for Chile tonight.

Against this Arsène Wenger has warned the Football Federation of Chile that Alexis could spend up to three months on the sidelines if he is risked in the World Cup qualifier against Uruguay.

Alexis was […]

When Arsenal built the Ems they stayed in the top 4 to pay off the debt. How will Tottenham do?

By Tony Attwood

There has over the years been a very obvious difference of opinion about Arsenal and its stadium. I don’t recall too much discussion about the stadium and its finances while it was being built – indeed I think most fans welcomed its arrival – especially those on the season ticket waiting […]

Ten transfer stories that are making the news as the new window approaches

By Captain Sir Hardly Anyone

It has been a little while since I last addressed an expectant nation (as it were) but with the glass opening ready to creak on its hinges in just a month and a half, surely there must be some more transfer news.

And well blow me sideways […]

It’s not just the transfers that transform a team, it’s the tactics too.

By Tony Attwood

Earlier this season Untold published a match preview based on tactics. It didn’t get too many comments and one of those that did come in said, “this is the most boring article I have ever read.”

Now I don’t take those sort of comments as indicative of everyone’s view, but the article […]

Referee Appointments and Results Matchweek #10 complete with video evidence

by the Referee Review Team

1: Details of Match Referees and Assistants

Sunderland vs. Arsenal [1-4]

Referee – Martin Atkinson

1st Assistant Referee – Stephen Child

2nd Assistant Referee – Stuart Burt

Fourth Official – Craig Pawson West Bromwich Albion vs. Manchester City [0-4]

Referee – Lee Mason

1st Assistant Referee – Scott Ledger

2nd […]

Why Linekar and Collymore should be applauded for their stands against the media

By Tony Attwood

Getting your ideas across in the modern age can be difficult – which is odd when we have more technology to help us do just this, than ever before.

For example, you are reading a website run by a small bunch of Arsenal supporters who believe that there are issues that need […]

Arsenal Ladies – Reflections on the season

by Andrew Crawshaw

The 2016 Ladies season is really a tale of nearly but not quite.

In the three competitions we won one, came third in one and were knocked out in the semi final of the third. For most Ladies Clubs this would have been regarded as a good season but not Arsenal – […]