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December 2016
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December 2016

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Premier League Betting and Odds

2016: The year many of us realised football was utterly broken but the media continued to deny reality

By Tony Attwood

It is oh so easy to make a list of all the things wrong with football in England. But thinking that it was appropriate to write a piece about the major problems in English football for the end of the year, I started out considering a list of five problems. Quickly […]

The Palace comes to the Emirates. Arsenal v Fat Sam: the prologue

By Tony Attwood

One of my favourite comedians – and indeed my favourite Shakesperian comic actor (although sadly I was unable to see much of his work in this regard), was Frankie Howerd.

At one stage in his career he became completely unacceptable for his politically incorrect jokes, but I never stopped loving his performances, […]

Arsenal v Crystal Palace 01 January 2017 – The Match Officials. Expect major errors and bias.

by Andrew Crawshaw

This match marks the halfway point of the season it is the 19th with another 19 to go.

Referee – Andre Marriner 45 from West Yorkshire and FIFA Accredited First assistant – Simon Beck From Bedfordshire and FIFA Accredited Second Assistant -Andy Garratt from the West Midlands Fourth Official – Michael Oliver […]

Ref Review : Man City – Arsenal: what exactly did Madley and Atkinson say to each other at half time?


COMPETITION: English Premier League MATCH NO. 17 DATE: 18th December 2016 VENUE: Etihad Stadium (Manchester, England)


REFEREE: Martin Atkinson 1st LINESMAN: Gary Beswick 2nd LINESMAN: Adam Nunn 4th OFFICIAL: Robert Madley

First Half

Fouls, Advantages, Cards, and Penalties

Time Foul by Foul For Description & Decision Points 02:38 Kevin […]

It’s Not the League Position That Determines a Result: There’s Also the Psychology


by Linda Thompson

The Premier League is arguably the greatest football league in the world. Since its inception in 1992, many of the world’s greatest football players have played in the Premier League. Many consider the Premier League along with La Liga to be the best leagues in the world. As a result, a […]

Arsenal plan mass raid on Italian club to cope with predicted January exodus

by Sir Hardley Anyone and a chicken called Frostie

Last summer, as you will know if you followed the Untold Transfer Index, 20 players were lined up to leave Arsenal. Of course the mass exodus didn’t happen, but those in the know, or rather those who don’t have a clue but like to make […]

How to be a football journalist and get a job with a newspaper or broadcaster

By Tony Attwood

Preface: if you don’t want to read all this, but simply want the answer to the “how to” you are already thinking like a journalist, and you don’t have to read this article. Just skim to the heading at the bottom that says How to do it and read that. It’s like […]

What horrors do Fifa have in store for us in 2017… and thereafter?

By Tony Attwood

There seems to me to be a growing feeling of confidence in Fifa that they have weathered the storm. There haven’t been more arrests for a while, and the legal claim against the organisation on behalf of migrant workers employed in dangerous and degrading conditions in Qatar, highlighted recently on Untold, didn’t […]

The kings of assist – a bit of statistical fun and games

By Tony Attwood

One of the papers recently looked at how many assists the top assistants had after playing 100 games in the premier league.

That seemed ok, but I noticed that some clubs seemed to have several players in the list of top assistants (if that is the right word) and some had fewer, […]

Transfer tales: 9 players to leave Arsenal, one new contract and 12 signings

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Last summer we kept a little list running of players who were tipped by the all knowing and extremely informed members of the media to be coming to or going from Arsenal. You will recall how Bellerin was utterly, totally, absolutely certain to leave, along with 21 other members of the […]

Just how much time do goalkeepers waste v Arsenal? The first ever statistics

By Usama Zaka and Tony Attwood

It is going to be a little difficult for the mainstream media to change their approach to reporting time wasting by goal keepers … by actually reporting time wasting by goal keepers. But as we have shown elsewhere, it is possible to nudge the media a little by reporting […]

Current rules make matters difficult for youngsters trying to become professionals, and FA aspirations are not helping.

By Tony Attwood

In a recent piece about why it is hard for most PL clubs to buy new players in the January window, I made the point that there is not just a limit on the number of players that can be registered […]

Arsenal v West Brom Bus Station. Foster allowed to get away with breaking the rules throughout most of the game.

By Tony Attwood

I suspect that if you asked most of the people in the Emirates Stadium for a review of Arsenal v WBA they would at the very least mention the issue of time wasting. Certainly, judging by noise levels, it was the issue that was the focus of the crowd’s attention throughout the […]

Arsenal – Wall Building Army 1-0: Giroud the demolisher with the important goal

By Walter Broeckx

A few changes to the team that started in our last two defeats away to Everton and Manchester City. We got a few injured after that match like Oxlade-Chamberlain who wasn’t in the team today.

Up front we saw Giroud make his return and this of course results in Alexis dropping to […]

Arsenal v WBA – the teams, players with very very long names, and some dangerous driving

By Bulldog Drummond.

Part one of the preview was published yesterday under the exciting and vibrant headline “They won’t park the bus, they’ll bring the whole bus station.”

Now just before I jump into the automobile and spend a couple of hours telling people who had planned to spend three days at the in-laws but […]

Arsenal v WBA. They won’t park the bus, they’ll bring the whole bus station.

By Bulldog Drummond

In the recent discussion about the November effect on Arsenal it was pointed out that the way in which fixtures are arranged is no longer a matter of chance, and certainly no longer a matter of “it will all even out in the end”. Certain fixtures are arranged to suit […]

Christmas Day schedules for Arsenal: when Arsenal regularly played on 25 December.

Fancy something a little less statistical for Christmas Day? Try Christmas Day at the Untold Office.

By Tony Attwood

The notion of playing football matches on Christmas Day does not go back to the very start of league football in England but rather was introduced in the second season of the football league. The […]

Christmas Day at the Untold editorial offices by the office dog

How many blue whales can you fit into a Boeing 747 before lunch and what your dog’s barks mean


Last thursday, I went in to enquire about getting a dog collar to give as a Christmas present to one of my chums who had recently taken a creature from the local Animal Rescue Shelter. […]

Arsenal v West Brom 26 December – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

The PGMO have announced all of the referee appointments for the festive season – that’s matchweeks, 18, 19 and 20. I have them entered into my spreadsheet and have the following comments.

There are two teams who will have seen a referee four times in the first half of the season. Hull […]

It’s Christmas. Goodwill to all men, and a time to end the anger and prejudice

It’s Christmas, Goodwill to all men

By Tim Charlesworth (@Timc1972)

The dislike or fear of ‘the other’ is a natural instinct and none of us are immune to it. We almost seem genetically programmed to seek out differences and set up conflict. The tribalism of football is, of course, a fairly harmless manifestation of this […]

Why it is so hard for many clubs to buy new players in January, and West Ham’s begging letter.

By Tony Attwood

I drove north up the A1 last night to Newark for a little bop around the dance floor and listened (I guess rather stupidly because it always gets me wound up) to various journalists and “experts” (I use the word lightly) commenting on who was going to buy whom this January.

What […]

Arsenal v WBA: The manager preview. Pulis’ standards of conduct have “been shown to be disgraceful”

By Tony Attwood

Maybe before matches we ought to do manager previews as well as referee previews. Especially when it comes to Tony Pulis.

Tony Pulis. I’m embarrased to share a Christian name with him. But here goes.

As a player

Years Team Games Goals 1975–1981 Bristol Rovers 85 3 1981–1982 Happy Valley (Hong […]

Ref Review Arsenal – Stoke: the match in which the ref shocked up by making up his own new rule


COMPETITION: English Premier League MATCH NO. 15 DATE: 10th December 2016 VENUE: Emirates Stadium (London, England)


REFEREE: Lee Mason 1st LINESMAN: Simon Beck 2nd LINESMAN: Matthew Wilkes 4th OFFICIAL: Paul Tierney

First Half

Fouls, Advantages, Cards, and Penalties

Time Foul by Foul For Description & Decision Points 03:57 Francis […]

A perfect and total example of how our perception of football is being manipulated

By Tony Attwood

Paul Wilson writing in the Guardian recently made this comment…

Referees do not always make the right decision on the spot, and sometimes they make the wrong decision for the right reasons. But with time, hindsight and replays, the disciplinary commission should be capable of sorting all that out.

Now […]

Arsenal Need to Maintain Away Form to End Title Drought

“Arsène Wenger” (CC BY 2.0) by Ronnie Macdonald

Arsenal have made a strong start to their bid to end their Premier League title drought after 13 years. The Gunners have previously enjoyed impressive openings to previous campaigns, only to fall away in the second halves of seasons, none more so than their failed challenge […]