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10 years of Untold Arsenal: pondering the question of 3 types of match fixing

By Tony Attwood

From before the time I started this blog 10 years ago, I was fascinated with the way the British media dealt with match fixing. In simple terms, according to our media it was done by foreigners, and largely associated with Far East “gambling syndicates”. Somehow it seemed that we were back in […]

Arsenal in danger of ending right back where they started as transfer chaos deepens

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Hello again my dear pals and chums, and welcome to another round up from the wild, crazy and one might say semi-skimmed world of transfer stories. Yes, we have signed one player, two more about sure to come (I know that cos I read it on the bloggettas) and everything […]

The notion that refereeing in the Premier League is balanced and fair is itself a conspiracy theory


How the Flat Earthers took over football journalism at the Guardian.

By Tony Attwood

From my perspective one has to be either fairly silly or rather desperate to dismiss a proposition as “ludicrous” without giving any reasoning or evidence, especially in a newspaper that prides itself on the […]