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February 2018

A howling comes across the sky. Reworking the past and laughing at Arsenal fans.

By Tony Attwood

And now, something of a first. This little piece comes from Seoul, Korea, as I await a flight south. I know it’s a first because although I generally write as I travel I ain’t been to Korea before so it must be a first. (Just checked, yes it’s Wednesday, so it is […]

Why Thierry Henry won’t get the Arsenal manager’s job

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Interesting note from Tony, who is at Heathrow airport awaiting his plane. Apparently the Virgin Media internet connection has barred Untold from public viewing throughout Heathrow Airport as not being suitable for those passing through the airport. Anyway, he’s smuggled a note to me, asking me to take over for a […]

The complete amazing Arsenal transfer news including the new manager & 32 players

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Three sections are now up and running in our list of summer transfers as highlighted by the ever accurate national media and their hangers on.

First off we have the incoming manager section which is today dominated by a Daily Mail list of four, now reproduced on several other sites…


At least when Mr Wenger goes we won’t have a complete change of backroom staff.

By Tony Attwood

So now we know two things. First, most removals of managers by league clubs in all four divisions result in failure to improve and instead result in another manager and another. That we’ve known for a long old time and this season just proves it. Indeed even where vast amounts of money […]

Turning the remorseless criticism of Arsenal to the club’s advantage

by Tony Attwood

It’s fairly clear that the concept of asking the question of “why and how is it helpful to the club for fans to join with the media and the anti-Arsenal gangs in criticising the manager or the players?” is one that does not take the debate any further forward, most of the […]

Arsenal v Man City; the teams, who gets the most cards, who is vital in the dressing room

By Bulldog Drummond

So let’s have the big big news from the Daily Star to begin with…

David Ospina reveals big Arsenal dressing room change following Olivier Giroud’s departure This piece tells us that Oooooospina is now “the designated dressing room disc jockey.” Also, we are told he […]

Arsenal play Man City again but this time we will have a goal keeper

By Bulldog Drummond

I was just doing my usual meander around the history of the Arsenal v Manchester City fixture and was looking up the runs of matches on the usually very accurate 11v11 web site when I noticed something rather strange.

They quite rightly have the first game between the two clubs listed as […]

With Arsenal logic and communication become more and more remembrances of times past.

By Tony Attwood

We published yesterday two little pieces that in essence asked why criticising the manager and players was a good thing to do. Many answers came back to the effect that the performance of players and manager against Osterstunds was awful.

If you see that there is a non sequitur there, then you […]

To praise or condemn: why the Germans do so well at football compared to the English

By Tony Attwood

There is an interesting article today in Süddeutsche Zeitung – the Munich newspaper, and one of the largest daily newspapers in Germany which has the headline “How praise helps people out of the crisis.”It is a piece that rather interestingly links to this morning’s article on Untold Another fine victory for […]

Another fine victory for the anti-Arsenal Arsenal. But sadly it seems, they never learn.

By Dr Billy “the dog” McGraw.

On the A52 road in Derbyshire there is a sign that says “Street lights not working”.

Most people just drive past it, seemingly without giving the sign much thought. However those people who have the more inquisitive brains tend at this point to ask the question, “why?” In fact […]

Grenfell Tower: why is it still so hard to find out where the Community Shield money went?

By Tony Attwood

There is an article on the Guardian website today that begins

“It has been eight months since the inferno tore through Grenfell Tower, killing 71 people and forcing hundreds from their homes. Of that number, 152 households are still to be rehoused, despite a promise from the prime minister that the process […]

We know about the next four days but what happens after Sunday?

by Bulldog Drummond

There’s general agreement about the make up of the team tonight; we know Ospina is definitely in goal, and Welbeck plays in attack along with Mkhitaryan. Beyond that there is a fair amount of agreement from those taking guesses with a back four of Chambers, Mertesacker, Holding, Kolasinac regularly mentioned, and Iwobi, […]

PGMO maintain their secrecy at all times – unless it’s an issue raised by Manchester City

By Dr Billy “the dog” McGraw. Head of psychology at the University Hospital of the North Circular Road.

As you will know, if you have followed our coverage of PGMO, the high secretive organisation that makes the Masons look at a come-all-ye at the local pub, the refereeing control body does not talk to outsiders.


The team for Thursday – details from the pres conference.

By Tony Attwood

The trick these days is simple: find five people who use Twitter and who send out negative tweets and then claim they represent Arsenal fans and quote their tweets to set up whatever negative story you have in mind.

So it is with Ramsey. The bloggers say he probably won’t be ready […]

Rumour mongering hits rock bottom and could now affect Arsenal players.


by Tony Attwood

Rumours and fantasies about Arsenal and its players have undoubtedly reached a new low with the emergence of the story of Bellerin and the fake phone message.

I say it is fake with some force because the story is emerging in blogs that endlessly tell us that a deal is being […]

Thursday night’s team: no one told the Armenians not to believe what they read in the papers

By Bulldog Drummond

In a sense I rather relish the notion of all attention being turned away from Arsenal, with the focus being on the goings on at Wigan, Sergio Agüero considering pressing charges (although I am not quite sure against whom that might be) and West Ham being charged over breaches of anti-doping rules. […]

Now fake transfer news takes a new thoroughly nasty twist

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Up until now, the nonsense transfer news churned out by the national press and their camp followers has been a bit of a laugh. A case of us recording all the gibberish, putting it in a chart and then showing the results. Results such as that we found last season when […]

Arsenal stars risk being solid, and other oddities of football lingo

By Tony Attwood

For some people an examination of the way language is used in reporting football is a matter of supreme tedium. I know this cos I get lots of emails telling me so.

But I stay with the topic because I do completely believe that anyone who wants to manipulate thought and opinion […]

What do you know about Henry Norris? And how do you know it’s true?

By Tony Attwood

If you have been reading the twice (occasionally thrice) weekly adventures of Henry Norris on the Arsenal History Society website you will of course know the answer to the question above.

If not, and yif our answer is that he was a guy who owned Arsenal at one time and was a […]

The very strange case of the secret deals involving English football rights on TV.

By Tony Attwood

If you have a loooooong memory and you tend to read my ramblings on the subject of corruption and finance in sport you might recall my rant about a tiny company in a tiny Swiss town that gained the broadcasting rights to World Cup matches across a […]

Bonkers insults, semi-skimmed headlines and the 10 players Arsenal are going to sign.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

So let us start with the silliest insult of the day. There are of course many to choose from but having had a look through a mindblowing selection I give the award today for “Under Wenger, Arsenal have become boring”. A bit of an odd statement really having had Alexis […]

Arsenal v Millwall FA Cup Sunday 18 February 2018

By Andrew Crawshaw

With the men no longer in the FA Cup this year it is up to our Women to take over the mantle on Sunday afternoon when they have a last 16 tie against Millwall Lionesses. The Women’s version of the Cup is known (this season) as the SSE Cup Final after the […]

What Bellerin said, Toddler Brain Habits and making money from criticising Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

On the most general level, if one sees something that one feels is wrong in any way (be it corruption, deliberate lies, something that harms some people, criminal acts or anything else) one has a choice. To turn away and do nothing, to do something once and then let it pass […]

When he recovers Alexandre Lacazette still desperately needs an injection of confidence

By Brian Strachan

Since his £53 million transfer from Lyon, Alexandre Lacazette has netted just nine times. He got off to the perfect start, netting against Leicester on debut but the goals have since dried up and the Frenchman has found himself playing second fiddle to January signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Source: Dan Critchlow via […]

How football on Italian TV is revolutionary, leaving Sky and BT Sprout way behind

By Tony Attwood

As you may have read Sky and BT paid less this time round for their TV coverage, but still charge their customers the same. But one would hardly expect anything else.

However given that they appear to have an insatiable desire to charge more and more for less and less I wondered […]