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10 Years of Untold: trying to change football by being different

By Tony Attwood

Untold Arsenal started ten years ago this month, and it started because I was annoyed not just about something I kept seeing on football pitches, but also because it was not being mentioned at all in the media.

But that was only half of it, because I didn’t just want to […]

The Predictions for 2018 from Brickfields Gunners


As the new year begins I look back a rather good year personally as well as for the Arsenal. A third FA Cup win in 4 years is a great record, and that too against the Champions of the EPL . I like to think that we have progressed in many ways […]

The view of the Video Assistant Referee about the WBA penalty

By Walter Broeckx

I remember some 9 years ago one of my first articles I wrote was about Dean. It is out there somewhere and it was after the match at Old Trafford where Dean did his usual biased tricks to cost Arsenal points.

Since then I have written umpteen articles showing the bias from […]