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Perhaps the most horrific report I have ever read in 10 years of running Untold

By Tony Attwood

We probably all know about what Graham Rix got involved in post-Arsenal, and it’s not something I’ve particularly wanted to re-visit. Many of us watched Rix, enjoyed his work for Arsenal as a footballer, and then, well… everyone can have their own views.

But at the same time I’ve tried to do […]

10 years of untold: all the corruption stories and we just keep on keeping on

By Tony Attwood

When I started Untold, 10 years ago this week, one of the issues that was on my mind was what appeared to be the threat of corrupt business practices swamping the game.

At that time we had club after club folding and re-emerging. We had clubs being bought by extremely dubious people, […]

The real transfer story: How much space does each team have in its squad?

By Tony Attwood

One of the criticisms Untold has repeatedly made of the TTT (transfer tittle tattle) that is so beloved by the newspaper websites and their bloggetta coat-tail hangers on, is that none of the rumours take any account of a simple known fact – how much space each club has in its 25 […]