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The ten men crazy enough to take over at Arsenal… plus six new purchases the club are making.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

I’m certainly not going to turn Untold into a political forum, but if you can spare me one minute I’d like to show you what to me is an interesting parallel. So if you don’t have a minute to spare, and can’t bare to read anything other than football for […]

Can Wenger fit two world-class strikers into one effective first eleven?

By Jerry Jones

The Gunners have spent £105m this season on two centre-forwards of real world-class quality. Alexandre Lacazette finally secured his move abroad after leaving Lyon in the summer, before being joined by Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in January. The only issue now is how to get the best from both players at the same […]

That annoying little thing called Video Assisted Refereeing; where has it all gone so wrong?

By Tony Attwood

Watching the newspapers and UK media outlets discuss VAR while I am in Australia has been illuminating to say the least.

Two days go the BBC announced that the Premier League clubs were not expected to announce that VAR is being introduced next season.

The next day the Daily Express announced that […]