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Why in terms of Arsenal, the transfer rumour has become a thing of the past.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

We’ve had one clear piece of proof of the imaginary nature of transfers for quite some time, after discovering that if all the transfer rumours of the summer are added together then it turns out that only three in every 100 rumours actually manifests itself in a transfer. A figure that […]

Sometimes the world can take you by surprise.  As long as you are not looking the wrong way


By Tony Attwood

When the media en mass ignores a particular point of view (such as the one that asks why our refereeing system is so secretive, and is organised in a way that is different from most of the rest of Europe) I am on safe ground. I know where I stand. For […]

Arsenal in confusion. No money and the canon has come loose.

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

These are indeed tough days for the media as they desperately try to find more and more problems that are inherent in Arsenal. Take for example

1: The huge problem that scuppers everything or doesn’t depending on forgetting what you said last time around.

The Star tells us that Arsenal want […]