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Seven fantasies, 11 nightmares and Ramsey’s agent tweets “keep making the stuff up”.

By Tony Attwood

Since the WC final there’s been a perfect example in the today of how different papers can take totally different positions when it comes to the same event. The Guardian has been full of headlines about how the French nation rejoiced at their victory in the world cup, and celebrated the […]

All the things we didn’t learn from the world cup.

By….Don McMahon

Well its all over and done with…..France beat a courageous but outclassed Croatia, there were blunders galore, the pundits literally burst their seams with pointless and repetitive ¨observations¨ about who was and wasn’t the cock of the walk this particular match, etc.

One observation I didn’t hear was […]

Arsenal to sign 15 year old and flagrantly break all international rules according to reports.

By Tony Attwood

What annoys me – and annoys me a lot – is when lazy journalism means that football stories are published without any reference to relevant context.

For example, stories about Arsenal signing all sorts of players continue, even though the club has now reached the £70m limit that the media […]