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We’re predicting Arsenal will finish third this season. So how can it be done?

By Tony Attwood

In recent articles I have been looking at what next season’s Premier League table might look like. In the first article we showed there was a link between how much clubs spent in the transfer window and whether they would go up or down. Then in the second article considered how this […]

Why are two PL managers feeling miffed about the change in transfer window rules?

By Dr Billy “the Dog” McGraw

It is always rather encouraging when one hears managers of other clubs moaning, whinging and whining. Of course much of the time, the moaning is all made up to cover what is happening, but even so, there seems to be a certain level of uncertainty in one or two […]

Where will Arsenal end up next season? What the scientific predicterometer reveals is quite a surprise.

By Tony Attwood

Yesterday we unveiled our new prediction process in the article How much does it cost in transfer fees to take a club up one place in the PL?

It looked at purchases for last season and showed how they resulted to rises or declines in the position in the league table.

In […]