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The new transfers and the full list of the 110 players coming our way this summer.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It is a most curious coincidence that when a big story (such as Mesut finally having had enough of racism in Germany) breaks, it always happens just at the moment when the transfer tales dry up. I mean it couldn’t be that these fellas down the public house are actually making […]

If we have lowered expectations for the start of the season that can only be good.

By Tony Attwood

Football is instant – players, clubs and managers are only as good as their last result – or for those with a long term memory, the last three results.

Which has been rather damaging to Arsenal across the last ten years if we look at the results.

Season W D L Pos […]

Mesut Özil takes the right step: but international football will always be racist

By Tony Attwood

And so Mesut Özil has removed himself from international football. I’m glad he has and can only wish he had done it earlier.

Mesut is one of those players who not only has a choice of which team to play for, but also which country to play for and he chose the […]