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Translating the current Arsenal rumours into English while going wild.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

As appropriate to one of my name, there are hardly any rumours to report anymore. The media is seems have given up on Arsenal and are now focused on Tottenham, where such mongering of rumours is easier given that they have signed no one as of the last time I looked.


Arsenal anniversaries for 21 July (posted here as the History site is broken)

Every day on the website of the Arsenal History Society, there appears a list of Arsenal (and a few non-Arsenal) anniversaries for that day.

We are currently in the process of converting that website ( from http:// to https// which is a technical thing I don’t understand but those people who charge me lots of […]

Arsenal’s tour squad, who’s leaving, who’s loaning, & the oldest ground

Bulldog Drummond

So now we know what’s what. For the International Champions Cup Arsenal have these hearty young men representing them… Monreal is still not back from the world cup whatnot, so we’ll have to do without him. But otherwise the list is nearly complete.

Here’s the list…

In Goal: Cech, Leno, Martinez

At […]