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This is only the 8th most expensive Arsenal transfer window in the last 10 years.

By Sir Hardly Anyone (and an abacus)

“Arsenal [are] paying price for Mikel Arteta’s disastrous £140million spending spree”.

“Why are Arsenal not spending despite having £400m in reserves?”

Those quotes emerged just four years apart. If Arsenal spend a lot then it is a “spree” suggesting it is done without care. If they spend little […]

This season each Arsenal foul is earning a much stiffer response from refs

By Tony Attwood

Discussing the treatment of clubs by referees is made quite difficult by the fact that anyone who tries to claim their club is poorly treated by referees is simply told that this is just an excuse.

Our 160 game analysis went a long way to resolve that debate by presenting video […]

Womens Champions League round 2 – Arsenal v Slavia Prague tonight

by Andrew Crawshaw

On Tuesday Evening Arsenal Women kick off their second round match in the UEFA Women’s Champions League. The tie is being played home and away, the first leg at Borehamwood with a 19:30 kick off, the second leg is in Prague on Thursday of next week 9 September with an earlier kickoff […]