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Premier League Betting and Odds

Is it true that Arsenal were only 4th over the last 10 games last season?

By Count Emup

If you have been reading Untold through the summer you’ll know that a central point we have been making is that if one calculates the league table for clubs from Christmas Day onward last season, Arsenal were second.

That of course may sound nonsense since as some respondents on other sites have […]

That statement is bonkers, insane, dubious, deliberately misleading, and just plain daft.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

If there is something that bedevils professional football in England and reduces the sport to the level of a total laughing stock it is the fake transfer. If there is another thing it is the newspapers with totally misleading analyses and statistics.

And so praise to the Athletic that has decided […]

Was last season a shoddy campaign or a transformational experience?

By Tony Attwood

To suggest that the Charity Shield, the first big game of the season, was affected by “fan fatigue” seems to be pushing it a bit, but that is what the Guardian did. Of what were fans supposed to be fatigued?

The notion that, “The bad news is that, if this Community […]