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Chaos at the Emirates tomorrow? Arsenal demand vaccination or LF test.

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal have issued a notice stating that “ticket holders for Emirates Stadium that are aged 18 and over may be asked to provide proof of full vaccination (+14 days), proof of natural immunity (via a PCR test result) or a negative lateral flow test (taken within 48 hours of the fixture’s specified […]

How EU Foreign subsidy rules will harm football in Europe but boost PL clubs

By Tony Attwood

Back in 2016 the European Commission hardened its attitude towards clubs in the European Union getting “state aid” – which is basically illegal payments from governments to help them keep going.

The most notorious cases involved seven Spanish clubs including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia CF. And indeed the recent collapse of […]

Could it be, after all this, that Xhaka might stay?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

“Arsenal sign £50m Ben White and want Bellerín and Xhaka to extend contracts” announces the Guardian today (31 July 2021).

How 8 Arsenal players swept to the top 20 table in Europe this month was the headline from Untold Arsenal on 21 May – which by and large […]

Vaccine passports to be introduced for attendance at football matches

by Tony Attwood

That headline comes from the story in the Guardian, following a decision by Chelsea to introduce a control system from this weekend so that only those who are vaccinated twice or have a recent test are allowed into the ground. It is reported that the government is planning to make the scheme […]

A conspiracy against Arsenal? Or a conspiracy against doing some work?

By Tony Attwood

“The writer clearly believes there is a media conspiracy against Arsenal…” That was a comment made recently in relation to the article here which basically summed up the various statistical analyses we have been presenting through the summer.

Issues such as the dramatic decline in yellow cards that Arsenal picked up, […]

How the media got Arsenal quite wrong last season – and will do so again in 2021/2

By Tony Attwood

It is oft said that there are always two sides to every argument. So while Jamie O’Hara in the Mirror has branded Arsenal a “mess” in a virulent attack on Arsenal’s perceived lack of transfers in the article on the summer transfer window I have been criticising the Mirror for its difficulty […]

The illusion that its all about the quality of the players is just an illusion

By Tony Attwood

An article in the blog “You are my Arsenal” appeared recently under the title “Winging It: Willian and the definition of insanity”.

It includes the statement early on, “Willian’s performance in 2020 was more than inconsistent; it was non-existent. His lack of meaningful movement; his awkward attacking and defensive positioning; and careless […]

Which PL clubs foul more than they are fouled?

By Tony Attwood

This table shows the fouls committed by each team and the fouls that are committed against them. The final column shows the two as a percentage. If the number is over 100% the club fouls more than it is fouled against. If it is under 100% the club commits fewer fouls than […]

The 116 players coming to Arsenal this summer part 2 Jules Kounde to Piotr Zielinski

This continues the list of all the players the media are telling us that Arsenal are chasing or who are coming to Arsenal this summer. Does anyone ever tell these newspaper and TV people that we can only take 17 foreign grown players in the squad – and we already have more than that?

No […]

The 116 players coming to Arsenal, part 1: Patrick van Aanholt to Tenu Koopmeiners

By Sir Hardly Anyone

There is a certain extra caution in the air at the moment what with Smith Rowe re-signing for Arsenal, and an increasing edginess that the tales of the amazing Arsenal recovery in the last two thirds of last season are actually true, and there clearly is no intent to replace the […]

Arsenal’s fouls dropped by 22% last season. Did it help?

By Tony Attwood

In general terms the teams that commit the most fouls in the PL are those seeking to avoid relegation, which is not surprising. The teams that commit the fewest fouls are generally the teams that are pushing towards winning the league.

The league winner isn’t always the team with the lowest foul […]

The curious case of how the media treats Man C and how it treats Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

The key issues in the Premier League investigation into expenditure by Manchester City seems to be that Manchester City have resisted handing over documents to the League and to the arbitration panel, on the grounds that the League itself a) had no jurisdiction and b) the arbitration panel not impartial.

If they […]

Manchester City: suggestions of naughty behaviour just keep on popping up.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

When a football story breaks there are often two factors that indicates whether there is likely to be any substance to it or not.

First, does the story have any details or is it general. The scandal surrounding the building of the stadia in Qatar for the World Cup for […]

Arsenal: the new positive emerges as finally the truth dawns.

by Tony Attwood

Talk Sport (“The world’s biggest sports’ radio station”) ran an article last May, reporting the Arsenal victory with the headline Arsenal sprang a surprise by beating London rivals Chelsea 1-0 at Stamford Bridge this week.

And I am sure it was a surprise to the Sprout – although only because they […]

Arsenal have been given more red cards in the last 10 years than any other PL club

By Tony Attwood

Mikel Arteta tipped to “surprise a few people” with Arsenal in new Premier League season

So says, The Daily Mirror, in a radical change of heart and direction, although of course the Mirror is a little behind the times, given that the surprise came last season when he cut the tackles by […]

How tackling is changing in the PL and how it is affecting clubs’ position in the league

By Tony Attwood

Although you wouldn’t know it from the coverage in the media, the mundane, everyday tackle in Premier League football has become something of a focal point for clubs in recent years.

A successful tackle of course means taking the ball off the opposition, and launching a counter attack. A foul tackle means […]

A complete lack of an exit strategy is causing Arsenal havoc

By Sir Hardly Anyone


That headline comes from HITC, and I mention it from the off because it makes the assumption that Arsenal has something to be forgiven for. This, remember, is the club that won the FA for a […]

A forthcoming pre-season fixture we missed: the real north London derby!

By Tony Attwood

Photo copyright (c) #DBeechPhotography

We are, as you will of course know, “Untold Arsenal” and not “Totally comprehensive Arsenal” and so we do miss things.

And we’ve missed a pre-season friendly. And not just any old friendly. But a friendly billed as the “Real North London Derby”.

It is […]

Arsenal keeper to be replaced by 8 year old who’s never played football

By Sir Hardly Anyone

That headline is bonkers – at least I suspect it is, because I just made it up. But recently we have had Leno being replaced at Arsenal by

a) A keeper who is banned until November on drugs offences (a deal that was going to be sealed in June according to […]

Arsenal: ESR stays in dream team for next season, avoiding an almighty disaster?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

There is an article in the Express newspaper in which what they call Arsenal’s “dream team” for next season is described in detail.

So far, as you’ll know, we have signed Nuno Tavares, a defender from Benfica, and Albert Sambi Lokonga, a midfielder from Anderlecht.

Only one of those three new […]

A once in a generation chance to sort out the FA: so this is what I’ve done

By Tony Attwood

If you have (for reasons that need not become clear at this point) the habit of looking at the foot of an article before venturing in it, you will notice a series of links to other articles about the Football Association, each one on its own giving a reason why the FA […]

How the media decided that Arsenal’s biggest story didn’t fit the agenda

by Tony Attwood

All the news that fits

Over the years of running Untold I don’t think I have previously seen a case where some of the media has accurately reported an intriguing Arsenal development, only then to back off en masse, and leave what became over time a major newspiece. But that’s what happened […]

Making up statistics about Arsenal is ok… until someone bothers to check.

By Tony Attwood

With Arsenal holding the inglorious record of most errors leading to goals for quite a few years running…

That was a new one on me, and if you are a regular reader you’ll know Untold likes statistics. After all we’ve been banging on about them all summer. This came from


How the football media face up to the Giant Spaghetti Monster in the sky

By Tony Attwood

Imagine you believed that the universe was controlled by the giant spaghetti monster in the sky.

If you did you wouldn’t be alone, because you’d be accompanied by tens of thousands of followers of the same belief. They are known as the pastafarians and indeed you could, if you wished, become a […]

“Arsenal in chaos” headlines hide another defeat for Manchester City in court

By Tony Attwood

The cancellation of the Arsenal trip to the USA because of a couple of cases of covid has meant that the media has been able to run another set of “Arsenal in chaos” stories while by and large ignoring the latest failures of Manchester City in its eternal battle with the […]