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Behold: The dirtiest teams in the PL last season; and the one that were fouled the most

By Tony Attwood

There is a general perception that teams that do well, foul the least. But as Evelyn Waugh might have said, that is true “Up to a point” – meaning that actually isn’t really true. Some of the teams that did rather well last season, achieved their success in part at least by […]

Arsenal’s 124 players we are signing this window: K to Z

By Sir Hardly Anyone

On this page we have rumours number 65 to 124, making this now the transfer window with the most rumours ever since we started covering them about 12 years ago.

What’s interesting is just how shameless this all is. The newspapers and websites that come up with these stories know that […]

Arsenal now tipped by all-knowing pundits to be signing 124 new players

By Sir Hardly Anyone

I noticed this little quote the other day: “The Arsenal management’s inability to manage the squad, manage transfers, and inspire trust is obvious to anyone watching.” (Just Arsenal).

But given that there are now 124 players coming to Arsenal, according to the blogs and newspapers, surely the true quote ought to […]

The strange story of Leno, Martinez, Ramsdale and an out-of-work Spurs player

By Sir Hardly Anyone

The media’s aim is to make Arsenal look stupid and to suggest that they (the media) know more than the lollipops running the club. It’s not a conspiracy, just a cheap way of filling the media space, and since the fans get little news from the club, this makes some fans […]