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April 2017
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Arsenal Leicester : 1-0

By Walter Broeckx

Starting team: Cech, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Bellerin, Coquelin, Xhaka, Gibbs, Özil, Walcott, Alexis

On the beach: Martinez, Elneny, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Iwobi, Welbeck, Giroud

After a free kick for Leicester Arsenal lose the ball after a back heel from Alexis just in front of the own penalty area but Vardy his shot went […]

Arsenal v Leicester. While Newcastle and WHU are raided by Revenue & Customs over criminal tax fraud we consider the teams.

By Bulldog Drummond

Of course some news comes in at most inconvenient moments. Here am I about to prattle on concerning the line ups for tonight when we get the announcement that Newcastle Utd and West Ham United were raided this morning by HMRC concerning suspected criminal tax fraud in professional football. That is what […]

Arsenal v Leicester: how exactly do the teams compare with our position last season

By Bulldog Drummond

If it is an Arsenal match, then it must be time to talk about Alexis Sánchez leaving and going to, well, anywhere, everywhere, you name it. Except this time Arsène Wenger has said there is no way that Alexis Sánchez will leave Arsenal this summer even if it means going on a […]

Arsenal v Leicester: a shocking home and away comparison, and excellent injury news

By Bulldog Drummond

The very early indications on injuries that we have for the game tomorrow is that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was not seriously injured in the cup semi-final and that Lucas Perez has now recovered from his injury that kept him out of the weekend game and is back in full training.

Whether the Ox […]

Arsenal v Leicester Wed 26 April 2017 – The Match Officials. 80% of wrong decisions will be against Arsenal.

by Andrew Crawshaw

Our Officials are :-

Referee Mike Jones Age 48 from Cheshire Assistant Referee 1 – Andy Garratt from the West Midlands Assistant Referee 2 – Mark Scholes from Buckinghamshire Fourth Official – Robert Madley age 30 from West Yorkshire and FIFA accredited

This will be the third time this year that we […]

The Arsenal Transfer Index part 3. 128 days to go: all the players reported as arriving and leaving this summer


By Sir Hardly Anyyone

It has been something of an erratic week for the football fiction writers as Mr Wenger has wrong footed them twice – once by changing his line up style and once by beating the glorious Pep. However this has not stopped the scribblers noting some more players who will be […]

Supposing we’d sacked Mr Wenger a year ago and brought in Pep Guardiola

By Tony Attwood

When managers come in, their job is to do better than the last man. that is the sort of basic requirement most people lay down although some go for winning the title each season or at least challenging for it until the last few weeks.

Of all managers Pep Guardiola was the […]

Barcelona take football into new territory with appeal against red card to CAS

by Tony Attwood

Barcelona are continuing their attempt to move football into a completely new arena for not only have they played out a game in which the activities of the referee caused even the most solid “there is nothing wrong with the referee’s so stop whinging” media to turn pale and re-consider their approach, […]

Record beating manager, record beating club, maybe its time to revive Lucky Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

It is funny just how difficult a lesson it is to learn, both by football supporters and by journalists but somehow the reality never gets through.

When looking at the actions of officials, it is no good taking one or two (or even three or four) incidents and then blaming the ref […]

FA Cup Semi Final Arsenal – Man City 2-1

Arsenal going forward with too many players leaving them vulnerable on the counter. Aguero in a one on one with Cech and he lifted the ball over Cech. 0-1 for Man City.

Arsenal trying to go for it now and Monreal with the equaliser after a cross from the right and Monreal with a […]

Arsenal v Manchester City. Tottenham were valiant; Man City’s time will come; “we know that”.

By Bulldog Drummond

We are so used to being told that the FA Cup is not a trophy and that the only trophies that are real trophies are the trophies Arsenal fail to win, that it is curious to read the article on the Telegraph web site headlined, “For Tottenham yet again […]

Arsenal v Manchester City: a win pays Arsenal’s salaries for a week and a half.

By Bulldog Drummond.

Looking, as we usually do, at the injury table we find that Liverpool are the team not to beat – way out ahead according to the Physioroom charts with no less than nine injuries. Man City are on four, Arsenal five.


Ladies Football a warning for all supporters

by Andrew Crawshaw

Arsenal Ladies were due to commence their Spring Series on Sunday afternoon with a game against Notts County Ladies. This game was cancelled due to Notts County Ladies being disbanded. The announcement was made late on the Friday before the game.

The Official Statement from the owner of Notts County Ladies included […]

This weekend Arsenal become the most successful FA Cup team in history and Mr Wenger the most successful FA Cup manager

By Tony Attwood

It is not something that you are likely to read much about in the papers, and not something that social media want to tell us but it is true: Arsenal are this weekend becoming the most successful team in FA Cup history, and Arsene Wenger the most successful FA Cup manager of […]

The FA Cup semi-finals Sat 22 and Sun 23 April – The Match Officials. We need to take Pawson totally out of the picture.

By Andrew Crawshaw

On Saturday at 17:15 Chelsea take on Tottenham

Referee – Martin Atkinson Age 45 from West Yorkshire FIFA Accredited Assistant Referee 1 – Stuart Burt from Northamptonshire FIFA Accredited Assistant Referee 2 – Ian Hussin from Mersyside Fourth Official – Neil Swarbrick 50 years old from Lancashire

This game is being shown […]

The weird story of Uefa attempting to by-pass world doping rules is finally resolved.

By Tony Attwood

On 15 July 2016 Untold covered the case of proceedings against Mamadou Sakho of Liverpool by Uefa following his being found to have taken a banned substance. The proceedings were stopped and the case dismissed after Uefa stated that the drug should not have been on the banned list.

Now in […]

You really really won’t want to believe who Arsenal are on the verge of signing

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Part 1: The Frightening (Daily Mail)

OK, the Daily Mail with its daily hate campaigning is always frightening, but this is very frightening. They claim that “Bookies slash odds on Chelsea captain John Terry joining Arsenal next season from 33-1 to 5-1.”

A large number of bets were placed […]

The sale of tickets for the Cup semi-final always brings tales of anguish but they are there is you want

by Tony Attwood

The story at first was that Arsenal season ticket holders were in revolt and were not buying tickets for the FA Cup semi-final this Sunday. But as per 2014 and 2015, the tickets were sold fast enough, once the sale was opened up to those holding season tickets without any […]

Why any return to Europe next season will bring Arsenal fear and trepidation

By Tony Attwood

Of course I would love to see Arsenal in the Champions League once again next season, difficult though that is going to be to achieve.

I’ve had the good fortune to go to most of the Champs League home games we’ve played (and had a good night out most times, despite […]

In praise of AKBs and their vogvdlxsuibcjmjuz. But really, how did it get this bad?

Editorial comment. If you have not instantly see what vogvdlxsuibcjmjuz means there is some help for you – and an explanation – at the end.

By The Brickfields Gunners .

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music […]

Jon Toral, pure filth, Bjorn Engels, and journalists who forget and think we do too.

By Tony Attwood

Football journalists can be most annoying people, and this for three reasons. They don’t tell us what’s going on, except when they do tell us and then they get it wrong. And they can’t count.

Fortunately occasionally someone emerges who while still not telling us what is going on, does at […]

Betting Myths to Get Rid of about Football

Betting Myths to Get Rid of about Football

Year after year, there are certain betting myths that simply refuse to die, leading to many fortune-seeking individuals with half-true information and a lot of confusion. These types of myths are often taken completely at face value just because they sound fairly logical, but can cause you […]

What could make your worst Arsenal nightmare worse?

By Tony Attwood

There are, we know, some people around who want Arsenal to lose matches so that the board are forced to refrain from offering Mr Wenger a new job.

But it struck me the other day that even for the most hardened anti-Wengerian pro-aaa pro-AAA person there must be a limit somewhere. Someone […]

The 18 players already ear marked to be coming to Arsenal this summer.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

The Great Transfer Index is a listing of all the players that the English media suggest that Arsenal are about to sign. The great joke is that last summer it only had an accuracy rating of under three percent. In short around 107 players nominated to be coming to Arsenal last […]

Substantial supportive evidence that Sky Sports is utterly and hopelessly in the pocket of PGMO

by Tony Attwood

There was an incident in the first half last night in which a Middlesbrough player grabbed hold of Oliver Giroud in a rugby styled tackle in the penalty area and held on to him for several seconds, stopping him getting to the ball.

It was clearly shown on the live footage, so […]