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  1. rusty

    Walter, I’m not entirely clear on how you came up with the numbers on the third chart. For example, take the % of offside decisions correct.
    First half, Arsenal: 91%
    First half, non-Arsenal: 92%
    First half, all games: 84% ??

    Second half, Arsenal: 90%
    Second half, non-Arsenal: 85%
    Second half, all games: 94% ?

    They don’t seem to be averages, or even overall totals…

  2. WalterBroeckx


    The difference comes from the fact that it all depends on the total number of decisions. So in one table it could be 6 wrong decisions on 15 (40%)but in the second table it could be 60 wrong decisions on 80 (75%) and if you add those two you get a totally different number. You get 66 wrong decisions on 95.(69%)
    So a grand total based on all the decisions in all the games

    Problem is I cannot give all the numbers otherwise it would be completely unreadable

  3. mike in atlanta

    Walter, it would be nice if one of the sports journalists who can read would notice your team’s excellent work and run with it. perhaps you could email it to them.

  4. Mandy dodd

    Just hope for the refs sake the wrong decisions are just mistakes, a few cricketers heading behind bars today, would hate to see that happen to any of our refs! Sends out a message to anyone who wants to alter matches in the uk though.

  5. bob

    Walter, anyone,
    I must assume that there are and have been honest and capable referees in professional football. That said:
    (1) Does anyone know of any former referee in any League who ever published a memoir or was quoted for the record about having witnessed or participated in corrupt (match-fixing or match-changing) practices? Or has it been a total wall of silence?
    (2) Given that present FIFA/UEFA/PGMOL/EPL referees would no longer be assigned games if they went public with information on bribe attempts, etc., what about former referees? Do former FIFA/UEFA referees get pensions that would be threatened if any were to go public, even with general statements?
    (3) Do you/anyone think that a petition by former referees calling for video replay of any sort could be a possibility?
    (4) Given the authoritative position that honest referees would command in the sport, would any refs out there consider such a petition, or memoir, or plea for fair play?

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