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  1. Gf60

    When Mason, not to mention Dowd and Jones, comes in front of Clattenberg, I start querying the system.

  2. walter

    GF60, I will come to Clattenberg in a next article but he had an absolutely shocking game this season. Maybe his worst ever and this is still showing in his numbers for now. Maybe when doing more games he will get higher in the ranks. But the scores are what they are based on the games reviewed so far.
    Of course having one real bad game and only having 4 reviewed is costly for a ref.

  3. FinnGun

    Is the generally low level of refereeing in the EPL caused by incompetence, bias or corruption?

    Dowd’s suddenly getting better seems sinister…

  4. Laundryender

    I have to admit that this season Dowd has been a revelation, he has certainly lost weight, if that is a factor i do not know but he has had some big calls to make and not shirked them. At this point i have to say i would have him in any match.

    I never believed i would ever say that after Newc debacle last season.

  5. Iniez

    Is anyone starting to wonder if they would be able to accept that everything is fine and fair. I mean even if the numbers say no one is biased or match fixing, would you really be able to believe it. It makes me wonder, am I in fact very partial in my opinion or is it experience that tells me otherwise. Personally I 100% believe there’s something going on, whether its down to individual bias or way up at the match fixing level. Something is causing refs to make wrong calls purposely. But then how am I so sure I’m right if I’m not willing to accept the alternative

  6. bob

    Walter, anyone,
    I must assume that there are and have been honest and capable referees in professional football. That said:
    (1) Does anyone know of any former referee in any League who ever published a memoir or was quoted for the record about having witnessed or participated in corrupt (match-fixing or match-changing) practices? Or has it been a total wall of silence?
    (2) Given that present FIFA/UEFA/PGMOL/EPL referees would no longer be assigned games if they went public with information on bribe attempts, etc., what about former referees? Do former FIFA/UEFA referees get pensions that would be threatened if any were to go public, even with general statements?
    (3) Do you/anyone think that a petition by former referees calling for video replay of any sort could be a possibility?
    (4) Given the authoritative position that honest referees would command in the sport, would any refs out there consider such a petition, or memoir, or plea for fair play?

  7. Evil

    Yeah, surprised to see Clattenburg rated so low. In my opinion he was, at least last season, the best ref (from a purely Arsenal point of view, at least) but as this table takes into account performances from other games it might explain his numbers. I just hope he will be up to his normal standards when he refs us.

  8. Adam

    If Dowd had been the ref v WBA he would have given a penalty against Koscielny and booked at least 5 players. He would have escalated the fans anger and set a tone of belligerence between the players. That’s how good he really is.

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