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  1. Tony

    I do indeed think there is an answer to this final question Walter. I believe that previously little was made of the ref’s like or dislike of various issues (answering back, blocking or whatever). Now I think the players are lectured on each ref before the game.

    The issue is, where do they get their stats from?

    I’ll leave you to guess.

  2. FinnGooner

    Good work again Walter.
    Tony answer might be closer than you think since Untold seem often be mentione on Arsenal media page they must read this site a lot. Which is great thing.

  3. mike in atlanta

    the refs may be responding to the hot breath of untold’s scrutiny.

  4. Zgooner

    I second that.

  5. walter

    Will be interesting to see how the refs have done in the first half after 19 games and compare with the numbers of last first half of the season…

  6. Johnny Deigh

    It is indeed suspicious that Webb has already officiated 3 Premier League matches against Arsenal this season in only 15 gameweeks.
    In the last two matches, Arsenal won despite of his poor overall results and wrong calls heavily favouring the opposing team.
    It makes you wonder if he would have done so well in that first match where he scored relatively well if the opposing team hadn’t won so easily.

  7. Donnyfan1

    Good report 05, Thanks.

  8. RashGunner

    Mr. Web did well against Man Ure simply it was too glaring we were going to lose. Had we got a stronger squad surely it would have bn same old stories.

  9. Rog b

    As always interesting especially Tony’s question of where they (I presume you mean the commentators) get their stats from… Being a studious Arsenal bore I have a compulsive obsession after each match of watching each game, in full on Arsenal player. I also scour the media(fav blogs included) for anything relevant to the last game but always firstly check the Sky teletext OPTA match stats(SKY News page 231),purely to give me as much a clearer picture of the last match as I can possibly get. I must admit I had Sky sports up until a week or so ago and what I have repeatedly noticed with Skysports live match or football 1st coverage,is its own inconsistency between the match stats they show/give during a Live match or highlighted broadcast (shots on target/possession/offsides blah blah) and the actual OPTA stats that they give us on Sky teletext. Like your point highlighted Walter about the commentators inconsistent remarks of the number of offsides given during the match and the actual offsides that occured.. The Sky/commentators stats and OPTA stats DO NOT match. I think generally everybody accepts the Stats given by OPTA are as close as one could get. Please correct me anyone if I am wrong,but my understanding is that OPTA statistics are complied by ex football professionals recording every incident including time taken during each match that they watch..
    I have been casually observing this inconsistancy for the last four to six weeks but I also must emphasis that I have noticed this applies to all Premier league match coverage, not just Arsenal (so for a change, no deeper conspiracy there). I was actually going to quote our birthday game against Everton as a clear example of the inconsistency because when I watched Saturdays game live,ok I admit I streamed it, but as with most games I now stream,the English commentary tends to be by Sky even when not a Live match. ie.it ends up on the football first/goals on sunday coverage. I checked the OPTA stats for that game as usual on Sky text after the match finished and according to OPTA stats Everton had two shots on target,Skys stats coverage only gave Everton 1 shot on target.. In AW post match interview with sky he actually quoted Skys stat that Everton had only one shot on target….whereas the OPTA stats clearly quoted 2 shots on target. At this time of night I have been guilty of blabbering on with out checking my facts or understanding the post I have just read and making a complete arse (no pun intended) of myself. So before I enter this post into the WWW I will just check page 231 on our last game to make sure I hav’nt got it wrong (again)……………And what do you know? Arsenals shots on target 3 Everton . Well, I know when I checked after the game the OPTA stats quoted ‘shots on target for Everton 2 yet sky and even AW said only 1? Strange thing now is that if any of you who have access to Sky news/text/231 can now check Evertons shots on target… its not 1 or 2 or even 3,it is the only stat there that shows it as a blank space,every other OPTA stat is there for both teams except for Evertons shots o target.???????????????? I can’t explain that and for sure Sky will call that a mistype….Very odd to write a post only to have the core basis of that post(that crucial everton stat has just remarkably disappeared at the time of writing…
    V V strange occurrnce. LOVE

  10. Shard

    I disagree with the ref reviewer saying that Baines not getting a yellow was correct. Arteta’s foul was in Everton’s half and received a yellow straightaway. Baines committed the foul in his half and no yellow. That is simply exhibiting clear bias..at the least, and it cannot be a correct decision. Or the Arteta booking has to be a wrong decision. Sorry to nitpick, especially because you do mention lack of consistency, but I felt that was a clear sign of how Webb was reffing (or EFF..ing) the game.

  11. Woolwich Peripatetic

    @Rog b,
    I can think of at least two different definitions of shot-on-target. The first seems the simplest but would give a lower score, the goalie either saves or the ball goes in the net.
    The second is that the ball either did or would end up in the net if someone didn’t stop it.
    So you could have the goalie make one save and concede no goals = 1 shot on target.
    And if another shot was blocked by a covering defender, then that’s two by the second method but only one by the first…

  12. Shard


    OPTA stats often seem to say things that seem wrong, even though they are well compiled stats. Their numbers seem a little awry at times because they try to not count things twice. So if for instance, a shot was also blocked and they count it as such, it won’t be counted as a shot. They do it for things like crosses and assists as well. I’m not completely well versed with this, but most of the discrepancy comes from avoiding counting the same event under two heads.

  13. Laundryender

    personally I think we are reaping the rewards for having more maturity in the team, Arteta, you can see him talking to Song, Ramsey and the Ref all through the game, RVP has done a great job as captain and leader, and the part he is playing getting the best from Theo, TV also is a talker and a leader and you can also see the big German constantly talking to those around him and giving instructions, these guys keep the team disciplined and they also charm the Refs.

    I also bet the riot act was read to a few players after the Newcastle and Liverpool games where we showed poor discipline that cost us dearly, since those early days in the season, and the arrival of some experience in the dressing room, our approach to games has been more disciplined and focused, the results speak for themselves.

  14. Reviewer 5

    Hi Shard,

    At first I had called the yellow for Arteta N/C, but after talking to Walter about it, we decided that the Arteta was a clever deliberate foul to stop a counterattack and the Baines one was an obstuction foul that can be interpreted as a non deliberate foul. So the ref had some manoeuvring space on the Baines incident.

    Forgot to change the comments though which are now confusing because of the changes so here they are:
    17 yellow Baines: Wasn’t deliberate, no yellow, CC
    22 other Ramsey: Trip, advantage waved on
    79 other Fellaini: Elbow

  15. the mickster

    What about the Ramsey booking, it wasn’t for dangerous play, it was for ‘breaking up a promising attack’ but he didn’t !!! Fallani ran on and W**b coreectly (!!) waved play on, but then came back to book him !!!???
    I’m all for refs going back to book players after waving play on, but only for a dangerous tackle.
    Wlater, thoughts ?

  16. Rog b

    Shard and Woolich p
    Thanks for your responses although I recall seeing blocked shots as a seperate OPTA stat. thanx

  17. Woolwich Peripatetic

    @Rog b,
    I think Shard has nailed it there. Opta count only a save or a goal as a shot-on-target, so your low number is the Opta. Agencies like AP count a shot blocked by a defender as a shot-on-target, so there’s your high number.

  18. walter

    A deliberate professional foul like the one from Arteta warrants a card. You could see Arteta almost thinking: “must stop this” and it was just a little trip but a very important one as it could have started a break.

    The foul from Baines on Walcott was more two players running in the same line and then Baines obstructing Walcott. You couldn’t “read” the “must foul him now” as clear as with the Arteta foul.

    I do hold my hands up for the not changing some comments after we talked about it. I was a bit too fast to get it ready for publishing …

  19. Laundryender

    I was at the game and i thought the ref got the Ramsey booking spot on, i just wish refs were a bit more consistent with booking after the event.

  20. walter

    Laundryender, you said the word: “consistent”

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