The start of a new era. A time for celebration and remembrance

By Walter Broeckx

The barren years because of Arsenal building the best stadium in England coming together with the arrival of the new super rich clubs baked by outside money are over.

Untold has been asking for calm and patience and said that the good times will come back.

We have been ridiculed, abused, insulted, called all kinds of names. But we went our way. Just like our club has gone their way. Nothing could divert the club from the path they have chosen. Nothing could divert Untold Arsenal in supporting the club for having the guts to take on that road.

Our manager has been called all kinds of names and we’ve had to ban some of the more abusive name callers who have popped in for a visit.  But you all  know that once outside the Untold Arsenal garden you could read it all anyway, so freedom of speech was preserved.

But the worst thing was that it was said by people who claimed to support Arsenal so we’ve fought for our manager. We have defended him. Not because we support Arsène FC. No, because we believed and now more than ever maybe that Arsène Wenger was and still is THE man to guide us through these difficult years.

We knew we had to be patient. Because we believed that this day would come.  And our belief has been rewarded now.

And believe me we believe in far more and much more.There is much more to come from this group of players and this manager. I know there are a lot out there who sit with double feelings.

Those who said that we would never win anything again as long as that French **** would be our manager – it is time to eat your words along with some humble pie.  You deserve it. Maybe from now on you could try a bit of thinking outside your little box. Think further about the outside factors that have held us back. Outside factors apart from building the Emirates and shortage of money to compete with the oilers.

This victory is a great day for Untold.  I make no secret of that. I think us loyal Untolders have been waiting for that day. Rubbing it in? Maybe yes. But I know that there are some who at 17.12 last Saturday were rubbing your fingers warm to come to Untold and to rub our nose in us losing the cup final.

So I dare to say to you: Untold was right. And I don’t say Tony was right. (He was). I don’t say I was right (I was). I don’t say Dom was right (he was). I don’t say Andrew was right (he was). I don’t say Bootoomee was right (he was)…… Don, Drew, Sammy, everyone who has written on Untold to spread our belief in our club, manager and players were right.

This is our Untold trophy.

And with “our” I mean ALL OF YOU! Not just Tony, Andrew, Dom, Drew, Don Bootoomee, Sammy the Snake, I and all the others who have been writing articles. No you people who came to our website in thousands, hundreds of thousands each month to read our articles have been right in coming here. All those silent readers who don’t comment but show their support by visiting us. And of course all those people who do comment and I must say that a lot of them are very great to read.

This is the trophy for the whole Untold community.

But in these days of wild celebrations and utter joy I want to ask for a moment of reflection. Because in all those years of Untold we also have lost people along the road. Not just people who wrote articles but had to stop at some moment in time because of other obligations. Maybe even losing the faith. After all we are human.  Now is another moment however to thank them once again for having helped to make Untold what it is.

And then we have people who we really lost. People who died during those years. Be it a person who wrote for the site or a close relative to a writer and who as a result had to reorganise his live and had to stop working for us.

I think of Adam Brogden who died last year. Oh how he would have enjoyed this great day for Arsenal. My thoughts go to him and his family. Damn it Adam I so wished you were with us to celebrate this.

I think of Dogface who lost his wife last year. We have lost each other a bit since then as he had to be there for his children and they need him much more than Untold needs him. There are priorities in a man’s existence.

And I think of all the people who have enjoyed Untold Arsenal and who have passed away and didn’t live long enough to celebrate this great moment in the history of Arsenal AND of Untold Arsenal.

Let us remember them also today. And let us make sure that the Untold family stays a real family where people who believe in this club, manager and players can find a home to come too when we have something to celebrate but also when we feel down about Arsenal or live in general.

For me this weekend was a weekend of celebration but also of reflection.





And once again thank you Tony for creating this family!


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39 Replies to “The start of a new era. A time for celebration and remembrance”

  1. This victory is also for the fans of other clubs who would like to see their club play attractive attacking football and for their club to be run in a responsible manner.

  2. I am still walking around with that happy glow! Personal time pressures are starting to ease a little so am looking forward to getting back writing again – although probably not for another week or two.

    While we rightly mention those we have lost, also an acknowledgement for the next generation. The best bit on Saturday was seeing the sheer joy on my son’s face. It has been a long road for him – no trophies that he can remember – and he may even have secretly cursed his Dad for indoctrinating him in all things Arsenal… At last he can walk around proudly at school with a warm smile for all the Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and ManU fans.

  3. Let us hope that the same attitude of confidence and support will continue to prevail at the same time next year.
    It will in the case of all the loyal supporters of our great Club…..I’m not too sure about the others 😉

  4. I’m sure we all echo your sentiments, Walter; thank you for articulating them.

    I fely extremely proud and happy on Snday evening for the club, the player, and the supporters everywhere. But the person I felt most happy for was Arsene Wenger, because I believe him to be an inspiration and I feel sure that this will be the first of many more trophies.

  5. Walter
    A fantastic article and one you probably wouldn’t find on any other blog, and that is the reason Untold is unique as far as I am concerned. You are right, it is more than a blog it is a family and I feel privileged to count myself as a small part of it. Just like any other family we must stand together and defend our common principles and aims when under attack as we surely still will be despite the FA Cup victory.

  6. Walter, an excellent article.

    Saturday was a wonderful day for those who support the club, manager and team – with determination – despite the continuous ongoing propaganda from those who would corrode that support.

  7. Walter

    Finding like minded Gooners has saved my sanity, well some of it anyway.

    How seriously do I take my Arsenal?

    Put it this way, 2 ex colleagues from a past life remained good friends for many years after I moved on…….until they went to the dark side.

    Every time I spoke to them they started.

    In the end, a couple of years ago I told them to f**k Off and haven’t spoken a word to them since.

    I have banned my Brother from talking football. He starts I hang up. simple.

    opposition fans giving it a bit I can take.

    So called arsenal fans can go take a hike.

    Arsenal are such a massive part of my wife and I’s life we won’t take any shit.

  8. @ jambug

    I had a similar with non Arsenal people, when i was walking to the tube and was stopped by a charity volunteer worker. We got talking and the conversation moved onto football he asked who i supported and i said Arsenal and then of all the conversations direction it had to take he asked me “what’s with Wenger and young boys?” he said it in a hush tone like it was taboo!
    If he wanted me to part with money for his charity it went out the window now. so i blanked him and left.

    it feels good now that we won something and it was really fun to read on reddit of the people making fun of the x years since Arsenal won something. there is also a how many years since spuds won a trophy site.

  9. A big thanks to Tony for starting the site and to you too Walter for all the effort over the years and it really has been a lot of effort,sometimes I was shocked at the level of analysis that was put in as certain evidence started to arise,great commitment.
    Thank you both!

    And to everyone whos written articles from the serious to the humorous its all part of what makes UA easily the most articulate and civilised blog on the web.Thank you!

    And to all the regular Untolders, thank you too(its a long list)!I love reading what you all write and sometimes having a bit of interaction and swopping of tales of yore in relation to AFC and sometimes as the conversations have moved on to other subjects.I always wonder what do you all really look like!?

    And thanks to Dr. Brickfields for posting so man jokes and snippets of rational philosophy when things have been bad,thanks mate!

    R.I:P Adam, a lot of people miss you at Untold.

    Heres to next season!

    COYG! Aha and Amen!

  10. para,

    +1000. This is the first of the many of trophies for Untold in the years to come.

  11. Well I don’t really know where to begin!
    Boy did I miss you at this critical and highly emotional time.

    I was one of the very lucky chosen few (from 45,000) who got a ticket
    Disturbingly it took an hour to get in to the stadium (entrance P)
    I got in just as Hull scored their first – the rest you all know about.
    Delirious celebration Saturday – how I managed to get up 6.30 am Sunday for the Parade I don’t know
    I think simply my desire to thank the lads for the sheer joy running through me – still is – got me up
    After seeing the bus and walking around crowded streets I adjourned to my usual watering hole (Bank of friendship)
    Ordered my drink and browsed the courtesy copy of some trashy tabloid
    “Arsenal End 9 year Drought” were the headlines
    My reply – B******* – it was never about 9 years drought – The Emirates has a trophy cabinet and it has a trophy to put in it – it was never about Wenger – he has lead us to the new stadium, he has kept us challenging under the most challenging of circumstances – perhaps now he will get the respect he deserves.
    Whereas I meant this and still do I cannot express enough how I feel for Arsene and the boys – they just so are enjoying this – does this not tell us how hard they have worked, how they have felt about all the s*** that has undeservedly come their way – NO more guys
    Although we still read on many other blog sites – “calm down it’s only the cup” “Arsene needs to spend and will he”….
    Guys give it a rest – like untold says – YOU ARE WRONG
    One other thing I want to talk about – Sunday I met by accident my cousin on the way to the Emirates we joined her and went to the ground where we me several of her friends by sheer chance. Throughout the day we lost and re met friends wherever we turned/went. People sharing their stories, their friends and their happiness with us. Yes Arsenal you really are an extension to my family always have been and always will be (my children are 4th generation Gooners)
    I know I cannot post pictures on here – some may know who is talking if they were in the pubs from Wembley Central to the Stadium on Saturday- I had my face decorated with the Arsenal badge!!
    Long live the Gooners, Long live Arsenes reign – bring on next season

    Nick the Gooner

  12. I am occasional poster but I read the posts every day I feel like this Is my Arsenal home. Everyone on untold take a bow and live in the lime light you where right and will be right in the future about our great manager.

  13. Says it all.
    Something has changed, something has lifted.
    The players may play with more freedom, the manager will feel vindicated, and some,of the lesser fans less nervous.
    And the media need a new angle.
    Those boys did something very special, almost beyond the famous old…or in this case, new trophy itself.

  14. “Something has changed, something has lifted.
    The players may play with more freedom, the manager will feel vindicated, and some,of the lesser fans less nervous.
    And the media need a new angle.”

    How right you are Mandy. A lot of the emotions on Arsen’s and the players’ faces but some of it was relief to be sure. Arsen made all the right noises and said all the right things leading up to the game trying to down play the importance of winning it but deep down I believe he knew anything other than the win would’ve been disastrous for the club.
    The unrelenting media barrage would’ve been even worse had we not won it this year. If they continue their biased coverage of Arsenal and Wenger next season they risk exposing themselves for what they really are.

    To say that some media outlets wanted Wenger and Arsenal to lose this game is an understatement and it went far beyond rooting against the favorite and for the underdog type of thing which is rather common among the neutrals . It has a certain romantic side to it. This , however wasn’t it. They wanted Arsenal to fail so they could continue profiting from the windfall of discontent from the vast Arsenal fan base.That no longer will be possible . Sure they might gripe about other things but the ‘Trophy drought”
    thing must now be retired.

  15. Tom

    Agree with every word.

    I too had tried to convince myself it didn’t matter. And in a way it didn’t. We would not lose anymore players either way. I don’t think it would affect our ability to attract players. That’s where the 4th place issue raises it’s head. Failure to achieve that would of, but that’s by the by.

    The fact is PHSYCOLOGICALY and EMOTIONALY it would of been devastating for The Club, Wenger, the players, and the fans.

    The media firestorm would of been ferocious.

    Fuck me, we’ve won the damn thing and it’s bad, so God only knows what it would of been like if we’d lost.

    But the look of relief on everyone’s face, especially Wengers was palpable.

    Seeing Wenger so happy, both on the Saturday and Sunday, gave more pleasure than anything else.

  16. True words Tom.
    I honestly believe there is a reasonable chance Wenger may have called it a day if we have lost, especially if we had lost badly….which let’s face it, in that game was any loss….despite assurances to the contrary. And I think we would have struggled in our succession planning. The media would crucify him, quoting the obnoxious words of Jose at every opportunity.
    Those boys and their manager eventually showed guts and spirit, overcoming a determined opposition and an even more determined ref….and did a very great thing for this club.
    I know some do not always agree with Wenger and his methods, that is of course their prerogative, some put their points more reasonably and eloquently than others, but I just cannot see this club are not yet ready for life without this gigantic presence, they now hopefully have three years to prepare for it, and grow from strength to strength on the way.

  17. tianks to this untold family n therest of my my fellow goonerz,yes indeed this victory is untold victory.for arsene,ramsey,kos,eboue,and the many who got the untold family….since the day icame across untold my life become easy supporting arsenal and wenger.ihave introduced many,formd astrong family…ican wait anew article every now n then…and to the goonerz who are nt wit us?wish ur wit us,.cant wait 2have more of this…long live arsenal longlive untold

  18. Mandy.

    I still worry about expectation. I mean what IS realistic expectations at this point?

    The fact is, FFP or not, we are still up against the ‘oilers’.

    Why in all reality SHOULD we finish ahead of them?

    I’m saying we cant or indeed wont by why should we?

    City, Chelsea and United all have more money than us to spend on transfers and wages.

    FFP or not, they will get round that.

    Someone convince me otherwise. I really hope someone can.

    You can already tell Wenger is being set up for a fall.

  19. Know what you mean Jambug….especially if Utd come storming back, tho don’t think they will yet.
    But I think this will give,the team strength and confidence to improve next year and hopefully not give the media the ammunition they crave.
    If we can improve the injury record, strengthen where need be, and reduce the big losses, we can easily improve next season despite the media and their ref friends.
    Of course things can go wrong, and we will have to be prepared for a difficult CL qualifier at a difficult time of this summer

  20. All we want is a chance. A new stadium, new commercial deals…we have a chance. I don’t think we were upset that ManU won more championships than we in the 90s and 00s…we knew they had more financial muscle but we had a shot at it. The last 10 years we were completely outclassed financially. Now…not so much.

  21. Looking at the way where Refereed in the Final, and more importantly, treated in the media subsequently, I can only see us getting harsher treatment from Referees and Media alike.

    If the Referees had any doubt as to exactly how much they can get away with when handling us, Saturday has surely dispelled that.

    Winning a trophy has just made it worse.

    Fear makes people do strange things.

  22. My God UA seems almost deserted now that we’ve won something! Where are all the doom Merchants and AAA ranters when we need them? I guess they’ll crawl out of their arses once we face a dire situation or falter at one of our endless hurdles and then gleefully tell us that the Fa Cup was just a blip in an otherwise tepid decade? I know they ONLY come on here to kick us when we’re down and fearfully scurry back into their sewers whenever we shine a winning light on them, but I am sure we’ve not seen the last of them, so maybe I shouldn’t tempt fate and bemoan their absence?

  23. what ilike the most is the way we foold those haterz mostly the refs and the owens….we made them believe that were loosing only for them to b short down by rambo

  24. I can’t imagine Arsenal ever being able to compare financially with clubs with the limitless wealth of foreign backers.
    The oil sheiks of the Near East and the nouveau riches of
    (now)capitalist Russia appear able to buy players and pay wages without regard to the value of money.
    Up to now, Arsenal have the American main shareholder on the Board but he is not the Chairman and it is debatable whether he has much of a hand in the destiny of the Club’s football business.
    Then there is the next largest shareholder, a Russian of extreme wealth, who would probably wish to take over control of Arsenal FC by investing further in players in a similar fashion to his peers at other clubs.
    Although this policy would find favour with some of the
    Club’s supporters, up to now it would appear that the Board has remained firmly opposed to relinquishing control purely on monetary grounds.
    Whether this stance can last for the foreseeable future, is difficult to predict, although
    with the FFP Regs beginning to bite, a warning light is already on the horizon.

  25. @omgarsenal

    Type quietly…….let sleeping slugs lie! 🙂


    I agree we can’t compete financially with the obscenely rich club owners, but AW has built up an extremely good team which is only 7 points behind the league winners – despite injuries and despite the ref bias. We are not far off a championship team & with some additions we will be very close.

    Re our Russian – we need to remember that he was the one who wanted to take money out of the club via dividends – something which so far Kroenke has refused to do.

  26. Brilliantly written, Walter! Without any doubt your words express exactly how true Gooners feel. I just want to say this: if I want to read something interesting about Arsenal (and which supporter doesn’t want that every day), I always turn to “Untold Arsenal”. I read every day, as a start of the day. With pleasure and with interest. There is nothing better to begin a day. Thanks guys, and keep it coming… Come on Arsenal!

  27. Just a question: do they serve humble pie at Pie Bury corner? 😉

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