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April 2021


THE END OF AN ERA…….by Don McMahon

Well,well,well…..I now realise why I wear diapers when watching the Arsenal, especially in the Cup! What a game of two halves. Fortunately ESPN showed the game on TV and I was able to follow every kick, goal, referee decision and celebration like I was seated in Wembley.

I will not usurp the privilege of reviewing the game or the officials performance as there are far better members UA suited to this than I am, and what with the interruptions to service, time is passing anyway. However here are  some of my general observations about the season just finished and about the Club and its management un-tempered by my euphoria and happiness:

a) Wenger, once again proves that he DOES know best. He rallied his troops to score 2 goals in the 2nd half that won them the Cup and he nurtured them into the TOP 4 and thus the CL once again, despite almost insurmountable odds.

b) Wenger once again disappointed the moaners,whiners and naysayers who had desperately hoped for a loss in the Cup so they could resume their litany of Wenger out rants and their denigration of all things Arsenal. As well, such poetic justice as Ramsey scoring the winner when the tiny minority of idiots dissed him as not being worthy to wear the jersey only last year….that is the cherry on the sundae.

c) He also finally disappointed the mindless media who nourish the minority of moronic pseudo-supporters by ruining their 9 years without a trophy meme and putting to bed once and for all that AFC are chockers. What will be their next excuse for demeaning AFC…..?

d) Frankly,this season has been a rollercoaster of emotions, disappointments, ecstasy,  nerves and finally joy. I had NO doubts from the first game of the season that this was going to be a very exciting time for AFC and that is exactly what the Arsenal provided although it was a bit excessive and definitely NOT ideal for one’s health.

e) Our road to the CL and the FA Cup has not been a smooth one; littered with underwhelming performances against City, Chelsea and Liverpool this season but rescued by an overwhelming desire and determination to win their first silverware in many years. The spirit this team showed in effacing a 2-0 deficit and brining home the FA Cup for the 11th time was worth every hard knock we suffered as supporters over a very long, demanding season.

f) The obvious trend towards the Arsenal becoming potential champions of the EPL, the Cups and perhaps the CL is clearly underway. Our best points total since 2008, our best team spirit and unity since the Invincibles, our maturing young players (Szcesny, Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanogo) and our solid defence (Sagna, Per, Koscielny, Gibbs), our promising rising stars (Gnabry, Zelalem, Campbell, Akpom, Miyachi) our ability to maintain first place for so long and our superstar manager among many othwer elements, promise good times ahead.

When the final whistle went and I watched the award of the FA cup, the first thing that struck me was that Wenger seemed a changed man. He look more laid back and relaxed than I have seen him in a long time. When the players soaked him in champagne and threw him in the air, it was a joy to behold and a vindication of all that he believes in and has planned for the Arsenal since he arrived on English shores in 1996. This is the END of an era for AFC.

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We now enter the relatively unknown territory of being winners and of NOT having to prove to ANYONE that we finally belong, as well as being taken seriously by anyone who knows Football.  Well done the Arsenal and well done you faithful and fervent Gooners (particularly the superb UA family) who helped make it happen by cheering our Club on through thick and thin….you were always our 12th man!

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12 comments to THE END OF AN ERA…….

  • oldgroover

    Yes Don, spot on. The pressure was off and Arsene was able to relax and it showed at Wembley. Of course it’ll be back on when the media are on his case again for not conducting business early in pre season.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Funny Dom, the first working title of my article finally titled : end of an era was … the start of a new era.

    But as I wanted to add the remembrance of a few people in to the article my title end of an era seemed more appropriate at the end.

    But begin or end: it is a milestone in our clubs history.

  • Ben

    I dont know what to say Don but the media kept mentioning now it took Arsenal 9 years to win that trophy. No more 9 years of no trophy but x years it took to win trophy. -_-

    But the one thing i do look forward to in the new era is the incoming players either new or from the youth ranks.

  • nicky

    With respect, our road to the FA Cup was in fact rather smooth. In every round up to the semi final we were drawn at home and throughout the competition, we didn’t play outside London.
    Very much like the 1950 Final.

  • omgarsenal

    Fully agree Nicky but the stress came from worrying about injuries and whether we’d do a Birmingham debacle like 2011! Anyway, the counter has been reset by the media and they are bemoaning the fact that it took AFC 9 years to win a trophy…..what a disgrace in their eyes. Aw screw of lot of them, we know we are winners and we’ll surely see more silverware as we gradually rise to the top, like cream!

  • Elkieno

    Great article Don!
    Forget and fuk the media and any and all naysayers. You can only beat what’s put in front if you and we did just that. It doesn’t matter who we played we were the last team standing at wembly, no other team bar Hull were close to us. Where was city, Chelsea, utd pool etc?
    Also Santi goal was utter brilliance, he stepped up when we needed him to, that’s what world class players do…

  • nicky

    If only we could overcome above average long term injuries, a new, supreme, Arsenal would emerge 😉

  • Wow nice piece,but the sewer rats will always be on our case but who cares.
    The only problem to the sewer rats is that they can’t change what happened if only they could hear what they where talking when we where 2 goals down they would know that they are carrying empty heads.
    Still celebrations in Uganda as the doomed are still contemplating what would it have been if they had not won,dream morons dream…..

  • Brickfields Gunners

    We are now officially starting our second cycle (era ) under AW – may it be blessed and glorious .
    Up the Gunners !

  • TommieGun


    I remember you wrote in the past that you are (or used to be) a psychologist.

    Do you think that the AAA is a case of self-loathing/self-hatred?

    I’m thinking about this for the past few days and would appreciate a professional take on the matter.


  • menace

    @TommieGun Thinking of the AAA mentality, is like wondering if the ball feels pain!!

  • omgarsenal

    TG…..fortunately most AAA are ordinary chaps like us with about the same amount of self-esteem and self confidence BUT they have an obsessive-compulsive need, as well as excessive desire to see negative outcomes, regardless of better possibilities. This is a rather narcissistic and actually somewhat hedonistic approach to life because they prefer the pain associated with underachieving and disappointment, being unable to tolerate the stress and uncertainty of staying optimistic and positive. Curiously, the pleasure they get in failing (in this case when AFC fail) is offset by the unpleasantness and disappointment of succeeding. It is called an approach-avoidance conundrum and refers to the need to enjoy something while also avoiding potential pain associated with that same thing. Their answer to this is to always assume the worst and verbalizes this negativism, thus they are assured that at least once or twice they will be ¨rewarded¨ for their pessimism in a big way. This paradigm begins to dominate their thinking and cognitive abilities so that eventually they become almost totally negative and become unable to see anything but the worst case scenario. It is myoptic and destructive in extreme cases but for most AAA fans it is simply a defense mechanism against disappointment….not an effective one but one nonetheless.
    By the way I am a retired educational psychologist who knows very little about human nature and behaviour and is not afraid to admit it. Menace’s comment is very amusing but the AAA do feel pain, that is why they close their eyes to any success….the eventual loss of that pleasure is too painful for them.