The childish whimpering of car thieves like Domenech represent the pathetic winging of football’s dodos entering the last chance saloon

“The childish whimpering of car thieves like Domenech represent the pathetic winging  of football’s dodos entering the last chance saloon.”   I think that is a fair and reasoned statement.

The idiot Domenech, whose main job is to steal footballers who are carefully trained, developed and nurtured by their clubs, not to mention paid by their clubs, has made remarks so outrageous that even the normally staid and middle of the road Untold Arsenal cannot let them slip by.

In an era where for three years Arsenal has never once been able to put out its best team because of the action of the footballing wing of Mafia in taking the players and crippling them, this comment from the manager of France is enough to force every straight thinking football supporters to stand up and fight for the abolition of all internationals.  Now.

The fact that we are still counting down the days on the calendar when we might see Van Persie and Djourou play again after being destroyed in pointless and meaningless international matches willingly engaged in by international so-called “managers” shows how awful the situation is.

I don’t care whether Gallas was fit or came on the pitch wearing crutches, the megadonkeys that run Fifa have no right to even say a single syllable about what the clubs do.

Both they, and the clubs, should remember who pays the bills, and who suffers week after week because of the mindless meanderings of the Mafia in football.

Speaking through a hosepipe, Domenech is quoted as saying, “It’s outrageous and irresponsible to have played him so early after the injury. It’s scandalous. He’d better be fit for the World Cup.”

Or what you imbecilic moron? What will you do?  Come over and shake a finger at all the Arsenal fans who paid money to see the Barca match?  Perhaps you would like to stand in the middle of the pitch with us all there, and say we have been very naughty little boys and girls?

“We have to first take care of the interests of Arsenal,” our Great Lord Wenger said and I am with him so many million percent that there are not enough zeros on the internet to express it. “William is paid by the club, not by the French team. We have to use the players when they declare themselves fit.”

And that is why I love Wenger.  While other slug like creatures are sucking up to the fat toads of Fifa and saying, “oh please mister gangster sir, please play my player for your country he is awfully good,” only the Lord Wenger says no.

No is what we need more of here.  A bit like Rev Ian Paisley (whom I don’t support because I am not a Christian, but who I admire for his ability to say “Ulster says no”.  That’s what we need more of.  “Arsenal says No”.  In an Irish accent.)

What the French manager fails to realise is that we go into the game against the Wobbleyou without Gallas and without Djourou.  We are the one’s suffering.

But on this slightly overcast morning in the Eastern Midlands, as the chauffeur gets out the Austin Seven and the grateful villagers surround the Manor House and doff their caps as we set off, we can know that as always Untold is ahead of the game.   Witness today’s BBC teletext or indeed other bloggy things and the national press: all have finally caught on to the fact that Eden Hazzard is on the radar.

A quick look back through Untold Arsenal of a few weeks ago would have saved them the time of doing the “research”.

I use the word lightly.

Tony Attwood

PS: And if that guy behind me gives Bendtner any more grief, I’ll… I’ll… well he’d better not that’s all.

There’s an amazingly complete Untold Index all arranged by subjects.  Some of them make sense.

And there is also the book what I writ, which is jolly good, and has very little to do with internationals.

18 Replies to “The childish whimpering of car thieves like Domenech represent the pathetic winging of football’s dodos entering the last chance saloon”

  1. Mmmmmmmm! Looks like somebody has upset Tony! Cheer up brother, we all know what they think! Like they say in France, Domenech asks for his girlfriend’s hand when France looses and asks for Thierry’s hand when they need to win! He is an idiot who does not know anything about football. The only reason why he is still in charge is because of all the politics in french football, and he knows it!
    We are the Arsenal and we do as we please, full stop!

  2. You could also say that if we weren’t so light on centre-backs that we had the choice between a clearly unfit Gallas, an unfit Sol, or a liability in Silvestre, we wouldn’t have had to risk Gallas in that game. It’s the problem of having a thin squad and not strengthening in January.

    That said, Domenech is wrong in saying what he said. But what’s new?

  3. morning. yamyams-0 arsenal-11. man ritUal-0 chelski-0. might stilbe asloop. goin bed at 5am doh elp.

  4. Well said, Tony.

    Domenech is a dirty crook. The car thief analogy is great. I think you are alluding to this gem:

    “Gérard (Houllier’s) thoughts on the matter echo mine. He thinks that what the national coaches are doing is like taking the car from his garage without even asking permission. They will then use the car for ten days and abandon it in a field without any petrol left in the tank. We then have to recover it, but it is broken down. Then a month later they will come to take your car again, and for good measure you’re expected to be nice about it.”

    It’d be nice if some managers like Alex Fuck-off, Carlo, and Rafa were to back Wenger up right about now…but in the case of Fergie, he’s trying to win even more sympathy from the English press and referees by portraying Rooney’s injury strain as the plight of the nation. Only three fucking weeks! Go fuck-off Alex F.

  5. That Domenech is such an idiot it really is hard to believe that he could be the manager of the French team for such a long time.
    Your article is spot on, Tony.
    Tell you even more, and sorry Cesc for this, but for Arsenal’s sake, and that is the only sake I care about, I really hope that Cesc will miss the world cup.

  6. The part about Cesc is to be understood in the case that Cesc would not be able to play the final of the CL for us. 😉

  7. Domenech is a senile, sulky, lowdown, no good, crook of a crook. I mean Arsenal are ravaged by injuries, are at a crucial juncture of their season and are playing one of the most important matches of their season, does Wenger even need to justify why he played Gallas (who supposedly claimed that he was fully fit)? What would Domenech have done in such a situation? “He better be fit for the World cup” is what he said. I say someone take Gallas’ injured leg and shove it up Domenech’s pathetic a@#$.

  8. But there’s a HUGE flaw in the current system andI have no idea how it can be resolved by FIFA. That is, most players do WANT to play for their country, and it’s an honor to them (Beckham for eg). Like it or not, the World Cup is still the highest honor to international footballers, even higher than the UCL or the joke competition called the Club World Cup…

    Herein lies the problem? With so much glory attached to the otherwise meaningless internationals, national managers/teams will always be able to claim the clubs’ “cars” and use them for a week for free, returned with whatever fuel they want to leave, or whatever condition they choose to return them in…

    Both sides do have a case, and to me, the clubs’ side is the side of the head (with players being contracted to clubs), while the country’s side is the side of the heart (with players wanting the “honor” of playing with their countries). A very very difficult problem indeeed…

  9. Oh sorry I have to add on to my post (filled with typos). I mentioned that it’s a huge dilemma created here, but what Domenech has done is still a disgrace. He has absolutely no right to say anything about how Arsenal or any club uses their players.

  10. This is quite unbelievable that Domenech would say the things he has. Has the man lost all grip on reality?

    Who pays Gallas?

    As far as I am concerned that is the only issue here. There has been no indication that AW forced Gallas to play, quite the opposite, therefore for Domenech to even suggest that AW should place the needs of his employer (Arsenal Football Club) below those of an outside interest beggars belief. Is Domenech really that stupid? Surely not?

  11. Tony

    Would you think differently if the FAs paid the players’ wages for the weeks they had them on international duty?

    Would it be financially feasible?

    I must say that I grew up with international football, I like it and I’d like there to be a way for it to continue.

    Do you hate it just because of the finances, or are you against it in totality??

  12. Domenech is a twat. Not only should he be thankful that Nasri will play some games as playmaker, which was his last big whinge, he has laso reduced France from serious contenders to also rans.

    France to win the World Cup with Anelka as top scorer is 200-1……imagine if Domenech was made to resign and Wenger ran the French World Cup bid.

  13. Headline for tomorrow:

    “Bentner late than never!”

    5 more league wins please but not so scary my heart cant take much more.

  14. I can only appologise if i upset anyone with my comments as what i meant to say is he is a COCK!

  15. Rhys, no I would not feel better, because the week or so in which the player works for the country is but a moment in the development of the player. What is wrong is that the international coach will play an unfit player because he doesn’t need him the following week – he wouldn’t care if the player took a month to recover, because it is five weeks until the next international.

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