The alternative to moaning

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By Walter Broeckx

This really is a special season. For the first time it is not the usual top 4 teams that will go in to the CL.

Before the season we were written off by the pundits and told we wouldn’t make it. It was Manchester City that would take our place. After all the millions they had spent on brand new player-toys it had to be.

All those big shining new superstars they had bought last summer and the summer before with big names as Tevez, Adebayor, Touré, Barry and don’t forget Robinho they would make it to the top surely.

Yesterday evening they found out that they will not be in the Champions League. So this is a big lesson to all those who say, “we must buy at any cost as we are the Arsenal and we as fans deserve it.”  It doesn’t work that way. Just like it didn’t work in Spain with Real Madrid.

I know they still can win the league in Spain but they were humiliated in the Spanish cup by a 3rd division side away and at home. They went out in the Champions League against Lyon. And in order to win the Champions League they had bought and spent even more money than City had done.

I think it should be considered great news: you don’t buy titles or the champions league by just buying all the best players in the world and bring them together in one team. In fact at least one team in the CL final this year is a team that has some home grown players in its ranks, filled them up with one big name – who wont play actually in the final – and that works within it means.

That team is Bayern Munich. I don’t care who wins the CL but if someone would ask me to pick a team I would hope that Bayern would win it just because this would mean that you can win the CL and live within your own means.

Just like Barcelona proved last year that you can win the CL based on a team that you have build up for several years and that is based upon your own youth players and added with some wise buys and additions.

I find it rather amusing that just when Barcelona bought Ibrahimovic and sold Eto’o – who could be considered as a Barcelona man – they didn’t make it to the final this time. Maybe if they would have stuck with Eto’o they would have made it. But Barcelona couldn’t resist the buying of a big name and let a not so big name go. I would have Eto’o any day over Ibrahimovic I must say.

So you can win the CL and get to the final when you build a team up from the youth and play good foorball or when you are a club that is living within it means. This is good news for Arsenal as this is exactly what we are trying to do. Barcelona went to a barren spell for 5 years at the start of it and before their project brought them back the trophies. It’s the long way but it can be done.

There was another thing that struck me last night. It was painful to see how many fans, once again predicted the end of the world for Arsenal at the start of the season and then when we were in the title fight but lost it at the end, due to injuries mostly, those same fans declared our team to be shit and the manager as a loser.

And yet we have qualified once again for the how many times again in a row for the CL.

But most consider this to be of no value and no importance. I don’t agree with that and I think that qualifying for the CL is already worthy of some bit of celebrating. Because it means that we can attract players who want to play in the CL and it also gives us a good financial backing to pay off the debts we have made for the Emirates.

But most of the fans think it’s only normal to do this, even with a crap team and a bad manager, and keep on telling us that we didn’t win the title and thus there is nothing to celebrate.

As I just tuned in for the last 20 minutes of the game between City and Tottenham yesterday I cannot tell you much about the game. But what struck me was the way the Tottenham fans celebrated. For them to know that they had qualified for the CL, even be it for the qualifying round, was a reason to celebrate it as if it was a title. And this is the way it should be seen I think.

Those Tottenham fans realised how difficult it is to get that far and so they went mad. Yes I know they had little reason to celebrate over the last decades apart from the odd cup win so they are happy with anything that comes their way.

And we, we are so used to winning things in the last decades and so used to qualifying for the CL every year that we don’t appreciate any more what we have for the moment. We think it’s natural that we finish in the top 4. Well it isn’t and it is in fact a reason to be joyful about.

In fact I was glad last night that Manchester City did not make it to the top 4. I don’t like the money man to win it. Simple as that.

Yes I wasn’t happy that of all the teams in the EPL it was Tottenham that took their place. If I had to make a choice it would have been someone else but nothing we can do about it. But in fact it was the reaction of their supporters and players that made me realize that in fact qualifying for the CL is a big thing for 16 clubs in the EPL.

So instead of moaning because we didn’t win the title we could learn a lesson from the Tottenham supporters – (my God am I really writing this?) – and celebrate the fact that we once again achieved something that is far out of reach for most of the other EPL teams.

We are so used to doing this we forget the importance of it and how difficult it is to do it year in, year out. Arsène Wenger has spoilt us to much in all those years and we don’t appreciate it anymore.


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49 Replies to “The alternative to moaning”

  1. Sack Wenger and most of the subs as it is THEY who are the ones that have become complacent. New blood all around.


  3. ‘There was another thing that struck me last night. It was painful to see how many fans, once again predicted the end of the world for Arsenal at the start of the season and then when we were in the title fight but lost it at the end, due to injuries mostly, those same fans declared our team to be shit and the manager as a loser.’
    these are the fickle, plastic armchair ‘fans’ that only regurgitate shit from the media. read about a player they havent heard of, quick check on youtube, if he looks good then ‘we should sign him’.

    about this season, i think weve done well considering our injuries, but our teams desire needs to be questioned, we need to be fighting to the end, not giving up cos we out of the title race.

    on buying players, i think we all know wenger should sign, but hes said he wont overpay for players. and we can blame the overinflated prices on these players heads ‘thanks’ to the dumbfucks at real madrid and citeh.
    also the people saying we need to sign BIG, then all i can say is look at roy hodgson and his fulham team.

    as for the spuds getting fourth i say well done. for those who cant admit it, look at it this way: THREE OUT OF THE FOUR CLUBS ARE LONDON TEAMS.

  4. The alternative to moaning…is burrying your head in the sand?

    I am impressed with your optimism but even you have to admit that there has got to be something wrong with the side given our last run of results. Now a Euro hangover is of course expected after losing to Barca but what seems to have been highlighted is a big lack of strength and depth in the squad.

    I have to say as someone who has defended Arsene as much as possible I am starting to question his judgement. Whilst he is the manager not me and deserves some faith to make the right decisions, it does pain me to see the lack of effort that I have seen from some players towards the end of this season.

    I don’t think that every player needs to be changed and that everything is doom and gloom but I see a stuburness from Wenger which worries me…..

    ….no-one more than me wants Wenger to succeed but I’d be lieing if I said I wasn’t worried!

  5. I think that we should spare a thought for Liverpool. It is 20 years since they won the league, we are just about to remember 25 years since Heysel, and their manager promised beyond any doubt that they would be in the top four.

    Perhaps I might also add that this was one of the few places that was suggesting that Liverpool were about to go pop… once we knew that the banks wanted £100m this summer.

    But it is interesting how they have maintained their PR – while we have people calling for Wenger to be sacked and suggesting that half the team should go too, they’ve managed their situation so much better that today it is Manchester City who have lost out. Everyone’s forgotten Liverpool.

    And so I would go along with OnlyOne’s conclusion above, that 3 of the 4 teams in the Champs League are London. I dislike the Tinies and the KGB with a vengeance but I was born and bred a Londoner, and I would sooner have London teams in the Champs League rather than all those northerners.

  6. boozys a twat,
    im happy with this season,
    boozys an ignorant twat,
    i actually think we made a lot of progress,
    boozys an pessemistic ignorant twat,
    and with some key additions, 2-4, less injurys, and improvement from a few players, next season looks promising,
    boozys an pessemistic ignorant twat who should smoke some weed and get a better outlook on life…
    not sure if this would stop him bein a twat tho…

  7. Tony, agree with what you are saying that there are teams that are worse off than us but you could say that about any other team in the land apart from Man Utd and Chelsea (going by the current table). I also have no doubt that you know your facts and that I always enjoy reading your blog as there is always a substance which is severly laking from other sites.

    However I have to say again, from an outside point of view there seems to be a stuborness that Wenger has which stops him somtimes adimitting that he has made a mistake. I have no problem with sticking to your convictions but it takes a greater man to admit when he is wrong. I am not sure that he can do that.

    Overall Wenger has made the club what it is today and few can argue that we are in a great position both with our youth set-up and our finances but I do worry that he will not make the changes (not many needed) that we need to bridge the gap.

  8. Celebrate life instead of suffering live. Try your best but at the end of the day you can only take life the way it is, take life the way it comes. And then you go out and try again…..

  9. Real Madrid took the humiliation with the good grace of those doing others a good turn. I won’t say who as it would be libellous……..

  10. Tony…I dont agree entirely with your analogy about Bayern, partly yes, but there is a difference. They have acheived their success in Europe this year only with shrewd purchases in recent seasons like Ribery, Robben, Olic, Klose, Pranjic coupled with a backbone of home grown talent. I think there is varied costs in these signings but some of them I am sure are big money. All come with some level of proven ability.
    I think Arsene has also purchased but maybe not at the same frequency and also the depth required to play in the Premier League and sustain a challenge on all fronts requires more quality players in England than Germany in my opinion.
    I do believe there is a balance of spending with nurturing talent and they have achieved that and it is a far more sustainable and successful approach to winning things. You can look at Manchester United for this example unfortunately.
    I enjoy reading your articles as in the main they are well thought out and balanced.
    I firmly believe that we do need to purchase some top quality players (not a whole host but maybe 4-6 over the next 2-3 seasons) to once again become victorious as a club and not fall short. That and to stay clear of injuries which is a whole other conversation for another day.
    Keep up the good writing though. You have the best blog on the Arsenal.

  11. Its a fact of life we humans take everything for granted personally.I didnt give Arsenal any chance at the start of the season so they have exceeded my original expectations but these
    shifted I must say during the season. I actually believe that some stuborness has cost us a title.Chelsea and Man U have had
    alot of problems this year and I dont believe they will lose as many games next season.

    I think Wenger has done and is doing a terrfic job (especially finanically) that said sometimes your assessment of a situation can be incorrect/tainted when you have put so much effort into it and the reality of it not working is too much.

    I believe Arsene needs to step back and get rid of some dead wood (Taore, Denilson, Alumina, Silverte) plus I dont believe Narsi or Arshivan have set the world alight this year actually they have been very disappointing.

    What do you need a GK but a strong one a player that commands his box and gives the defenders hell when they arent doing the job.

    A defender to be Vermanlen partner someone with height and speed and can be abit physical when required.

    Wingers you dont seem to have any I dont count Walcott he should only be a impact player coming on from the bench. But players that can help the full backs and not forget they must defend at times.

    I box to box midfielder someone we a good engine that can pass the ball Diaby has not been consistent enough and needs competition.

    Having signed Chamakh the forward line is fine and sorry should have said it early revert back to 4-4-2.

    PS One rule if you dont give 100% bring on a player that will I’d rather 11 workhorses (Fulham) than some pre mardonnas.



  12. Agreed John on most of your points although I do think that the current formation can work as long as there is more than just Song as a DM, he can’t be expected to play every game as he has to work so hard.

    There are some players who need to understand that if they don’t perform they will be dropped. The likes of Diaby, Nasri and Denilson have had good games, just not enough. They need competition to keep them hungry.

    Defense well I think we all know the problems and what needs to be adressed.

    Despite the above I am not a football manager and I don’t have half the insight as Wenger does but I just don’t want to be hear in 12months thinking the same or worse….maybe I won’t!?

  13. @Walter — Overall, I agree with your points. Nice article. But I have one major issue:

    It seems like the papers are making it seem like this is a victory over Big Money, but the Totts are NOT a homegrown team that lives within its means! DON’T FALL INTO THE TRAP OF PRAISING THEM! They are evil, too!

    According to the statistics here — — the Totts have spent the 4th most in the PL in the past 5 years. A net of £96,750,000

    As for Arsenal? 20th most.

    The Totts have simply lived up to their big money expectations. As for Man City? Big Flop.
    Liverpool? Good gracious…oh my.

  14. In other words, Tottenham have been desperately trying to buy their way into CL. Only this time, their transaction finally went through.

    Sleazy ‘Arry and the Tiny Totts.

  15. Why moan when there’s ‘Arry to cheer you up?

    There was a beautiful moment on SSN at lunch.


    “No, I’m not interested in the financial side of things…just football. I leave all that up to the chairman.”

    Almost as funny as when he spoke of his ‘agent’ who thought TV5 was only a LB.

  16. Finsbury —

    You gotta hand it to the man, everybody loves ‘Arry!

    I don’t know whether it’s appropriate to laugh or cry.

  17. i honestly do not care whether we spend money or not, walter. i do believe we have done very well over the years. i also believe we are beginning to take those steps backwards. its about having a team that have no clue what it means to defend and press the ball; having a team without the “i will die for the fans” attitude; having players who dodge contact… can you imagine blackburn even trying a physical game against liverpool… much less chelsea and man u? thats the arsenal problem. thanks for having me.

  18. Walter i agree 100% with you . what do people expect city spent 200 million on players (god only knows how much on wages) and they are well behind us who have 12 first team players injured.So i think people who cant see what a good job AW does should just stay on “le grove”and play with each other

  19. I used to think that Pompey fans were among the best in the land. Already down but the noise in the terraces! In hindsight maybe they were a bit too uncritical of the management of their club but I’m not sure if supporters have that much influence at the business end anyway. I love the Gunner away game supporters, these are voices at ready and heart on sleeve. I used to think that compared to the Highbury of the seventies, Emirates is pretty poor as home support. Too many with their arms crossed and behaving like customers waiting for their pounds worth. After all its hard earned money so who am I to criticise. Wenger criticism of Arsenal fans never goes beyond gentle chiding of fan behaviour. He must envy the support Rafa got from the Kop even when he seemed to have cost them points. Point is I think the supporters of this great club have a part to play…on the stands and online. I’m sure we are heard by the club, the manager and the team. But I don’t ever remember wanting to do better for a moaning boss or critical work-mates or because I was yelled at. Why does Bendy continue to run and run. Must be more than the payday because no money is enough to be on the field when your own fans boo you. Eboue is a mountain of a man to rise again from that day of shame but before anyone claims to credit booing for his turn around as a player imagine for a minute Arsene saying to Eboue that he would have to reply with his actions on the field. I think he has. As a collective, we supporters of the Arsenal have to do just that. I for one can’t wait for the next game, season, year, decade as a Gooner.

  20. My biggest disappointment of the season has been the last two
    performances away at Wigan & Blackburn which have made me believe that our squad doesn’t have what it takes to challenge over a season on all fronts.
    Third place in the Premier League is definitely worth celebrating but many who are disappointed are so on the basis that this was our best chance for years to get top spot & that we missed it because we didn’t have a strong enough squad from the offset.
    Surely, the fact that Arsene is (allegedly) preparing to strengthen this seasons squad in readiness for next season, is proof that it wasn’t strong enough at the start of this season??

  21. As the old saying goes – You don’t know what you’ve got until its gone. We have all been spoilt and just expect every season to qualify for the Champions League. The disappointment of not winning a trophy overshadows the effort it has taken to maintain a top 4 finish. Human nature I suppose.

  22. man o man….i want wenger to buy intelligently 2 defenders and a dm….i think most of the fans want this….coz gr8 players will also become frustrated if arsenal don’t start winning.

    Qualifying for cl is now not guaranteed(for next and this term also) if arsenal don’t qualify then wenger will need to spend more than the present situation demands coz nobody wud want to come at arsenal. Better spend while u can, and it’s not 100 mill that arsenal needs.

  23. Walter nice article. Again sugar coating the issues surrounding the sneile manager who is saying he will ony sign if he has to and this is from the official website. Chek it out. If we don’t sign quality players and change our tactics it will be groundhogday once again only this time spurs will have overtaken us. But then that doesn’t matter on here does it? As long as we compete its all good.

  24. Scythe, I have been through the official Arsenal site, and I cannot find anything resembling the quote you give. I don’t say it is not there, just that I can’t find it.

    What I have found, on the site just now is this

    “The Frenchman is expected to bring in new recruits this summer and has already revealed that he is hoping to announce at least one signing before the World Cup starts on June 11.”

    which is not quite what you have said.

    Please, when quoting from a site, tell us the link so we can all share. It is becoming an increasing problem on Untold that people do give us quotes which cannot be traced. The goalkeeping quotes are a particular problem here.

    If he said it, lets see it.

  25. Scythe,
    Could you explain the word “sneile” to me? I think I don’t know that word yet so I think it would be great to know what you mean. I never consider my self to old to learn any foreign languages.
    Thank you.

  26. hey walter,

    remember how the spurs fans reacted when they lost to chelsea at the bridge…a three-0 thrashing it was i guess…after that match their fans did da same thing as the D&G gooners…

    and now mate when they start doing good things, they will act like disciplined kids 🙂 wont dey mate

    “BUY GIGI WENGER,plzzzzzz”

  27. Why the fuck are people placing SO much importance on the last 2 games? I know it’s big time disappointing but there are enough mitigating circumstances that you should at least be able to look at the season through better eyes.

    Things are not perfect and Arsenal fans we all suffer this pain together but the big difference between the catastrophists & the AKBs is a sense of the BIGGER picture.

    All the castratrophists are ever interested in is winning and they don’t care that other team have spent the GDP of San Marino and failed to even qualify for the CL. Injuries and bad decisions which have gone against us severely this season are irrelevant.

    No, no Wenger is a cunt, we need 7 new players and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah.

  28. Diamindave, I thought it could be that but just had to be sure. It could be that it was an existing word that I didn’t know.

    Amit, I’m sorry but I really can not force myself to look at a tottenham game unless I stumble on to it or we play them.

  29. another good article,imagine you had been away for a year with no contact or news and read some of the crap in the papers and on certain websites, you would be entitled to believe AFC were in meltdown. it wouldnt be until you took the time to look back over the last year that you would probably think “what are these twats on about”. 3rd in the prem, and we will finish 3rd, now in the top 3 of finacially sound clubs around a catologue of injuries that no team could cope with, particularly over the last month losing WG TV and Cesc and with RVP out since november. yeah we have stumbled in the last few games but dont write the whole season off as a disaster because of that. AW will do what he has to do for next season. Get off your arses at the weekend and give the lads some support and stop fuckin moaning. 45 years ive been a gooner, never in that time have i known so many so called gooners to be so negative.

  30. I read this site everyday. In fact, I read every article on Gooner News everyday. This used to be my favourite site but it is fast becoming one of the most boring. Can you write something other than a we hate the catastrophists article? Its honestly getting really old and you make yourselves look stupid by overstating pretty much everything. Work with the facts. We did fine this year but we could have done much better. There is one side of the coin which is we are doing amazing and I am so stoked we are fighting it out with Tottenham for 3rd. Then theres the other side of the coin, ‘the world is ending’. Lastly theres the lot of us who are sick to death of the both of your petty arguments everyday. The truth is IF we finish 3rd then we have made a small step in the right direction. The problem is that we want to make a larger step. Believe it or not we need signings. No, we don’t need 6 or 7 but 3 or 4 is plausible. If Wenger makes 1 or 2 then he has failed to recognize his teams weaknesses. (Btw thats the sign of a good manager- recognizing your mistakes and fixing them) If he makes 6 signings he is equally as ignorant. The point is that you CAUSE the catastrophe by stating that we are perfectly fine as we are. That is because by saying this, you are showing the ambition of a loser. Catastrphists live in dreamland but losers are no better. So can someone please PLEASE write a real article? Here is an example of a great article by a sight that actually cares about football for fans who come in the category of realistic and who actually love the game.

  31. nice put phil23. couldn’t agree more. winning mentality and confidence was lacking in this season..but not with GK..maybe too over confidence I think ;p

  32. @phil 23: full support dude…untold is one of my fav blogs…but the articles are getting repetitive..

  33. In my opinion, the general articles have not changed – analysis of the wider issues, with a leaning toward being positive and looking forwards.

    For some reason, the comments then become inundated with idiots calling the writers and everyone else things like “Delutionists” (Stubby’s word – I think he meant delusionists), “Ostriches” (by inference – ie “you’ve all got your head in the sand”) “Sheep” ([SIGH] – as if they’re not spouting the same stuff from the media and other D&G sites), and “AKBs”.

    If the writers (and others) choose to respond to defend their point of view, the shouting and name-calling only seems to get louder. Unfortunately, ignoring them also seems to make them louder, only this time with a “why is no-one listening to me” whine.

    The “we hate Catastrophists” articles to which you refer seem to me to be either analysis of the D&G mentality (in typical Untold Arsenal style :-)), or subtle appeals from Tony for civility.

    I just think it’s real shame that they have to go to such lengths to deal with these sad, pathetic little attention seekers.

    And before people start with the “freedom of speech” thing – yes, OF COURSE you are allowed your opinion, but instead of taking it to a site full of your fellow navel-gazers, you choose to come and express it here, and that makes you a pathetic little attention seeker.

    UNTOLD ARSENAL: Does EXACTLY what it says on the tin.

    (I notice that’s changed somewhat – I like it 🙂 )

  34. @Red-Man
    Yes I noticed that the Banner has changed. The problem is these ‘subtle appeals’ are no longer subtle and for non-catastrophists the articles are no longer interesting. Am I wrong? I personally backed my team from day one and in fact had all my bets on Arsenal winning the title this year. I did not call for signings in January and backed Wenger’s signing of Sol. One of the reasons I was happy with Arsene not making any signings was that he couldn’t find the right player at the right price. I share many of Tony’s views on corruption in football and I respect him immensely as I personally know how long it takes to find out the amount of detail he does about our club. As an avid reader, I was merely giving some feedback on the new strategies which (only temporarily i’m sure) have negatively taken over from the normal articles. I would suggest you recognize the difference between concerned readers who read the site everyday and these ‘Catastrophists’ because in 6 months we will be here still, loyal readers. Where will the ‘Catastrophists’ be? most likely supporting Manchester City or Madrid.

  35. Tony pls see belo “The additions will be minimal but if there are some they have to be really top class.”

  36. Phil,

    I see where you’re coming from, and I agree about the nature of the articles. I was merely giving my opinion as to why things have have got this way, and attempting (obviously poorly) to do a bit of Untold-style analysis on the situation of my own – “pathetic little attention seeker” was not aimed at you.

    It would be great if Tony, Walter, et al COULD just take the view: “Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience”.

    However, rightly or wrongly, they choose to engage the PLASs, giving them a form of legitimacy.

    I hope you’re right about the 6-month thing, I fear however, that the only thing to make them do that will be for us to start REALLY badly, and I’m not prepared to trade my team’s success for a bunch of fair-weather fools.

  37. Cant remember the last time we had such a poor away series in a season.Of the 19 Prem games we played this season i was at 17, i missed the 1-0 defeat at Sunderland and the 1-1 draw at Burnley, and from i have read about those games they were as disappointing as any.The facts are simpleEverton 6-1. Opening day bam bam…..loved it….oh that day seems so long ago……another era… was great to watch, it was a lovely trip… of the best……and we were led to believe that maybe we can move to the next stage…..i mean how many teams took anything from Everton?Manchester United 1-2. I rarely come away from this god forsaken shit hole they call the Theatre of Dreams with a smile…..its for me one of the most pitiful, souless crap heaps in English football, and on that warm August day in 2009 i came away convinced we had been mugged. AA scores a wonder goal, we get the usual diving Scouse c**t penalty award and then of course the “mentallly strong” Diaby the CLUELESS fuckwit scoring the winner….shame Diaby you fuckwit…..wrong net….go fucking cry at another club…..i knew that day you would be the buggest pile of shite in an Arsenal shirt……and you had some serious contenders wanting the shite award of the season…..Manchester City 2-4. Yes the Cashwhore held the script for this and oh boy…did he not love it? I remained in my seat when he made his wee run to join us with gleeeeeee..the whole of my row piled forward…im getting too old for all this…..But this was the start of what we knew in our hearts would be a tough season. At 1-1 surely we could kick on…Citeh were not particularly that decent….then before you know it….its 4-1 and they are out of sight…..painful to watch painful to travel home from and back to back Manc defeats….two games in which six points may have been deserved…instead we got nothing…..Fulham 1-0. Mannone wonder show…..then he decided to screw it all at Upton Park,…..This was a game we barely deserved a point in, but we stuck in and snatched an unlikely win against a decent team…..yes look what they have achieved…..West Ham United 2-2. Leading 2-0, pissing all over our London rivals, and cue the calamity that is Mannone…oh boy those two dropped points for me were two of the hardest to swallow…..we are talking West Sham…quite frankly an embarrassment.Wolves 4-1 The day we had all our main players playing….and we wrecked a team that took six off the Scum…..i would like to write more positives about this….but two own goals tend to cloud the judgement…..Van Persie’s goal from Fabby skill…..a highlightSunderland 0-1. I missed this game…..good job i did …and if you were to write the script, make it a 1-0 home win….and choose the match winner….you would have got it right with what actually happened….Bent…enough said….Liverpool 2-1. Andrei loves this place…..Liverpool still fuck about with us in the first half…a really poor Liverpool side at that. It was one of the few occasions that we could really be happy….that trip was as good as it got i am afraid…always nice to win at A

  38. Burnley 1-1. I was not at this game and so cant really make a comment, but from what i have been told it was a point gained…..even though early chances suggested we should have had all three…Portsmouth 4-1. Lets not joke here, we are talking about a team EVERYONE was beating and despite having nine points deducted still came last. Some decent goals on a cold Decedmber night….but three EXPECTED pointsBolton 2-0 One of the few good solid performances in a season of poor efforts. Often a place of pain, in recent times the Reebok has become less of a problem. It came at a time when we smelt the top of the table….all players were up for it….shame it ebbed away…….Aston Villa 0-0…poor match on a cold January evening, for some a good point for others a poor dropping of two…chances few and far between, Riosickly hitting bar from 10 yards out..Chelsea 0-2. A game we controlled in terms of possession, but in terms of keeping Drogba quiet…..oh how painful…..that guy does NOTHING but score against us…..we have become his arse fucks….every gane we play them he fucks our defence inside out….i am fed up with it……5-0 on aggregate against this god forsaken fuckwit of a scum filled football club. It pains me to see them win the title… pains me to see how Cashley can go there and come away with more medals… pains me to see how weak we have become against them……its Chavski…..we used to own them… one Bridge goal and its defeat after defeat….i am fed up with this bollocks club.,……Stoke City 3-1. Yes even I believed that we could do it….we lose Ramsey to an awful injury and we respond by taking all three points in a game some would have backed off a season or two before…..nice to see the fight…but it died soon after….Hull City 2-1. How about messing with the heart…..i mean really how many times can we put up with late show? In hindsight these matches were feeding the pipe dream that has since gone up in smoke….a poor poor Hull side nearly held on to a point….and all but for a Nik B scrambler we would have come away from that crap hole with two more dropped points……the cracks were appearing….and we were not to know…this would be the last away win……Birmingham 1-1…sometimes you sit/stand in your seat and the facts are simple….we are just shit… we are not…..yes we are…Nasri one on one with Hart…surely 2-0….nope…he squares it….fucking squares it….game over…title charge…on…..but no he fucks up…and hey presto script written Chocolate hands gifts YET ANOTHER goal to a mediocre side and two more lost pointsTottenham 1-2. Ok it was going to happen eventually and lets be honest 12 years without a defeat to this rat shit was a long time. But its always for me the nature of defeats that do it for me…..and to lose the way we did signalled the first real grumble from me…..i hate that vermin with a passion and all for a last 10 minute have a go effort…..we were shite….yes pretty on the ball….sideways…..sideways…..backwards….forwards…sideways… know the sceneario……..two bob shite once again take the points.Wigan 2-3………….what can i say…?………….no comment….still in shockBlackburn 1-2. I just got back from this farce….so we lead again…..and we do what we all know we do best….GIFT goals. I sat in my seat in the upper tier….Sol gives away a needless corner….i say “This is 1-1 now…you watch Flaps will fuck it up and they will bundle it in…..WHY do i seem to be right these days…HEY presto its 1-1…and the only result that is going to happen is 1-2 to yet ANOTHER bollocks football club…….THREE points lostSo we played 19 matches on the roadwon 8drew 4lost 7scored 35Conceded 26points from possible 57 = 28dropped points 29…yes we won less than we dropped……NOT GOOD ENOUGHSome good efforts in the 8 wins but the 7 defeats were on the whole gutless and in some cases damned right disgraceful……I have today completed a 606 mile round trip two weeks after a 580 mile trip and seen two enept, pathetic and disgraceful performances…..SEVEN DEFEATS…..NOT GOOD ENOUGH ARSENAL…..NOT GOOD ENOUG

  39. Thanks Red Man i’m sure we will have lots of good times and at least the critics die down a lot when we are winning! I look forward to many more discussions on Untold!

  40. Scythe does that mean your not happy with our away form ? 🙂
    Listen the away game that may have changed our season was Man Utd away.
    I think we out played ManUtd in every area of the pitch we should have had a penalty also denied we scored an own goal we had a goal disalowed in injury time that if ManUtd had scored in injury time I think would have stood and they cheated for their penalty.

    I think it hit the confidence harder than people realised.
    It shook the teams belief that we could beat the big teams this season.

    Moaning wont help change it neither will failing to strengthen the squad I think most people still back AW however this transfer period will go along way to swaying supporters because next season it is time to win something. you cant sell the future forever even if the present isnt just as bad as you make out.
    look at sp*rs fans celebrating like mad what we see as a normal season. You cant call it failure but a club like ours needs trophys we are no longer the small club from highbury.

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