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January 2022
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January 2022

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The season end Table of Shame & Best and Worst Referee of the Season

by Andrew Crawshaw

With all of the referee reviews for the season now published (and my broadband re-connected by BT) here is the final Table of Shame

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents
2nd Yellow Cards 1 49
Red Cards 2 17
Penalties 3 33
Goals 2 11
Total 8 110
Possible Cost in Points 0 31

A final total of 110 wrong Important Decisions against Arsenal and 8 in our favour – it doesn’t exactly even out in the end.

Referees failed to do their duty in sending off our opponents for foul play on 66 occasions (second yellow and straight red cards).  We were denied 33 penalties and had 11 goals either wrongly ruled out or wrongly scored by our opponents.

Without doubt these incompetent gentlemen (and I use the term gentlemen loosely in some cases) cost us the championship.  By my count a minimum of 31 points.  My breakdown of the games where these points occurred is as follows (and you are quite at liberty to disagree with me).

Firstly I have no games where any of the eight wrong Important Decisions resulted in Arsenal gaining points which we shouldn’t have had.  The games where the referees cost us points were :-

Arsenal v West Ham finished 0 – 2 but the West Ham ‘goal’ in minute 43 shouldn’t have counted as there was no foul by Ramsey so the free kick leading to the goal shouldn’t have been given.  In Minute 37 Tomkins should have been sent off for a second yellow card and in Min 62 Noble should have joined him.  I believe that with 53 minutes against 10 men Arsenal would have scored at least one goal and that the result should probably have been a draw.  One point to the referee

Arsenal v Liverpool finished 0 – 0 but in Minute 8 Ramsey had a perfectly good goal wrongly ruled out for offside – he wasn’t.   In Minute 72 Lucas fouled Giroud in the penalty area nothing given and in minute 85 Mignolet was given a yellow card for timewasting, this should have been his second (his first should have been in Min 58 for deliberately kicking the ball away).  Final score should have been one or two nil to Arsenal.  Two points to the referee.

Arsenal v Tottenham finished 1 – 1 but in Min 18 Vertonghen should have conceded the first of three penalties all for fouls on Giroud (Min 18, 25, and 54), he should have been sent off for each of the second and third penalty incidents.  both Giroud and Vertonghen should have been sent off for their altercation over the second not given penalty (but if it had been given the reaction shouldn’t have occurred).  A game Arsenal should have won by three goals to one.  Two points to the referee.

Liverpool v Arsenal finished 3 – 3 but in Min 33 Moreno should have conceded a penalty for a foul on Campbell and in Min 70 Clyne should have had a second yellow card for a kick on Campbell.  Should have finished 4 – 3 to Arsenal.  Two points to the referee.

Stoke v Arsenal finished 0 – 0 but in Min 51/52 Woolsheid should have conceded a penalty for fouls on Giroud and Walcott (for which he should have had a second yellow card).  Stoke should have been reduced to nine men in Min 58 (Second yellow for Shawcross professional foul on Giroud), eight men in Min 62, Min 80 and Min 90+1 (second yellow for Pieters dive, Pieters on Campbell and Pieters again on Campbell).  Arsenal should have been one nil up and with Stoke down to eight men with half an hour to play probably more.  Two points to the referee.

Arsenal v Southampton finished 0 – 0 but there were four not given Arsenal penalties, Min 56 Tadic on Campbell, Min 68 and 70 Fonte on Giroud and Min 70 Bertrand on Kos. Tadic should have received a second yellow card for the Min 56 foul and again in Min 66 for deliberate time-wasting (kicking the ball away).  A minimum of one goal to Arsenal and probably more.  Two points to the referee.

Spurs v Arsenal finished 2 – 2 but Lamela should have been sent off in Min 65 and Dier should have joined him in Min 79.  The man advantage for Arsenal for 35 minutes and two man advantage for the last 11 minutes should have enabled Arsenal to gain an advantage.  Two points to the referee.

West Ham v Arsenal finished 3 – 3 but in Min 4 Carroll (who went on to score all of West Ham’s goals) should have been sent off for a foul on Kos (he was wrongly given a yellow card).  With the score at nil all and down to ten men there is no way that West Ham would have got a draw.  Two points to the referee.

Arsenal v Crystal Palace finished 1 – 1 but in Min 24 Delaney should have conceded a penalty for a foul on Kos.  Should have finished 2 – 1 to Arsenal.  Two points to the referee.

Man City v Arsenal finished 2 – 2 but in Min 50 Mangala should have conceded a penalty for a foul on Giroud, Fernandinho should have been sent off four times with second yellow cards (Min 68 on Wilshere, Min 86 on Sanchez, Min 90+2 and 90+3, Giroud).  Arsenal should have won 3 – 2 and possibly more with City reduced to ten men for 22 minutes.  Two points to the referee.

Arsenal v Swansea finished 1 – 2 but neither of the Swansea ‘goals’ should have counted, the first in Min 32 came as a direct result of a non given foul by Anat on Özil and the second in min 74 Williams was offside.  In addition in Min 47 Anat should have had a second yellow card, in Min 73 (or 84) Ayew should have joined him.  Arsenal scored the only valid goal in the game and should have won.  Three points to the referee.

Chelsea v Arsenal finished 2 – 0 but this result was as a result of a Mike Dean Special.  In Min 33 Costa should have been sent off, in Min 45 he should have been joined by Fabregas who was orchestrating the efforts to get Gabriel sent off, They should have been further reduced to eight men in Min 63 when Oscar fouled Kos.  This is all ignoring the Costa incident in Min 43.  With Costa sent off in Min 33 when the score was nil all there is no way way we would have lost the game.  Three points to the referee

West Brom v Arsenal finished 2 – 1 but in Min 34 Arteta was wrongly called for a foul on Rondon (it wasn’t) and West Brom scored as a direct result of this wrong decision.  In Min 46 we should have been awarded a penalty for an Olsson foul on Giroud and the penalty that we were correctly awarded in Min 84 for a Brunt foul on Alexis should have been retaken as a result of encroachment by both Brunt and Olsson.  Should have finished 3 – 1 to Arsenal.  3 points to the referee.

Manchester United v Arsenal finished 3 – 2 but in Min 45+2 Rashford should have both conceded a penalty and been sent off for deliberate handball.  In Min 70 (or 75) he should have been joined by Herrera who should have had second yellow cards.  Assuming we scored the penalty it should have been two all at halftime and I’m sure that with a man advantage for the whole of the second half we would have emerged as winners.  Three points to the referee.

To update the overall picture of the individual performances by all referees  here is an extract from my spreadsheet listing all of the games and sorted in ascending weighted performance score (so the worst are at the top and the best at the bottom).  I have included the links to the referee reviews.  The top 11 rows form the Hall of Shame.  I have also included the Chelsea v Spurs game.

Home Away Score Date Ref Link to Ref review Overall Weighted Perf % Bias against Home / Away
Stoke Arsenal 0 – 0 17 Jan 2016 Craig Pawson Ref Review: Stoke – Arsenal: who is that voice whispering in my ear….? 34 5/95
Arsenal Soton 0 – 0 2 Feb 2016 Lee Mason Ref Review: Arsenal – Southampton; Mason doing the PGMO job and doing worse than if he had given decisions at random 34 80/20
Chelsea Spurs 2 – 2 2 May 2016 Mark Clattenburg Special referee review: Chelsea – Tottenham 37.8 70/30
Arsenal Swansea 1 – 2 2 Mar 2016 Robert Madley Ref Review : Arsenal – Swansea, when is it going to start to even out? 38 93/7
Chelsea Arsenal 2 – 0 19 Sep 2015 Mike Dean Ref Review : Chelsea – Arsenal. How Mike Dean & Co screwed an entire game 41 5/95
Arsenal Spurs 1 – 1 8 Nov 2015 Martin Atkinson Ref Review : Arsenal – Tottenham 41 82/18
West Brom Arsenal 2 – 1 21 Nov 2015 Mark Clattenburg Ref Review : WBA – Arsenal 42 9/91
West Ham Arsenal 3 – 3 9 Apr 2016 Craig Pawson REF REVIEW WEST HAM – ARSENAL: A new entry in the table of shame 42 23/77
Everton Arsenal 0 – 2 19 Mar 2016 Mark Clattenburg Ref Review: Everton – Arsenal, more of the terrible the same…. 43 6/94
Arsenal Newcastle 1 – 0 2 Jan 2016 Anthony Taylor Ref Review : Arsenal – Newcastle 48 9/91
Soton Arsenal 4 – 0 26 Dec 2015 Jonathan Moss Ref Review : Southampton – Arsenal 49 22/78
Arsenal Leicester 2 – 1 14 Feb 2016 Martin Atkinson Ref Review: Arsenal – Leicester 52 94/6
Arsenal WHU 0 – 2 9 Aug 2015 Martin Atkinson ARSENAL vs. WEST HAM UNITED ref review 54 100/0
Spurs Arsenal 2 – 2 5 Mar 2016 Michael Oliver Ref Review: Tottenham – Arsenal : not the consistency we are asking for 56 14/86
Norwich Arsenal 1 – 1 29 Nov 2015 Jonathan Moss Ref Review : Norwich – Arsenal – these acts of thuggery must be stopped 57 8/92
Arsenal Everton 2 – 1 24 Oct 2015 Lee Mason Referee Review: Arsenal – Everton : the dead sparrow review 58 72/28
Arsenal Man City 2 – 1 21 Dec 2015 Andre Marriner Ref Review: Arsenal – Man City 58 87/13
Arsenal Man U 3 – 0 4 Oct 2015 Anthony Taylor Ref Review : Arsenal – Man Utd, more of the same 59 ’97/3
Liverpool Arsenal 3 – 3 13 Jan 2016 Mike Jones Ref Review : Liverpool – Arsenal and the push in the back 59 6/94
Man City Arsenal 2 – 2 8 May 2016 Anthony Taylor Ref Review: Man City – Arsenal: A tale of Jekyll and Hyde 62.8 16/84
Man U Arsenal 3 – 2 28 Feb 2016 Craig Pawson Ref Review: MU – Arsenal: again no penalty for Arsenal 64 3/97
Arsenal Aston V 4 – 0 15 May 2016 Mark Clattenburg Ref Review : Arsenal – Aston Villa: did we see any change in referee approach in the last game of the season? 64.1 58/42
Arsenal WBA 2 – 0 21 Apr 2016 Jonathan Moss Ref Review Arsenal – WBA 65 82/18
Crystal P Arsenal 1 – 2 16 Aug 2015 Lee Mason The most detailed Referee Reviews in the history of football: Crystal Palace – Arsenal 66 10/90
Arsenal Watford 4 – 0 2 Apr 2016 Anthony Taylor Ref Review : Arsenal – Watford, a game of two halves… 66 45/55
Sunderland Arsenal 0 – 0 24 Apr 2016 Mike Dean 66 0/100
Arsenal Liverpool 0 – 0 24 Aug 2015 Michael Oliver Ref Review: Arsenal – Liverpool 67 90/10
Arsenal Bournmth 2 – 0 28 Dec 2015 Roger East Ref Review: Arsenal – Bournemouth 67 69/31
Arsenal Crystal P 1 – 1 17 Apr 2016 Roger East Ref Review: Arsenal – Crystal Palace: again no penalty for Arsenal 67 22/78
Watford Arsenal 0 – 3 17 Oct 2015 Mike Jones Ref Review : Watford – Arsenal 68 10/90
Arsenal Stoke 2 – 0 12 Sep 2015 Jonathan Moss Ref Review Arsenal – Stoke 71 100/0
Aston Villa Arsenal 0 – 2 13 Dec 2015 Kevin Friend Ref Review: Aston Villa – Arsenal 72 30/70
Bournem. Arsenal 0 – 2 7 Feb 2016 Kevin Friend Ref Review: Arsenal – Bournemouth 72 18/82
Swansea Arsenal 0 – 3 31 Oct 2015 Kevin Friend For the first time ever… Ref Review: Swansea – Arsenal and look – A major decision in Arsenal’s favour! A historic moment. 74 40/60
Newcastle Arsenal 0 – 1 29 Aug 2015 Andre Marriner Ref Review : Newcastle – Arsenal 76 33/67
Arsenal Chelsea 0 – 1 24 Jan 2016 Mark Clattenburg Referee Review: Arsenal – Chelsea 76 35/65
Leicester Arsenal 2 – 5 26 Sep 2015 Craig Pawson Ref Review: Leicester – Arsenal, good performance from the ref 84 20/80
Arsenal Sund’land 3 – 1 5 Dec 2015 Robert Madley Ref Review : Arsenal – Sunderland 90 100/0 (2 decisions)

In only eight games was the referee’s score above the 70% acceptable point, 30 games with unacceptable scores just about sums up the season.

Who is in contention for the Referee of the season

Robert Madley gave the best individual performance with an excellent game rated at 90% in our 3 – 1 win against Sunderland in December, unfortunately that must be tempered with a dismal 38% in Swansea’s 2 – 1 win in March.

Craig Pawson had 84% in our 5 – 2 win away at Leicester but was helped by Mr Dean to a worst score of 34% in our 0 – 0 away draw at Stoke.

Mark Clattenburg had the equal third highest score of 76% in our 1 – 0 home loss to Chelsea but spoiled that with two scores of 42% and 43% in our away games against West Brom and Everton.

Andre Marriner had the equal highest score of 76% in our away win at Newcastle but also got 58% in our home game against City.  Not bad enough for an entry in the Hall of Shame but still well below acceptable.

But the only referee who exhibited any degree of consistency in the year was Kevin Friend.  His three games all were given scores in the ‘Acceptable’ range, 74, 72 and 72%.  For that reason he gets my vote for the best referee of the season.  None of his games were terribly good but equally none were bad and his bias figures were far from the worst

The worst referee of the season

Here you can take your pick of any of the referees at the top end of the above table.  Pawson and Mason have the worst individual scores, but for me there is absolutely no excuse for a FIFA Accredited referee (who happens to be one of the two England referees at the Euros) to have three of the worst performances of the year.  Worst referee of the season – Mark Clattenburg

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30 comments to The season end Table of Shame & Best and Worst Referee of the Season

  • Okeymarx

    Too late to cry when the head is off.
    Save your energy for the upcoming season!

  • Ajay

    I don’t know if it’s allowed but somebody got to do what Adam Sandler did to the ref in the movie “The longest yard”. Probably then the refs might call a fair game. But otherwise I would it’s daylight robbery of what’s supposed to be our title. Hope next year is our year. Can’t wait for it to start. The Euro madness is not like what it used to be in the previous years from a neutrals point of view. And especially after the Sep/ Platini revelation it sucks even more.

  • Okeymarx, well on that basis, all analysis of the past is pointless. So how on earth do we learn how to do things better?

  • olad

    I think no one is perfect and I do not think arsenal is the only club been robbed in almost all matches as all your ref review analysis do intend to implies…. if you are giving a whistle and blow a match, a team that losses will bring out more than 10 wrong calls from you at the centre and also, a neutral person will see wrong calls from you being the refree…..yes it might be true some refrees do not like Arsenal but not all matches was Arsenal been robbed or not favoured…… some times we too see what are players play and know they didnt play well at that match……

  • John L

    Competition for worst referee is very strong, with numerous contenders. Statistics apart, my view is that Mike Dean stands out as being by far the worst. This view is based not just on his wrong decisions against us, but also on his barely concealed delight when he is screwing us!

  • colario

    June 14, 2016 at 8:59 am

    The point of this article is not that Arsenal is being singled out for poor refereeing of matches they play in.

    This is just one example of persistent poor refereeing in face of Mike Riley’s claim
    that referees under his control get at least 95% of their decisions right in every game.

    Believe that and its OK to believe in fairies.

    It is OK to believe that claims without evidence are correct.

    It is OK to believe that claims with evidence to back up the claims are wrong.

    Your world – not mine.

  • nicky

    Almost certainly not in my earthly lifetime, but I still look forward to the day when technology will guarantee integrity in the duties of football match officials.

  • Xi_gunner

    Make a video!
    A picture speaks more than a thousand words.

    Even though I am in agreement that Arsenal get treated ridiculously unfairly, reading these detailed articles every summer I’ve realized how they sound like complaints and excuses even if they were 100% objective… it sounds like whinning and its easy for many readers to just stop reading 2 paragraphs into it.

    My point is visuals won’t come off as exageration, but writting will.

  • Robert

    “By my count a minimum of 31 points.”

    So you believe we should have had a minimum of 102 points – a total no team in the history of the PL – including the Invincibles – has achieved. I’m sorry, Andrew, but I find that preposterous. We certainly had a team good enough to win the league – but we weren’t that good.

    “Fernandinho should have been sent off four times with second yellow cards.”

    Generally, when a player is carded he changes his behaviour to avoid a second card. These analyses assume nothing changes in any game where a player should have been carded, but wasn’t – and should have been sent off for a second not-given card, had he been carded the first time.

    “Arsenal scored the only valid goal in the [Swansea home] game and should have won.”

    You’re assuming that had Swansea had their 2 goals disallowed, nothing else would have changed.

    “With Costa sent off in Min 33 when the score was nil all there is no way way we would have lost the game. Three points to the referee.”

    Teams with 10 men have won games or drawn them.

  • Leon

    That’s 31 points and rising. A few weeks ago it was “only” 29. By the time the next season starts it will probably be up to 40.
    It’s very clever that Andrew says “possible cost in points….31”, so it could equally possibly be only one point.

  • Jerry

    Excellent work this year and thank you for keeping track of all these matches throughout the year.

    @Robert & Leon,
    Well if the usual mantra that it all evens out in the end was true, of the 31 points that were taken away, Arsenal should have gained at least 15 points and that would have been enough to win the league. Everything is not always black and white.

    OT: looks like Blatter is singing like a canary, and admits witnessing at least one European tournament was fixed, but continues to claim he did nothing wrong as President.

  • Leon


    I don’t know about guaranteed integrity, that’s a difficult one, but video tech is starting in cup competitions next season, which hopefully is in your lifetime.

  • nicky

    OK my friend, you’ve convinced me to stay on for another season in the hope that things will improve. 😉

  • Leon

    Not sure about the evening out thing.
    Probably not truth be told.
    What I find really annoying is that people don’t know (or don’t care) when they’re having their winkies pulled.

  • Al


    To those saying so are you saying we would have finished on 102 points….you’re missing the point; it’s not guaranteed we would have won the games but at least give us those points back and also take away those the other teams were gifted, and chances are we easily get more than the 10 points Leicester beat us by. It’s daft to think we’d still have gone on to lose all the matches in which these 31 points were stolen from us.

    Rupert, serge, tailgunner, sorry, you_know_you_are, I’m still trying to figure you out. You’re a little too vocal for someone who had been passive on these boards all these years, don’t you think 🙂

  • Al

    Anyway, when the sun did an almost ‘similar’ analysis and adjusted the points in only 3 of our games they found we should have crowned champions. 3 games only…. Ive no doubt that if they had been thorough their total would have been closer to Andrew’s, but that’s besides the point, which is that we should have won the title without referee bias.

  • Leon

    Re your 1.41 post
    It looks as though you’re saying that you don’t mind being lied to as long as it’s the “truth” that you want. That’s really, really sad.
    I’m not denying that we would have won the PL with better refereeing, just not by that much.
    This web site gives a much fairer view of how it should have been. 75pts to Arsenal & 72 to Leicester.
    You’re getting boring with all that Rupert etc stuff. Take it up with Tony.
    Anyone else would call you a cnut, but I’m far too polite.

  • Usama Zaka


    The HPL site uses only the incorrect goals and penalties that are discussed within mainstream football media (which leave out tons of decisions.)

    “A weekly Matchday review of the crunch calls is compiled by father and son outfit, Harry and Louis Pratt, using expert punditry opinion, gathered from Sky Sports, Match of the Day, BT Sport, TalkSPORT etc., to assess the rights and wrongs. Where this is unavailable, split or missed, HP and LP may or may not intervene with deciding vote.”

    Whereas we discuss every single decision major or minor. Even if you take 1/3 of the possible cost in points, it still points us in winning the league. And that is without taking refereeing performances in Leicester’s matches.

  • Leon

    Usama Zaka
    C’m now those figures of Andrew’s are massive over estimates at the best.
    33 pens? In our best ever “penalty” season we only got 10.
    17 red cards?. Nobody gets that many given against opponents.
    But the big joke it the 31 points.
    I’d suggest Harry & Louis are no more than enthusiastic amateurs.
    I’m not denying we were hard done by and should have won the PL fairly, but not with those stats.

  • Usama Zaka


    Its not about whether nobody can get this much or that much in reality. Its about what should have been when things are added up decision by decision, match by match.

    For all the 33 penalties and the direct 17 red cards I have clear live footage and they are backed by a referee.. Walter Broeckx, and can be further referenced with the Laws of the Game 2015-16. I am planning to make compilations of it, but it will take time. You can ignore/not believe/believe these figures, its your choice.

  • Rantetta

    Thanks Andrew.

    I think the call on worse ref is a difficult one. There are so many to choose from. Maybe Clatters deserves the title for the number of Arsenal players he SEES being injured – and ignores with his customary smile/shrug of shoulders.

    The way he messed about with the penalty against WBA – moving the ball from where it was placed – was the least Injurous of his deeds. Thing is, he appears to be closer to where the fouls are committed than his colleagues, so in my opinion scores highly on ‘keeping a straight face’, as when Ade stamped on RvP face, drawing blood, but didn’t call a foul. Or the totty player who smashed Theo’s achilles, (followed by D Rose’s assault, which Clat wasn’t close to), that put Walcott out for a year, just when he was beginning to shining, CF like. (There are so many more, too).

    Still, despite his Stella reffing of Chelsea v Tott he got the both domestic and euro finals. This means he’s an excellent ref, innit?

    Johnny Moss seems to have had to learn from a different hymn book!
    Deano: I thought his campest moment was early season when at totty, reffing against Villa. When Totty scored did he not put both hands in the air and sprint back to half way? Subtle? I don’t think so.
    Aston Taylor, true to form. Atkers? Aw, I can’t go on.

    Imagine, Arsenal finished 2nd. Despite….

    Arsenal ref pre/review teams: First Place.

  • Leon

    Ok, I’ll leave it at that. No point in making a bigger issue out of it.

  • Al

    It’s entirely your choice to resort to name-calling,leon. But deep down, you know who’s telling the truth with regards to both the cost in points from biased refereeing as well as some users posting under different names.

  • Al

    I think the worst ref for me has got to be one of Atkinson or dean, both men are are just too arrogant.. they are very blatant about it too, and don’t seem to care what people will think (dean has even stuck two fingers up at our fans inside the ems!). I feel these two loathe Arsenal, that for them it’s a personal thing.

    I think clattenburg just wanted to curry favour with his paymasters, as he had found himself on the wrong side too often, and wanted to please them so he goes to the euros. Taylor is a dean-wannabe. The rest are just trying to ensure they stay relevant and aren’t relegated to the championship.

  • Al

    May I also add that I suspect clattenburg might be the next one to do a Halsey and reject the silence money. I think he enjoys being in the limelight too much, to allow himself to just fade away or to continue towing the line after retirement (if he has defied them a few times while still under contract it can only get worse when he is’free’).

    I think he will enjoy talking to the media a lot, and hanging with ex players etc, can’t wait for his retirement, and hopefully he won’t disappoint 🙂

  • bjtgooner

    An excellent article Andrew and many thanks again for all your reports and also the ref reviews by Usama and Walter.

    I agree that Clattenburg was the most disappointing referee of the season, partially because he once upon a time seemed to to be a competent ref & has either let himself go, or has succumbed to pressure.

    But, the most imbecillic performance in my view, the worst of the worst of the worst, has to be that of Dean away to Chelski – where he invoked the most obvious deliberate deviance from the rules of the game and any sense of fairness or competence. In doing so he took his own integrity and reputation to a new low. In schools football or pub football we would expect a lot better from the ref – but this performance in the PL was unbelievable – also unbelievable was the FA reaction i.e. fa!!!

  • olad

    All I know is football is a game of contact and I believe not all contacts are call for and not all contacts should be given a card…….i will like you to watch the match between austria vs hungary been played yesterday and see how the ref open up the game for the 2 teams becos men football is played by men and not women…..Moreso, I will like to see your ref review when arsenal still have players like viera, petit, gilberto, lauren, toure, campbell and co compare to Arsenal players in the last 8 years….

  • finsbury

    The Dean performance spelt it all out.

    No amount of trolling can dress that turd up. you can attempt to attach some fancy bells and official whistles if you like but the stench was smelt by any football fan who watched that match.

    There it was. Clear and present.

  • Pat

    Thanks for all the work, Andrew. Whoever said we did very well to finish second – never a truer word.

    Worst referee debate – Dean gets it for me. 100,000 Arsenal fans agree.

    Al re Clattenburg – hope you’re right! Al re Leon – I agree.

  • Micko

    It seems to me that Clattenburg has done a deal with the devil this season and in return was rewarded with the FA & Champions League finals.